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Ideas & Tips: Get A Strong Natural Feel with These 19 Modern Rustic Bedroom Design – Rustic design is a design that has a warm and calming feel. Therefore, even though this design has an outdated appearance, rustic designs are still popular with many people. And, usually, rustic design is applied to bedrooms to make this resting area comfortable. Some even combine it with modern designs to create a more attractive appearance. Usually, the wood in pure rustic designs has a rough texture, but in modern rustic designs, the surface of the wood has been smoothed. This does not only apply to wood but also to several other materials such as metal. And, in this article, we have provided 19 Modern Rustic Bedroom Designs you can choose from.

1. Smooth Wooden Ceiling

modern rustic bedroom design
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The first of 19 Modern Rustic Bedroom Designs is a smooth wooden ceiling. It looks stand out even though it is in the area above the bedroom. The brown color of the wood looks very clear because the room has a white concept which neutralizes the appearance. So the colors and textures in the bedroom can look more realistic. Apart from that, there are also LED lights with yellow lighting surrounding the ceiling. The light seems to blend and collaborate with the wood material to provide warmth in the bedroom. Apart from that, LED light is also a decoration that makes the ceiling area more focused.

2. Increase Warming Material

warm modern rustic bedroom design
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Each design has its own material. And, the same goes for rustic design. This design tends to use wood. Usually, wood material is applied predominantly. The natural brown color and texture of the wood itself fill every side of the room.

If you want to emphasize warmth in your bedroom, then add fabric. This is the right material and is suitable to be combined with wood material. The combination of fabric and wood will create a bedroom with the perfect warmth.

For wood, you can apply it to furniture and also buildings in the bedroom. And, for fabric, you can choose rugs, carpet flooring, and also layered bedding.

3. High Roof

high roof
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The ceiling in a rustic design is not flat. This design applies a vaulted ceiling. Therefore, usually, a room with a rustic design will feel more spacious because the ceiling looks high. This is one of the positive values of rustic design. With a vaulted ceiling, a small bedroom will not feel cramped and stuffy.

Due to the high roof, you also have to adjust the pendant lamps in the room. Use pendant lamps that are long and the right size. It does not matter if you want to use a pendant lamp with a larger size because of the high ceiling.

4. Traditional Fireplace in The Bedroom

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This modern rustic bedroom design has a fireplace to expel cold air when winter arrives. Because the rustic design uses natural lighting as the main lighting, there are lots of windows in the room. Also, wooden doors were replaced with glass doors. With this, there are many gaps that become a way for cold air to enter the bedroom. And, with a fireplace, the warmth in the bedroom can be maintained very well.

What is interesting about this idea is that the fireplace used is a traditional fireplace. It looks so attractive because the traditional fireplace is in the middle of modern design furniture. The right and left sides of the fireplace are also made from natural stone which makes it look stand out and even becomes the main focal point in the bedroom.

5. Built-in Bunk Bed

bunk bed
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Using a bunk bed is an effective way to save space in the bedroom. Likewise in this small modern rustic bedroom design. The built-in bunk bed really does not leave any empty space. This is a surefire way to make the small bedroom feel more spacious.

The built-in bunk bed is made from the same wood material as the bedroom walls. This method is very helpful in minimizing color and texture so that a small room does not look full.

In the area inside the bed, sconces are installed which act as night lights. With sconces, you can also read your favorite book before sleeping on your bed.

6. Maximizing Natural Lighting

bright modern rustic bedroom design
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The rustic design relies more on natural elements, from materials to lighting. In this design, natural light is maximized. Therefore, rustic designs often have many windows. Wooden doors have also been replaced with glass doors. However, for those of you who want to make your modern rustic bedroom design look brighter, installing a skylight window is the most appropriate option.

Light from above will be much better at illuminating the room. Light can spread to the corners of the room and eliminate dark shadows there. It really works in making the bedroom feel more spacious.

7. Exposed Beams

top modern rustic bedroom design
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One of the characteristics of the rustic design is exposed beams. It gives a dimension to the bedroom. Apart from that, the exposed beams also make the building look more sturdy. And, if we talk about appearance, exposed beams are like decorating the upper area of the room. With this, you no longer have to focus on other decorations just to beautify the appearance of your bedroom. Simply hang a chandelier or two with yellow lighting to help the wood bring warmth into the bedroom. This is the next of 19 Modern Rustic Bedroom Designs you can try on.

