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24 Natural Bathroom Ideas: Let’s Enjoy and Get The Soothing Vibes in Your Bathroom – When you hear natural bathroom, maybe you only imagine a bathroom with plants as decoration and natural lighting as the main lighting. This is not totally wrong. However, natural bathrooms themselves are not only limited by these two but more. You can use natural materials as accents ranging from natural stone to wood.

For you, maybe the bathroom is just a room to clean yourself. In fact, you can use the tranquility in this room to make yourself fresher and more relaxed. Natural elements in the bathroom can make you feel complete comfort.

In this article, we have provided 24 Natural Bathroom Ideas for those of you who want to Enjoy and Get The Soothing Vibes in Your Bathroom. So, let’s check it out!

1. Natural Stone Wall for Vanity Area

natural stone wall
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Applying stone walls for the minimalist bathroom is a very appropriate idea. It brings the texture without disturbing the minimalist concept itself. Also, with its texture, natural stone walls have succeeded in becoming decorations that make the bathroom look attractive. So, no other displays are needed here except mirrors and a simple plant.

Installing LEDs in the upper area makes the texture of the stone look more stand out in this small bedroom. It really fits the ivory color which is the main color of this small bathroom. Yellow lighting from the LED light brings a warm feel that makes this minimalist natural bathroom feel more comfortable.

2. Artificial Golden Bamboo Tree and Wood Materials

natural bathroom ideas
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Bring the texture and warmth into the bathroom with wood materials. Use this material as an accent to beautify the appearance of the bathroom. Applying it to a third of the wall vertically creates the illusion of the wall looking taller. So, this idea is very suitable for the small bathroom.

Provide additional decoration in the form of LED light. It becomes additional lighting that you can install right behind the bathroom mirror and under the vanity. With light shining on the wall, the color and texture of the wood can be seen more clearly in the bathroom.

To refresh the appearance, golden bamboo is used. The natural green color looks integrated with the wood material in the room.

3. Pretty Textured Wall Accent

natural bathroom ideas and decors
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The timber is used as decoration and also as a wall accent of the room. The vertical lines from the timber are a texture that eliminates the stiff and boring impression of a minimalist bathroom. There are two black notes installed on it that make the texture look clearer.

Because the bathroom area is covered with wood, so makes the timber look different. Green paint can bring freshness to the room and also add a natural impression.

4. Getting Freshness with Vertical Garden

vertical garden
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There is nothing more refreshing than plants. So, if you want to make the bathroom feel fresh and natural, choose plants as decoration for this room. Use plants as decorations that can add aesthetic value while making your bathroom look more different. And, applying a vertical garden is the right idea. It is the next of 24 Natural Bathroom Ideas you can choose from.

The vertical garden can be installed in the main area of the bathroom, that is the vanity. Apply this right next to the mirror. Hang two simple pendant lamps with yellow lighting to give a warm and natural impression to the bathroom.

5. Greenery The Bathroom with Plants

fresh natural bathroom ideas
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Natural bathrooms are not far from white as the main color and also wood or rattan as an accent or other color in the room. The combination of white and natural brown brings full warmth to the bathroom. However, the appearance tends to seem boring and too simple. Therefore, other decorations that are still related to nature are needed to add other colors to the bathroom. And, plants are the most appropriate.

Plants of different sizes and types can make the bathroom look more attractive. Place them scatteredly, like on the floating wall shelves, next to the shelf, on the vanity, and so on. However, also pay attention to the space in the bathroom. Do not let plants block exits or entrances to the room.

6. Rattan Baskets

rattan basket
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If there are shelves in your bathroom, then make them a storage area. Arrange all your things there. That way, the tidiness and cleanliness of the bathroom can be maintained properly. However, in order to make this open storage still look neat, also use additional containers in the form of baskets. Rattan baskets are the best to choose from. It can present or add a natural ambiance to the bathroom. Besides that, you can organize your stuff well. Like the first basket for towels, the second basket for tissues, the third basket for soap, shampoo, and so on.

7. Round Wooden Tray

wooden tray
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Vanity is the main area in the bathroom. So, make this area look attractive to add to the aesthetic value of the room. Or, you can also use it to bring a natural feel to the bathroom, such as placing a round wooden tray in the corner of the vanity. It looks so beautiful on the white marble countertop. The color and texture of the wood become more visible there.

Make the round wooden tray as a beautiful simple decoration in the vanity area. You can add several small displays such as aromatherapy candles, bottles containing liquid soap, and a small plant.

