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30 Elegant Dining Room Ideas with Tips That Very Helpful – There is nothing wrong with making the dining room look elegant. And of course there are many ideas and tips that you can find. In this article, we have summarized it in “30 Elegant Dining Room Ideas with Tips That Very Helpful”

Besides the living room, the dining room is also often used as a room to gather with family and friends. In this room, you can enjoy chitchat while eating delicious dishes on the table. With an elegant dining room, you can also provide a luxurious atmosphere that feels like being in a five-star restaurant.

1. White and Gold Elegant Dining Room

elegant dining room ideas
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The first of 30 Elegant Dining Room Ideas with Tips That are Very Helpful is a white and gold elegant dining room. The white color as the base color and the help of natural light from the large windows make the dining room look naturally bright. What makes the dining room look elegant is the touch of gold on the dining chairs and pendant light. The crystal pendant light hanging above the dining table gives a luxurious and charming impression. A little sweetener in the form of flowers in a vase is the final touch that completes the dining room.

2. Simple but Has An Attractive Look

simple elegant dining room ideas
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You can also make a simple dining room elegant. Here, you can simply play on the color gold. Apply gold color to the legs of the dining chair and pendant light. Soft and neutral colors in the dining room will make the gold color stand out.

Beautify the dining room with something interesting such as a unique pendant light and also an ewer with a simple and contemporary design. For the rest, you just need to illuminate the dining room with natural light to make the colors there look more alive and beautiful.

3. Luminous Make It Look Luxury

luminous dining room
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This idea is not only playing with a touch of gold color to create a dining room with an elegant appearance. The marble material applied to the floor makes it glow when exposed to light. The abstract motif of marble is the only value that makes the dining room seem expensive and charming.

The final touch which becomes the ultimate and makes the impression of luxury and elegance in the dining room bold is the crystal chandelier that hangs right above the table. The matching color makes it look harmonious in the dining room.

4. Elegant Small Dining-Kitchen

small dining-kitchen
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It does not just have to be a large room to create an elegant dining room. If your dining room is small, you can also make it look elegant and beautiful at once.

Soft colors like gray and beige are perfect for making it look calm. Therefore, the gold color is easy to stand out there and gives an elegant effect to the look of the dining room.

Instead of decorating the dining table with greenery, it would be better to use flowers. You can put flowers in a clear vase. Fill it with water so the flowers can stay fresh longer.

5.  White Modern Dining Room Nuances

white modern room
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It is okay to apply white to the whole interior. As in this one idea where the color of the kitchen-dining is made dominant. The help of sunlight makes the white color brighter.

White is also great for small rooms. Dark corners will be disguised and make the room feel more comfortable.

If you feel that these tips make your dining room look plain and boring, you can rely on wood materials. Use a wooden table and also wooden flooring.

And to bring an elegant look to the dining room, try playing with the lighting. Use recessed lighting, ceiling LED light, and pendant lamps with simple designs that seem expensive.

6. Small but Feel Spacious

small elegant dining room ideas
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This elegant dining room has a limited area or can be considered small. However, the white color and the help of sunlight from the windows and glass doors make it look wider.

Granite flooring and marble as dining accents are the main things that show an elegant side to the dining room. The elegant impression is further clarified and made thicker with a touch of gold color on the legs of the dining chair, floor line, and crystal pendant light.

7. Playing with Pastel Colors

pastel colors
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Playing with pastel colors is the next of 30 Elegant Dining Room Ideas with Tips That are Very Helpful. The pastel green color on the dining chair gives freshness to the dining room. This dining chair looks elegant thanks to the gold color on the legs. You just need to make the elegant value present perfectly with a crystal chandelier hanging right above the dining table.

8. Soft Green Touch Make It Fresh and Alive

soft green room
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If you want to bring a little fresh feel to the elegant dining room, you can try this one idea. Soft green touch makes the dining room fresh and alive becomes the next of 30 Elegant Dining Room Ideas with Tips That are Very Helpful.

The pastel green dining chair with velvet material is perfect for a dining room with an elegant appearance. You can also apply the same color to the dining room curtains. That way, this elegant room will look harmonious.

9. Beautiful Dining Room with Purple

purple elegant dining room ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Purple is another color choice that you can choose for the elegant dining room. With a soft white color, the purple velvet color will stand out in the room. With wall panels, mirror accent walls, and also simple but expensive pendant lamps, it is enough to give an elegant impression to the room. However, if you want to make it luxurious, you can apply marble on the floor of the room.