8. Natural Materials Dominate in The Room

modern rustic bedroom design and decors
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This modern rustic bedroom design has a natural appearance that is very thick and clear. Natural materials dominate the room. Wood material for the ceiling and natural stone for the walls. The texture of these natural materials becomes its own decoration which makes this bedroom look beautiful. With perfect natural lighting. The color and texture of the wood and natural stone become more vivid.

Maintain a natural feel in the room by using neutral colors such as white for the other walls and bedding. However, if you want to bring another color into the bedroom, then brown is the right choice. Also, present black as an accent which can give a bit of a firm impression. That way, the modern rustic bedroom design does not look stiff or boring.

9. Look Pretty with Mural

pretty modern rustic bedroom design
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If you think your modern rustic bedroom design seems too minimalist, then give a special touch to the wall area right behind the bed. This is the main spot in the bedroom. So whatever decorations there are there will immediately be caught by the eye.

In this idea, a mural was chosen for the wall. To maintain a simple concept in the bedroom, the mural wall is also made simple. There is only a black line drawing in the shape of a flower with brown leaves. With white as the base color, the colors on the wall mural look very clear. The colors on the wall mural are also neutral colors in the interior of the room. So, it is great for minimizing the use of color in the room. That way, the simple concept in the bedroom can be maintained very well.

10. Look Bright with White

white modern rustic bedroom design
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If a usually rustic design is dominated by wood material where the original texture and color of the wood are left alone, this time the idea is different. The wood is painted white so that only the attractive striped texture remains. Starting from the ceiling to the walls, everything is white. And, with natural lighting maximized, we can see that this bedroom focuses on a bright look.

The use of brown-toned materials and colors brings warmth to the room. With a touch of some refreshing green plants, the natural feel works well in the room and makes it feel comfortable.

11. A Chandelier Become a Focal Point

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This modern rustic bedroom design is made minimalist to maintain a calm atmosphere. There is no specific decoration in this room. The bedding is also left plain white without any motifs. Plants become decorations that refresh the room and make it alive. However, this peaceful room still looks enchanting with the chandelier hanging right above the bed. The minimalist design blends with the bedroom interior. The sparkling crystal looks so beautiful up there.

Choose yellow lighting for the chandelier to increase the warm ambiance in the room. Not only that, yellow lighting can also maintain calm in the bedroom and make it more comfortable.

You do not need to worry about your bedroom looking dark by choosing yellow lighting. The whitewashed walls, white bedding, and a white chair in the room are enough to make the bedroom look bright.

12. Full of Soothing and Warmth

soothing modern rustic bedroom design
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Applying a minimalist concept to the modern rustic bedroom design can increase comfort. Besides that, this also makes it easier for you to decorate your bedroom. No need to use various items or decorations. You just need to take advantage of what is already there.

Start from bed. Do the layered bedding can be a separate decoration for the bedroom. Choose beige and gray bedding. This color combination will feel more calming for the room. Maintain a minimalist concept by not using patterned bedding.

Actually, this room does not really need special decoration just to make it look aesthetic. Because the concrete wall shows a natural gray color which is already charming. And, if we look at the area above the bedroom, there are exposed beams with rattan pendant lamps. However, if you want to present something more interesting in this room, plants are the right decoration to add.

13. Beautiful Soft Colorful Rug

colorful rug
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The soft white with natural lighting that enters freely through the large window in the bedroom makes the look of the modern rustic bedroom design look bright but still soft. The appearance is not too dazzling so it is still comfortable for the eyes to look at.

The minimalist furniture design fits perfectly with the proportions of the room. The black bedframe manages to stand out and gives a slightly firmer but calming impression. And, even though it looks so minimalist, the room looks lively and beautiful with the large colorful rug. The soft colors on the rug blend with the interior of the room. Apart from that, the presence of a rug also adds warmth to the bedroom and makes it feel more comfortable.

14. Minimalist Rustic Bedroom

minimalist modern rustic bedroom design
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Mid-century canopy bed looks suitable for the modern rustic bedroom design. The wood material on the bed frame has been refined but is not made glossy so it shows a little worn side to the room. However, some modern furniture designs have succeeded in making it balanced.

