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20 Master Bedroom Ideas That are Comfortable and Stylish – Master Bedroom Ideas, is a topic that we will bring to you in this article. As we know, the master bedroom has a lot of space that we must fill. And if we do not decorate it properly, the bedroom will look empty, empty, and unattractive. Which of these will have an impact on the comfort of the bedroom.

Given that the bedroom is the room we use most often, the possibility of feeling bored in this room is very large. Therefore, if we make it look stylish and feel comfortable, it will really help to relieve boredom in the bedroom.

To help you in having your dream bedroom, here we have provided 20 Master Bedroom Ideas That are Comfortable and Stylish that can be your references. So, let’s check it out!

1. Fresh Master Bedroom

fresh master bedroom
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The first of 20 Master Bedroom Ideas That are Comfortable and Stylish is a fresh master bedroom. With shades of white and green, the fresh master looks so simple but charming. The white color makes this large room look more natural.

Natural lighting is also maximized to remove the stuffy and empty feeling of a large bedroom. The use of skylight windows makes natural lighting able to illuminate the bedroom very well.

A fan ceiling is installed to make air circulation run properly. So that the bedroom will feel fresh and more comfortable. The appearance of the bedroom also looks so beautiful with simple pendant lights that hang on the right and left sides of the bed.

2. Wooden and White are a Perfect Combination

stylish master bedroom
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For those of you who want to make the bedroom feel comfortable and quiet in a simple way, then try to create a thick natural feel in the bedroom. Here, you can make white the main color of the room. Then, present natural materials such as wood.

Wood is an element that we highly recommend. Textures and colors can change the atmosphere of the room to be warm and full of calm.

After that, you only need to provide other touches that can increase the aesthetic value and also the comfort of the bedroom. Starting from lighting up the bedroom with natural lighting, making the bedroom feel warmer with carpet flooring, and also decorating the bedroom with plants or flowers.

3. Living Area Inside

stylish master bedroom ideas
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The amount of space is a plus for the master bedroom. You can use this space as another area to relax. For example, making a living area is like the idea this time.

Just like the living room, decorating the living area in the bedroom with a comfortable sofa or chairs. Also, place a coffee table for you to put drinks for friends to relax.

To make the living area feel comfortable, you can decorate the sofa or chairs with some throw pillows. Also, add a blanket to keep this area warm and cozy in winter. And then, provide a visual barrier by using a carpet in the living area.

4. Minimalist and Elegant Master Bedroom

elegant master bedroom
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A large room is indeed the most suitable to be made to look elegant. In this idea, the master bedroom looks so elegant with a minimalist concept that makes it look very clean and tidy.

Timber is arranged vertically on the headboard wall to provide an interesting texture. That way, the minimalist master bedroom does not look too simple and seems boring.

The minimalist elegant master bedroom looks even more perfect with simple pendant lights and round mirrors on the right and left sides of the bed. LED lights with warm lighting are complementary to make the room look more aesthetic.

5. Soft Pink Nuances Master Bedroom

soft pink master bedroom
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Want an elegant bedroom wrapped in a soft look? If so, then you can use this one idea as an option. By relying on soft pink and gray, the master bedroom will look so stylish and comfortable.

You can make soft pink more dominant and gray as decoration. That way, the bedroom will still look bright. Also, give a touch of gold color to make it look elegant and luxurious.

As a complement, add simple decorations but have a feminine look, such as flowers, floral pillowcases motif, dried flowers, dolls, and so on. Try not to decorate it excessively so that the tranquility of the bedroom can be maintained properly.

6. Masculine Master Bedroom Nuances

masculine master bedroom
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This idea is suitable for men. A bedroom with black and gray shades will create a more masculine and cool look. For color comparison, you can adjust to your taste. If you want a bedroom with a darker appearance, then make black more dominant. And vice versa.

Create a mature look by carrying a minimalist concept. Minimalist design furniture and very minimal decorations will make it look even more perfect. And if you are worried that your bedroom looks ordinary and boring, you can play with textures and lighting.

7. Modern Rustic Master Bedroom Design

modern rustic bedroom
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Modern rustic master bedroom design is the next of 20 Master Bedroom Ideas That are Comfortable and Stylish. This idea is perfect for those of you who do not want your bedroom to look old but still have a calm and warm feel like being in the countryside.

In this modern rustic design, the wood used already has a smoother texture. And also, the furniture is also more minimalist in design.

The room is also simply decorated to create a calmer and more comfortable atmosphere. And natural lighting is intentionally maximized to make the room look naturally bright and make the colors look more alive.

