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30 Soothing Bedroom in Soft-Tones Ideas – The color selection is the main key to the appearance and comfort of a room. For those of you who want a comfortable room to relax and rest, make sure the atmosphere in your bedroom feels soothing. And to present a soothing atmosphere, you can choose soft-tones colors for your bedroom. This article will help you to create the cozy bedroom that you want. Here, we have provided 30 Soothing Bedroom in Soft-Tones Ideas that can be your references. So, let’s check it out!

1. Cozy Korean Bedroom in Soft-Tones

korean bedroom in soft-tones ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Korean bedroom is indeed being popular lately. Besides the cute-looking interior, the soft colors used in the Korean bedroom also make the atmosphere feel so calm and comfortable.

A soft yellow stool is an item that stands out the most. The yellow color gives a fresh impression. You can also feel the fresh and soft impression from the pastel green bedding.

2. Green Makes It Fresh

simple bedroom in soft-tones ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Soft colors do give a more calm look. However, the soft green color on the walls also makes the room look fresher. This is an attractive wall decoration for a minimalist bedroom.

3. Soothing in Warm Beige with Green Decors

warm bedroom in soft-tones decors
Cc: Pinterest

The warm beige painted walls make the bedroom feel so soothing. And combining it with a soft green color is the right idea. As in the picture above, the bedroom not only feels so calm but also feels fresher.

4. Minimalist Bedroom in Soft-Tones

minimalist bedroom in soft-tones
Cc: Pinterest

The minimalist concept is indeed the most powerful in creating a calm atmosphere. Especially if the bedroom has a minimalist concept, soft colors are applied. Then the bedroom will feel so very comfortable. This will really help you to sleep better and forget about tiring activities.

5. Linen Sky Blue Quilt

beautiful linen sky blue quilt
Cc: Pinterest

The bed is the main item that greatly affects the appearance and comfort of the bedroom. In creating a bedroom in soft-tones, you can apply it to the bed.

As in the picture above, the sky blue quilt linen makes the bedroom look so calm and soothing. The sky blue quilt color also gives a fresh effect that makes the bedroom feel more comfortable.

6. Look Minimalist in Gray Nuances

minimalist gray bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The bedroom with shades of gray is no less comfortable. As in the picture above, the gray walls make the bedroom feel so calming.

Gray is the color between white and black. So, a bedroom with shades of gray will look bright and shady at the same time.

7. Pretty Pink Bedding

pretty pink bedding
Cc: Pinterest

Pink may be a color that is avoided because it is considered so quirky and tacky. However, pastel pink like in the picture above actually makes the bedroom look so beautiful, feminine, and also calm.

Pink pastel bedding makes the bed look so beautiful. Moreover, coupled with other pastel colors such as purple and warm beige on the pillow and bedcover.

8. Cozy Bedroom in Soft-Tones with Hanging Chair in It

cozy indoor hanging chair
Cc: Pinterest

This bedroom in soft-tones looks so beautiful with a pink blush that decorates the bedding. And the whitewashed walls make the pink color look more alive. The bedroom also feels more comfortable with an indoor hanging chair next to the bed. This will be your most comfortable spot in the bedroom. You only need to add a soft seat cushion and a pink pillow with a beautiful motif.

9. Look Elegant with A Little Touches of Gold

elegant bedroom in soft-tones ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The bedroom in soft-tones not only looks soft or calm, but you can also make it look elegant. Here you only need to add a touch of gold to some items in the bedroom, such as the frame and table lamp as in the picture above.

10. Green Bedding is Great

green bedding
Cc: Pinterest

No need to change the paint on the walls for the sake of having a bedroom in soft-tones. Because you can use your bed. You can choose beautiful pastel colors. Like the bedroom in the picture above, which chose green bedding. Not only does it look soft, but pastel green bedding also makes the bedroom look cute too.

11. Calm and Serene Bedroom

serene bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

White is the most appropriate color for a small bedroom. Because this can make a small bedroom feel more spacious and comfortable. There are many shades of white that you can apply to your bedroom. Combining neutral white with ivory white will give the appearance and atmosphere of a bedroom that is so calm and serene.

12. Earthy Bedroom with Soft Linen Bedding

calm bedroom in soft-tones ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The bedroom in the picture above looks so soft and soothing with earthy colors. Oyster color bedding makes the room look bright but still soft. And the Camel colored blanket makes the bed look more attractive and not stiff.

13. Serene Master Bedroom Design Ideas

serene master bedroom design
Cc: Pinterest

A large room does need more attention. This is because a large room is easy to appears stiff and unattractive.

In making your master bedroom look pretty and full of serene, you can apply soft colors to your bedroom. Starting from painting the walls with the lightest shade of green paint and decorating with white colors that make the room look naturally bright.

14. Comfy Girls Bedroom in Soft-Tones Ideas

comfy girl bedroom in soft-tones ideas
Cc: Pinterest

A girl’s bedroom is indeed more appropriate to make pinky. You can choose a soft pink color for the bedroom. That way, the bedroom will look calm but still cheerful. You can combine it with white to make the bedroom look bright. And don’t forget the natural lighting that helps the colors in the bedroom come alive.

15. Minimalist in Brown Nuances

minimalist brown nuances bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The atmosphere of the bedroom with a minimalist concept is indeed calmer. Therefore, applying soft colors to the minimalist bedroom is the most appropriate idea. You can choose a brown color to make the bedroom feel calmer. Brown is one of the natural colors which can make the bedroom calmer and fresher.