The white walls are left blank without any decoration to maintain a minimalist impression. However, the table lamps on the bedside table with a larger size are enough to beautify the appearance of this bedroom. Besides that, right in the corner of the room, there is a large plant which is refreshing and also enlivens the appearance and atmosphere of the bedroom. And, the key to the bedroom not looking boring or stiff is the natural stone wall for the fireplace spot. It gives a natural look and color. Also, the texture becomes a decoration in itself.

15. Greenery The Bedroom

fresh modern rustic bedroom design
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If you are confused about how to decorate a modern rustic bedroom properly and correctly, then plants are an option that you can choose. Plants are the safest decoration. This can fit into all types of designs and concepts of the room. Apart from that, as decoration which adds to the beauty of the room, plants are also able to bring freshness which can increase comfort in the room.

The concrete wall and dark wood make the look of the room more shady. However, the use of glass doors, large windows, and skylight windows maximizes natural lighting which helps in making the appearance bright. So, when you decorate a room with plants, the natural feel will appear perfectly.

The corner of the room is the most appropriate area for the large plant. Accompany this large plant with several medium-sized plants. Also, spread freshness to other spots such as beside the bed. With this, the room gets fresh evenly.

16. Mini Library in The Bedroom

mini library
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In this idea, the modern rustic bedroom design looks interesting and different from previous ideas. The bedroom is not only a room for resting but also a comfortable reading room. There is a mini library in some rooms.

Built-in shelves for the books are made from the same wood material as the walls, ceiling, and floor. With this, wood material dominates the room and changes the atmosphere to a warm one. And, natural lighting and yellow lighting from the lamp or candles create a calming atmosphere. With this, reading will feel more enjoyable.

You can put a cozy chair close to the window. Maximum natural light can make you feel comfortable when reading. Also, you can enjoy the beautiful views outside while relaxing.

17. Black and White Modern Rustic Bedroom

black and white modern rustic bedroom design
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Actually, rustic design does not always have to be brown, white, and other warm colors. You can also use other colors as long as they are still included in the neutral color group. Like this idea which chooses black and white.

Usually white dominates, but with this idea, it is the opposite. The black color dominates, making the appearance look very attractive. The white color is only an accent to give a bright appearance to the room.

Indeed, the result of the dominant black color is a dark appearance. However, all of this can be overcome with maximum lighting. Large windows and glass doors are enough to allow abundant light to enter the room. The black color exposed to sunlight will create a complete calm and make the rustic bedroom feel very comfortable.

18. Charming Vintage Touch

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The vintage touch in the rustic modern bedroom design is no less interesting. The wood that dominates the room displays a warm natural brown color. There is also a natural stone for the fireplace which adds a natural impression to the room. But, this natural bedroom looks so attractive with touches of yellow and white. Floral motif curtains give a different touch to the bedroom atmosphere. This makes the atmosphere more lively and fresh.

The yellow color is extended to the wall decoration. The classic frame design has beautiful carvings so it is very suitable for hanging on the natural stone wall. It becomes an attractive focal point in the bedroom.

The vintage style is also present in small touches such as the coffee table and the canopy bed frame. The spread application makes the vintage style clearly visible but does not interfere with the rustic design itself.

19. Bright and Cozy

cozy modern rustic bedroom design
Cc: Pinterest

This is the last of 19 modern rustic bedroom designs that you can apply to your private room. The bright appearance and cozy atmosphere will make you feel comfortable spending time in your room. The high roof makes the walls look high. It gives a spacious feel to the bedroom. Apart from that, the bedroom is also decorated as minimalist as possible, only relying on the items needed so as to leave excess free space.

There are no decorations specifically for the room which is the main spot or the main focal point. This idea tends to play on motifs and textures. In the fireplace area, a natural stone wall has been installed, the wooden floor is also decorated with rugs, and the most interesting thing is the fur bedframe with various enchanting motifs.

To fill other empty spaces in the bedroom, use a hanging chair. It becomes the coziest spot in the bedroom. You can relax or read your favorite book there.

Final Words

The points above are 19 Modern Rustic Bedroom Designs that you can use as a reference and follow. Natural elements, which are characteristic of rustic design, will bring comfort to your resting room. Also, the modern design provides a more contemporary and attractive look. So, here, comfort is not the only point to focus on. There is still beauty. With this, comfort and beauty will be in harmony.

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