8. Cozy Reading Nook

cozy reading nook
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The amount of space in the master bedroom can not only be used as a living area. For those of you who like to enjoy time by reading books, making a reading nook in the master bedroom is also the right idea.

Choose a sofa that is very comfortable and decorated with several items that can add to the comfort of the spot. You can provide a throw pillow along with a blanket on the sofa. Also, decorate the reading nook with a small table for you to put the books and a cup of tea. Placing the plants in the corner can make this spot feel fresh and cozier.

The most important thing when creating a reading nook in the bedroom is spot selection. Make sure you choose a spot that gets perfect natural lighting. Next to the window is the most appropriate area for you to choose.

9. Luxurious Master Bedroom

luxurious bedroom
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The plus value of having a spacious room is that you can create an elegant and expensive look more easily. Like the idea at this time. The bedroom is made softer and calmer to create a more comfortable and soothing atmosphere. Gold accents on the walls play an important role in creating a luxurious look in this bedroom.

Some items in the room really support the expensive look in the bedroom, such as crystal pendant lights, table lamps on the bedside table, LED lights on the wall, and satin fabric that shines when exposed to light.

You can see two simple, medium-sized plants in the corner of the room. These plants play a role in providing a fresh feel that can make the master bedroom more comfortable. Not only that, but the presence of plants in the bedroom also makes the atmosphere feel more alive.

10. Gorgeous Grey Master Bedroom

grey master bedroom
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Want the bedroom interior to look masculine but have a soft side? If so, then you can use this one idea as an option.

You can choose gray as the main color for the room. Also, combine it with wood accents on the walls to give a warm and calm effect. Install LED light on the border between the wood and upholstered wall to make the wood color look more stand out.

If you want to make the master bedroom look gorgeous, pay attention to the floor area too. Give a decoration in the form of a gray carpet or rug for a more harmonious interior. And final, light up the room with natural lighting to make the color look more alive and beautiful.

11. Minimalist Master Bedroom Design

minimalist master bedroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Minimalist master bedroom design is the next of 20 Master Bedroom Ideas That are Comfortable and Stylish. From this idea, we can understand that a large room does not always have to be over-decorated to get rid of the impression of emptiness. The minimalist concept can also make the master bedroom a comfortable room and has a high aesthetic value.

Starting from the wall and ceiling area, you can apply a concrete ceiling and wall. The natural gray color will give you peace of mind when exposed to natural light coming from the large windows and glass doors. And for the floor area, choose a light wooden floor to keep the feel of the room.

In the minimalist concept, the decoration is very minimized. Therefore, you need to play on furniture design. If we look at the picture above, two sofas with a very unique shape really change the look and atmosphere of the room.

12. Look Luxury and Elegant with Marble Flooring

marble flooring
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It does not matter if you want to apply a minimalist concept to your master bedroom. The minimalist concept will create a clean and tidy look. Which of course will add to the comfort value of your bedroom.

Because excessive decorations are avoided in the minimalist concept, then you need to give a special touch if you want to make the bedroom look luxurious and elegant. Applying marble flooring becomes the next of 20 Master Bedroom Ideas That are Comfortable and Stylish that you can follow.

Beautiful random motifs and shiny surfaces when exposed to light manage to give an interesting effect to the minimalist master bedroom. Indeed, for the price issue, marble flooring is quite high. However, the results provided will be commensurate with what you spend.

13. Japandi Master Bedroom Design

japandi master bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Japandi Design is a relatively new interior design. This design appeared in 2017. Even so, there are many fans of this design. The minimalist concept with a warm and serene feel is a plus for Japandi Design which makes it liked by many people.

For those of you who want to make your master bedroom feel comfortable and look stylish, Japandi master bedroom design is the next idea you can choose. Here, you only play with earth-tones like white, beige, and brown. Do not forget the wood which is the main point of the Japandi style.

You can use wood as a decoration that can make the bedroom look more attractive. For example, timber is arranged vertically on the wall. At the top, you can install an LED light with warm lighting to evoke the warmth of the wood.

14. Farmhouse Master Bedroom Design

farmhouse master bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The relaxing countryside atmosphere can make us feel very comfortable. And, if you want to bring a rustic atmosphere to your master bedroom, applying farmhouse design is an appropriate idea.

Farmhouse design tends to use natural colors to evoke a comfortable natural feel. The white color will make the master bedroom look naturally bright. Brown and beige are color combinations that evoke a warm and calm atmosphere.