16. Boho Bedroom Design in Soft-Tones

boho bedroom design
Cc: Pinterest

Boho design is famous for its unique decorations. A boho-designed room will have a more lively and cloudless ambiance. As in the picture above, the rattan decoration makes the wall look pretty. Also added are some hanging plants that make the bedroom feel so fresh. The string light in the corner of the room becomes an additional light that adds to the beauty of the bedroom. Even though they seem cheerful, the soft colors make the bedroom full of tranquality.

17. Beautiful Blush Pink Bedroom with Flower Wall Mural

flower wall mural
Cc: Pinterest

Blush pink bedroom becomes the next of 30 Soothing Bedroom in Soft-Tones Ideas. The soft pink color makes the atmosphere in the master bedroom look so calm. This blush pink bedroom is far from tacky and quirky. Flower wall mirrors actually make this one bedroom look elegant and attractive.

18. Shady Bedroom in Cinnamon Shades

cinnamon shade bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Want a calm, warm, and natural bedroom? You can try this one idea in your bedroom. The Cinnamon color is the main color that makes the bathroom feel so comfortable. The lack of decoration also adds to the serenity of the bedroom.

In this idea, you can add something natural, like plants or an interesting rattan rug.

19. Soft Green Bedding Make The Room Fresh and Calm

soft green bedding
Cc: Pinterest

This Korean bedroom looks attractive with soft colors. Especially the bed with the bedsheet, duvet cover, and pillow sheets in soft green color. This color will be very fitting to be combined with neutral colors such as beige and white.

The soft green color brings a fresh and bright feel at once to the bedroom. So, the bedroom will feel more comfortable.

20. Pink and White Bedroom Nuances

pink and white bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 30 Soothing Bedroom in Soft-Tones Ideas is pink and white bedroom nuances. Maybe the color pink is often avoided because it can make the room look so quirky. However, the soft pink color is just the opposite, making the room look beautiful and calm at the same time.

The soft pink color will be more visible if you make white the main color of the bedroom. You can also add some wooden elements there, such as wooden flooring, wooden bed canopy, etc. to encourage a calmer atmosphere.

21. Wooden Canopy Bed for Soothing and Calm Ambiance

wooden canopy bed
Cc: Pinterest

Bed with canopy may be outdated. However, a bed canopy can make the bedroom look more beautiful. Not only that, but you can also use it to put a sheer that can make the bedroom look aesthetic. With this, the soft bedroom will look more adorable.

22. Rough Wooden Beam Make It Looks Attractive

rough wooden beam
Cc: Pinterest

This one soft-tone bedroom may seem simple. However, a white room with a touch of warm beige looks so attractive with a rough beam. In this idea, the rough beam is used as a spot to make this simple bedroom look aesthetic. The sheer hangs on the beam as if it were a curtain.

23. Attractive Italian Bedroom Style

italian bedroom in soft-tones ideas
Cc: Pinterest

This Italian bedroom also looks soft with white and beige colors. What makes this room look so attractive is the wall mural with a picture of a tree rising to the ceiling. It does not stop here, the Italian-style bedframe with canopy also makes it look aesthetic.

24. Natural Stones Wallpaper Bringing Fresh and Warm Atmosphere

natural stone wallpaper
Cc: Pinterest

Providing natural elements into the room is one way to bring a calm natural feel that can make the room feel comfortable. Like in this one bedroom. Although what is used is not natural stone, but wallpaper with natural stone pictures, this is quite influential in making the soft-tone bedroom feel calmer and cozier.

25. Pastel Color for Your Little Princess

pastel room decor
Cc: Pinterest

One of the joys of your daughters is to make their bedroom as attractive as possible. However, comfort remains a top priority.

You can apply pastel colors that can make the room look attractive and comfortable at the same time. The blue and white rug with a plaid pattern is enough to make the room look pleasant. Plus yellow bedding which gives a fresh impression there.

26. BT21 Doll in Pastel Colors

bt21 doll
Cc: Pinterest

Who does not know BT21, which is the character of each BTS member. BT21 is indeed quite popular. For you, Army, you can give a soft touch to your bedroom by using the BT21 doll. It is also a decoration that can beautify your bedroom.

27. Beautiful Green and Yellow Pastel Bedding

green and yellow pastel bedding
Cc: Pinterest

Green and yellow are the most appropriate color combinations to make the room feel fresh and more alive. Like in this one bedroom, green and soft yellow bedding is quite influential in making the room feel fresh. The flower motif on the duvet cover makes the bedroom look more aesthetic.

28. Feel Calm with Warm Beigewashed Wall

bedroom in soft-tones ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The wall is the main spot that affects the appearance of your room. So, if you want to have a soft-tone bedroom that is calm, you can paint your walls with warm beige paint. Provide additional lights such as string lights that can make the warm beige-washed wall look stand out in the bedroom.

29. LED Blue Lighting Make The Bedroom in Soft-Tones Look Attractive

LED blue lighting
Cc: Pinterest

Soft colors in the bedroom are indeed more of a calm appearance. So it might make you feel bored. However, you do not need to worry. Because you can add decorations such as Blue LED lighting that can make the soft-tone bedroom look more attractive and charming.

30. Loft Bedroom in Soft-Tones Ideas

loft bedroom in soft-tones ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The last of 30 Soothing Bedroom in Soft-Tones Ideas is a loft bedroom in soft-tones. The loft is indeed a very quiet area so you can use it to make a comfortable bedroom. You can apply pastel colors that can make the loft bedroom appear more cheerful, lively, and calm.

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