10. Soft and Calm Elegant Dining Room

calm elegant dining room ideas
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The soft pink color is also suitable for the dining room. You can choose dark pink soft to make the elegant dining room feel calm. Make the dining room seem sweeter with a vintage or classic style. Finally, give flowers on the table as a sweet decoration that also adds to the beauty of the dining room.

11. Create A Feminine Look with Soft Pink

feminine elegant dining room ideas
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The velvet material looks shiny when exposed to light, be it sunlight or lamplight. With this, if you want to make your dining room look elegant, then try choosing a dining chair made of velvet.

In this idea, a soft pink color was chosen to give a more calm, sweet, and feminine look. And gold is a color combination that makes an elegant impression look bolder in the room.

12. Large Abstract Painting

abstract painting
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If you feel your dining room is too simple to make look elegant, then playing with the decorations is the easiest way. From pendant lamps, you can choose crystal pendant lamps. Also, replace the flower vase with a gold one. And the final touch, presents something essential and iconic such as an abstract large painting. Choose a black frame to make the painting look stand out and firm in the room.

13. Gray and Black Elegant Dining Room

gray and black room
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Gray and black is the perfect combination that can turn a dining room into a cool one. With a dining chair made of velvet and crystal chandeliers that hang right on the ajas granite dining table, the elegant and expensive look is perfectly present. Make the dining room look more beautiful by decorating the walls with painting in the same color.

14. Contemporary Elegant Dining Room Design

contemporary elegant dining room ideas
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Contemporary design does not have any special characteristics because this design always follows what is currently trending. And lately, a room with a neutral look with a thick natural feel is very popular with people.

Here, you can also make a contemporary dining room look elegant. You can use the fireplace as a focal point in the dining room to make the dining room seem elegant by installing marble. The last, illuminate the dining room with gold pendant lamps with different sizes and heights that also give an attractive look.

15. Large Windows Show Pretty View

beautiful view
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Natural lighting is needed to make the dining room bright naturally and feel more alive. Therefore, install large windows in the room. Choose an area that is directly facing the garden. So that the beautiful garden in your home can be utilized.

The garden in the house that appears from the window adds to the beauty. Not only that, the garden also gives freshness to the elegant dining room and makes it feel more comfortable.

16. Glam and Elegant Dining Room

dining room
Cc: Pinterest

This large dining room is made simple so that the atmosphere feels calmer and more comfortable. The dining table and dining chairs also have a minimalist design. The white, gray, and brown colors that adorn the elegant dining room make the appearance look neutral.

Although simple, this elegant room is far from boring. The glossy gold color makes it stand out and looks attractive in the room. Pendant light has also become an iconic item with a simple but luxurious design.

17. Classic Elegant Dining Room Design

classic dining room design
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 30 Elegant Dining Room Ideas with Tips That Very Helpful is a classic elegant dining room design. With a classic design, your dining room will look like you are in a palace. It would be better to fill the interior with soft and calm colors. You can also add flowers as decorations that sweeten and beautify the appearance of the dining room.

The classic design has distinctive characteristic, that is carvings that have artistic and an expensive value in the ceiling area. Make these carvings stand out by installing a ceiling LED light.

18. Make It Fresh with Flowers on The Dining Table

flower decors
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Dining table is the main spot in the dining room. So, if you want to bring an elegant look to the dining room, focus on the dining table area.

Decorating the dining table with green plants will beautify yet refresh the room. Choose flowers with beautiful colors. Put it in a vase filled with water to keep it fresh for a long time.

If you want to bring an expensive value to the elegant dining room, you can use a crystal vase which will look more shiny when exposed to sunlight.

19. Minimalist Elegant Dining Room Design

minimalist dining room
Cc: Pinterest

With a minimalist concept, the elegant dining room looks neater. Moreover, white as the main color makes it seem clean. So that the atmosphere in the dining room will be calmer and more comfortable.

What makes this minimalist dining room look elegant is the soft touch of gold. The dove surface maintains a clean and tidy impression and appearance in the dining room.

20. Sleek Simple Dining-Kitchen

sleek elegant dining room ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Marble or granite material is the best in making the room look sleek and elegant. With three marbles with different colors and motifs will make the room more attractive. Playing on motifs is one way to make the room beautiful and far from boring even though it is not decorated with luxurious displays. Keep presenting the gold color there to focus on the elegant and expensive value in the dining room.