8. Full of Natural Lighting

bright natural bathroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

A room does not look natural if it is not illuminated by natural lighting. So, it can also be concluded that natural lighting is an important aspect in making your bathroom look natural.

However, using just one window is not enough to maximize natural lighting. And, using lots of windows will really interfere with comfort and privacy. With this, skylight windows are the most appropriate option. Lighting from above is also better at illuminating the room. The light will spread more to the corners of the room.

9. A Large Plant Next to The Bathtub

fresh bathroom
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Making the bathroom feel fresh does not always mean using a few plants. You can make your natural room look minimalist and simple with a plant. However, the size chosen must be large. That way, plants can be seen more clearly in the room.

Plant placement is also an important part here. Because you only use one plant, you have to make the best use of it. Place the plant in the right place. Choose a spot that is the main spot in the bathroom. And, next to the bathtub is the most appropriate spot.

10. Two Wicker Baskets

wicker baskets
Cc: Pinterest

Floating vanities are good for small bathrooms. The empty space under the vanity can give the illusion of more space in a small room. However, you can also utilize under the vanity as a storage area by installing a floating board there. However, still leaves space between the board and floor.

Here, you need several containers as storage. And, to add or present a natural ambiance in the room, wicker baskets are the most appropriate option to choose. This can also be seen blending with the wooden board so that the appearance will be more harmonious.

11. Japanese Bathroom Design

Cc: Pinterest

The use of a wooden bathtub makes this Japanese bathroom look very attractive. By applying wood to the main spot in the bathroom, this material looks stand out. Apart from that, wood material is also applied scatteredly, such as on glass partition frames, built-in shelves, and ceilings.

Natural light enters through the window very freely, spreading throughout the room and making the color and texture of the wood look clearer in the bathroom. Natural light also makes this Japanese bathroom look more lively. Even though this room looks very simple without any decorations or displays, the wood material and natural lighting are enough to make this simple room look comfortable, warm, and calm.

12. Show Off The Pretty View with A Large Window

bright natural bathroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Enjoy your free time by soaking in warm water while enjoying the beautiful view from the bathroom. Installing a large window right next to the bathtub is the right choice. Leave the window freely exposed without any decoration. That way, you can see the beautiful scenery more clearly. Apart from that, this method can also allow natural light to enter freely and illuminate the bathroom very well.

Match the color of the window frame with the bathtub. This will create a more minimalist and harmonious appearance.

13. Bohemian Bathroom Design

bohemian design
Cc: Pinterest

This bohemian bathroom design uses wood as the main material. With beige as the main color, the bathroom manages to appear natural. Also, the bathroom is illuminated with natural light coming in through the small window. You can clearly feel the impression of warmth and calm in this small room.

Choose a wooden ladder as a place to put your towel or bathrobe. It can make the look of the bathroom simpler because the flooring tiles of the bathroom itself are enough to enliven the room.

The laundry rattan basket as an addition adds a natural impression to the room. There is also a plant that brings freshness into the room.

14. Rough-Textured Stone Sink

stone sink
Cc: Pinterest

The rough-textured stone sink brings an old impression to the bathroom. It is great to apply to bathrooms with vintage and rustic designs. So that the worn appearance is more consistent, also use wooden boards with a rough texture. Avoid polishing wood. That way, the wood color appears more natural in the room.

To make the stone and wood colors enhance the room, create a neutral bathroom appearance with white. However, you can add more texture to the wall by using white tiles.

15. Spa-Like Bathroom

cozy natural bathroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Timber for the shower area turns the bathroom into a spa. Timber is applied very consistently right up to the shower niche. With glass doors and partitions, the timber can be seen very clearly from any side of the bathroom. And, to give a more firm impression to this shower area, add black accents there. You can choose black for the shower, tiles flooring, and a few bottles on the shower niche.

16. Natural Semi-Outdoor Bathroom

semi-outdoor bathroom
Cc: Pinterest

Feel the natural atmosphere that is very thick from nature directly. So, a semi-outdoor bathroom is the most appropriate idea. Create an outdoor bathtub. With this, you can soak and relax while looking at the beautiful sky there.

Plant the edges of the outdoor bathroom with plants. It will cover the wall so that the small bathroom doesn’t look too cramped. Besides that, several plants also add a natural impression to the bathroom.

Between outdoor and indoor in the bathroom, use glass partitions and doors. So, the beautiful small garden can be seen from inside. It’s also great for making the bathroom feel fresh overall.

17. Wood Material Left Rough

rough wood
Cc: Pinterest

This modern rustic bathroom design has a very calm but warming atmosphere. The appearance is dimmer with gray as the main color. Also, the window area is decorated with sheer curtains which filter light entering the bathroom. Even so, the bathroom still looks naturally bright.