To emphasize the rural ambiance to the master bedroom, present some accents that can enhance the natural atmosphere. Illuminating the room with natural lighting is the easiest thing you can do. Then, decorate the master bedroom with some refreshing small plants.

15. Scandinavian Master Bedroom Design

scandinavian design
Cc: Pinterest

Who does not know Scandinavian Design? This design carries a minimalist concept with a very natural appearance. So that the atmosphere of the room feels calm and comfortable.

Applying Scandinavian Design to the master bedroom is the right idea. White as the main color will make the master bedroom look bright naturally. Other neutral colors make the atmosphere so calm. Some natural accents such as sunlight and plants emphasize the cozy feel in the bedroom.

Natural colors like white, gray, and brown do make the bedroom look so simple. However, the presence of black (the color characteristic of Scandinavian Design) makes the display look a little more assertive and mature. And this is what makes Scandinavian Design look so perfect.

16. Modern Industrial Master Bedroom Design

modern industrial design
Cc: Pinterest

Modern industrial master bedroom design becomes the next of 20 Master Bedroom Ideas That are Comfortable and Stylish. In this idea, the interior is made brighter with white and gray. Not only that, but the choice of wood for floors and furniture is also bright.

Because it avoids a dark industrial look, navy becomes an option that replaces black. In the concrete wall area, there are also LED lights that make the gray color look bright in the bedroom. Bulb pendants on the right and left of the bed also not only emphasize the industrial look in the bedroom but also make this room look brighter.

As a complement, black is present in small quantities. The goal, of course, is not to make the master bedroom appear dark. A black blanket is enough to give a firm side to the industrial master bedroom design.

17. Soft and Calm with Earth-Tones

comfortable master bedroom ideas
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Never hesitate to decorate your bedroom with earth-tones. These soft and calm colors will really help you in creating a bedroom that is full of serenity.

Choose a beige color to fill the walls of the room. This color will make the room look bright with a calm atmosphere. For beds and bedside tables, you can choose darker shades such as brown and gray.

You can also make the earth-tone master bedroom look elegant and classy by giving gold color accents. You can also play on the wall to make it look more stylish, such as a 3D accent wall. And final, finishing touches such as adding additional lights in the form of table lamps and LED lamps.

18. Feel Comfortable in Natural Nuances

master bedroom ideas
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Creating a bedroom with a natural feel is an effective way to make the bedroom feel comfortable. Like in this one idea where the master bedroom has very thick natural nuances.

The soft white color is the main color that makes up the bedroom. So that the bedroom looks bright and calm. Sunlight is the main lighting that makes the bedroom look naturally bright.

The walls are decorated with large round mirrors which make it look stylish. The curved line has succeeded in smoothing the firm impression of the minimalist concept in the master bedroom. In the corner of the room, there are plants as decorations that make the bedroom feel fresh and more alive.

19. Built-in Wardrobe for Minimalist Look

master bedroom decor ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The master bedroom does have a lot of space where you can present or fill the bedroom with the things you want, such as cupboards. However, for the master bedroom with a minimalist design, it would be better to leave some furniture.

Instead of filling the bedroom with cupboards, it would be better to build a built-in wardrobe in a minimalist bedroom. Besides emphasizing the minimalist concept in the bedroom, this method is also effective in making the bedroom appear cleaner and neater. The door that rises to the ceiling can also give the effect of a higher wall which makes the room feel bigger.

You can paint the wardrobe door with the same paint as the wall or wall panel. So, the wardrobe looks like a wall in general and gives a simpler look to the bedroom.

20. Feminine and Elegant at Once

feminine bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The last of 20 Master Bedroom Ideas That are Comfortable and Stylish is feminine and elegant at once. This idea chooses soft pink as the main color to create a feminine look. And, the elegant impression comes from the furniture and room decorations.

The long curtains were deliberately chosen, from the ceiling to the floor, in order to create the illusion of high walls that make the bedroom look wider. The elegant appearance comes from classic design furniture with a very simple appearance. So that the master bedroom will still feel calm.

Interesting accent walls also play a role in making the bedroom look more expensive. And the addition of spotlights that point to the wall makes this accent look more stand out and prettier.

Final Words

Not only a small bedroom, but the master bedroom also needs to be careful in decorating. A large room can easily feel empty. Therefore, in addition to putting forward the aesthetics of the room, you also need to pay attention to the comfort of this room. And, to help you in having your dream bedroom, here we provide 20 Master Bedroom Ideas That are Comfortable and Stylish you can follow. So, choose one of these 20 ideas that you like and match your characteristics.

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