21. Monochrome Dining Room Design

monochrome elegant dining room ideas
Cc: Pinterest

If you want to make the elegant bathroom look simple but pretty, monochrome dining room design is the next of 30 Elegant Dining Room Ideas you can choose from. With the dominant black color, the feel of the dining room will be cooler, firmer, but calming. Make it look elegant with a pendan light.

Make this elegant dining room far from stiff by adding decorations in the form of small indoor plants. Green will also provide freshness that can make the room feel more comfortable.

22. Make It Soft and Bright at Once with Beige

soft dining room
Cc: Pinterest

Combining beige and gold colors can make the interior look calm but elegant. Like this idea where the beige color is made dominant by applying it to the dining chair and curtain. While the gold color with a glossy surface is present at the feet of the dining chairs. Lastly, pendant laps with a simple design and also green plant on the dining table become decorations that make it look pretty and perfect.

23. Beautiful Wall Panel Make It Stand Out

wall panel
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If you want to keep the simple and minimalist look in the elegant dining room, try not to use various kinds of decorations on the walls. Instead of decorating it with paintings or pictures, it would be better to make classic-style carvings or wall panels like in the picture above. Make it look stand out in the room by installing recessed lighting and LED light with yellow lighting.

24. The Combination of Green and Broken White

fresh dining room
Cc: Pinterest

You can rely on the green color to bring a fresh atmosphere to the elegant dining room. Applying it to some wall panels will create an interesting accent and look for the wall.

Present a darker green color to make it look cool and elegant. Dark green chairs made of velvet are perfect for filling the dining room. And lastly, give a fresh touch from small plants on the dining table.

25. Beautiful Simple Round Dining Room

round dining room
Cc: Pinterest

Salah satu cara untuk membuat the small dining room terasa lebih luas adalah dengan memilih round dining table. Kamu juga bisa membuat ceiling berbentuk lingkaran dengan ukiran-ukiran yang menambah nilai mahal dan juga elegant pada ruangan. Tepat di tengahnya, gantung small crystal chandelier dengan desain yang simple.

26. Wall Mural as Decoration

wall mural
Cc: Pinterest

As the main focal point of the room, it would be a pity if the walls were left empty without any decorations. No need to decorate with expensive paintings or various kinds of pictures. If you want to keep it simple, you can choose a wall mural.

In this idea, the green elegant dining room looks more attractive thanks to a wall mural with pictures of trees and birds that is applied to one side of the dining room wall.

27. Elegant Modern Dining Room

modern elegant dining room ideas
Cc: Pinterest

You can see the thick modern design from the polygon shapes. Besides that, functionality is also the main thing that is put forward by modern design. such as polygon rack shapes which are not only decorative but also as a place for storage.

The combination of neutral colors such as gray and beige gives a very simple impression. Even so, the abstract motif of the marble countertop managed to make this modern dining room look attractive and far from boring.

28. Pretty and Elegant at Once with Pink

pink elegant dining room ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Never hesitate to apply pink to your interior, including the dining room. There are many shades of pink that you can choose from, and one of them is soft pink. This is the safest color and will not make your dining room look quirky.

Combine pink and black for a balanced look. The pink color gives a soft and calm impression while the black color makes the room more assertive and cool.

To make the feminine side present well in the elegant dining room, decorate the dining table with beautiful pink roses. The scent of flowers will also provide comfort and tranquility to the room.

29. Marble Wall Becomes The Focal Point in The Elegant Dining Room

marble wall
Cc: Pinterest

Depending on marble is one of the easiest tips to make a room look attractive and elegant. Like this idea where white marble with a soft gray motif adorns the walls of the dining room so beautifully. The application is made long to the top to give a high-wall visual effect. Therefore, the room will feel more spacious and comfortable. And, this is becoming the next of 30 Elegant Dining Room Ideas you can choose from.

30. Small Elegant Dining Room with Pink Touch

pink dining room
Cc: Pinterest

The last of 30 Elegant Dining Room Ideas is a small elegant dining room with pink touch. The small dining room looks so cute with the pink velvet dining chair. When exposed to white light from above, the velvet surface will look charming. And, this is what makes the small dining room look elegant.

Sweeten the elegant dining room with simple decorations such as two or three flower stems. Put it in a clear vase to keep it simple.

Final Words

In making the dining room look elegant, there are many ways you can choose. From easy to difficult. Besides that, making an elegant dining room does not only have to have a large room. You can also create your dream elegant dining room in the small room. And, it is all been summarized in this article: 30 Elegant Dining Room Ideas with Tips That Very Helpful. So, choose the ideas and tips above that match your personality!

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