Even though some parts are made more modern and minimalist with the use of a sleek white bathtub and vanity, the worn look still dominates here. All wooden materials present in the room are left with a rough texture and have a dark original color. Vertical application starting from the ceiling, vanity table, and stool makes it look stand out.

18. Luxury Natural Bathroom Design

luxury natural bathroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The natural bathroom does not always have an old look. You can also make the natural bathroom look different by making it look luxurious.

Natural elements must still be prioritized. Make a wooden ceiling to bring warmth to the bathroom. You can also utilize wood for the wall accent by installing it on some walls vertically. And, in the window area, use bamboo blinds. And, right in the corner of the room, place two large plants to freshen things up and make the room look alive.

The luxury appearance itself comes from marble material. With natural lighting coming from the window, the marble surface looks so sleek and pretty. The motifs and colors of the marble itself also make the bathroom more elegant.

19. Exposed Brick Walls and Stick Ceiling

bali natural bathroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

This bathroom design might be said to be semi-outdoor. However, the ceiling area is not left open but is covered with sticks. So that sunlight enters the bathroom through the gaps. And, it looks so nice.

One thing that makes the bathroom look attractive is the exposed brick wall which is installed vertically and horizontally. The texture and lines on the walls look more attractive to look at. Also, there are several large plants planted in the vanity area which look integrated with the bricks to make the bathroom look natural.

20. Scattered White Stones in The Bathtub Area

bathtub decor
Cc: Pinterest

Separate wet and dry areas in the bathroom. This method can really help you to keep the bathroom clean. Here, you have to create a separation between wet and dry areas. There is no need to use partitions if you feel this will interfere and make the bathroom feel cramped. You can use other methods such as applying different floors.

You can make dry area floors with wood. And, for wet areas, or bathtub areas, you can spread white stones there. Make it look full. The white stone look looks so perfect with a white bathtub.

21. Bold Natural Appearance for The Vanity Area

natural bathroom
Cc: Pinterest

It is okay if you want to make your bathroom look modern and minimalist. However, leave one spot where you will put all the natural elements there. And, vanity is the most appropriate area.

Starting from the wall, the concrete wall is the most appropriate. Natural gray can create a shadier appearance so that the bathroom feels calmer. Just decorate this plain wall with a black framed round mirror. And, for the vanity, a stone-rough vanity is perfect. Application from one end to the other makes the stone look stunning in the room. Use the bottom area as a storage area by using wooden boards.

Make this vanity area the main focus by installing three focal lights on it. Yellow lighting is most appropriate. It can add calm and bring warmth which makes the bathroom feel more comfortable.

22. Wooden Built-in Shelves

bathroom storage
Cc: Pinterest

There is a lot of bathroom stuff so it requires you to be able to provide a storage place in the bathroom. And, built-in shelves are the most appropriate choice. By choosing the wooden board for the shelves, the look and feel of nature can be present well in the room. So, here, you don’t need to bother choosing and adding other decorations to the bathroom. However, if you would, it would be good for the look of the bathroom itself.

23. Showing The Fresh Garden

fresh natural bathroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Take advantage of the garden in your house to make the bathroom feel comfortable. To make the beautiful garden can be seen from the bathroom, install a large window. The window without grids is perfect. It can show the garden very well. Let the plants in the garden make the bathroom feel fresh. With this, you do not need to decorate the bathroom with plants anymore.

The use of large windows also allows natural light to enter the room freely. It makes the bathroom look bright. And, to make the look of this room natural, choose white as the main color. Give black as an accent to remove the stiff impression in the room and also to give a slightly firm impression.

24. Bright and Full of Warmth

warm natural bathroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

It is okay if you want to make wood dominate in the bathroom. Wood material itself can bring a natural feel into the room. Not only that, wood material can also create a warm and calm atmosphere there. However, play with textures to eliminate the stiff impression. Installing timber or making a textured vanity area is the solution.

Make the color and texture of the wood work fully in making the bathroom feel comfortable by maximizing natural lighting. So, install a large window in the room. It would be good to use a glass facade so that the light can enter the room more freely. It also shows a beautiful view that can help you to get relaxed while soaking in the bathtub.

Final Words

Bringing natural elements into the bathroom is an effective way to make the bathroom feel comfortable. Natural materials such as wood and natural stone can bring warmth into the room. Not to mention natural light which can make a room feel more alive. And also plants that provide freshness to the room. Here, you can rest more peacefully. It really helps to make you feel fresh and relaxed again!

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