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Japandi Style Decors, The Combination of Western and Eastern That is Rich with Harmony – Compared to industrial and rustic designs, the Japandi style is certainly not as popular as the two designs. In fact, some of you may not know and are still unfamiliar with the Japandi style. This one design is present in 2017. So, it can be said to be very new.

The word Japandi stands for Japan and Scandinavian. So, this design combines eastern and western culture. Even though they come from different cultures, this style has a high aesthetic and harmonious value.

For those of you who are curious and are getting interested in the Japandi style, in this article we will discuss more about this one design. So, let’s check it out!

Dominant with White Walls

japandi dining room
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Japandi designs tend to show a minimalist and neutral look. Usually, Japandi will use bright neutral colors. White is an alternative color that is most often applied to the walls of the room.

Painting the walls white can indeed make the room look more minimalist. Besides that, the use of furniture with other neutral colors will also look more alive.

White walls will give the room a bright and spacious effect. So, choosing white as the base color is perfect for a limited space.

Presenting The Dark Look

dark and bright room decors
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White color is very good for making a room look bright. Therefore, if you use bright cloud furniture again, the room will look so quirky.

So, it would be better if you decorate the room with dark-colored furniture, such as gray, black, and dark brown. These colors make a good combination of white. With this, dark and light will make a very perfect mix.

Decorate The Room with Light Wood Furniture

light wood furniture
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In Scandinavian design, the room looks more calm and bright. So, to combine Scandinavian and Japanese designs, you can decorate the room with light wood furniture.

The glossy appearance of the wood will also provide an attractive and sleek appearance to the room. So, the room will not look so stiff.

Make sure you choose the same wood material so that the home interior will look matching.

Nature Nuances That Feel So Soothing

fresh japandi style decors
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In Japanese-style houses, it really relies on natural nuances to provide maximum tranquility into the room. Besides the natural materials used, some houses in Japan also rely on fresh green plants for greenery in the room.

For Japandi itself, there is no need to use large amounts of plants. Because the minimalist look of the room must be maintained. And here, you can decorate the room with some greenery.

Make sure to choose the right spot, such as the corner of the room to put a larger plant, or a TV table or coffee table to put small plants.

A Beauty of Pastel Colors

japandi style decors
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Sometimes whites, grays, blacks, and browns will look too stiff and too mainstream. And if you want to bring other colors into the room, you can rely on soft colors, such as pastel colors.

It’s okay to add a touch of pastel colors to your Japanese style. This is because pastel colors are still part of Scandinavian design. The presence of pastel colors will provide a calm atmosphere with a different look.

Keep The Minimalist Look of The Room

Scandinavian and Japanese designs have the same characteristics, namely a minimalist and calming appearance. Therefore, the Japandi style is the most appropriate interior design to be applied for those of you who want a perfect calm and comfortable atmosphere in the house.

In maintaining the minimalist look of the room, there are a number of things that you must pay attention to and underline:

Only Use The Furniture Needed

minimalist bathroom decors
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The first is to use furniture that is only needed. This is very important to maintain a minimalist look in the room. By relying only on furniture that is only needed, there will be plenty of space available. Besides making the room look more minimalist, the room will also feel more spacious.

This method is very suitable to be applied to limited space. So that the room will be far from the cramped and stuffy feeling that really disturbs the comfort.

Choose The Furniture with Minimalist Design

minimalist furniture design
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Using furniture that is only used is not enough to maintain a minimalist look in the room. Here, you also have to choose furniture with a minimalist design.

What is minimalist design furniture? So, the furniture looks more modern. In that sense, there are no complex carvings. Besides that, the furniture design also looks simpler. Even so, furniture can still provide aesthetic value to the room.

Avoid Too Many Motifs

japandi style ideas
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The plain appearance does look unattractive and boring. Therefore, to work on it, you can decorate the Japandi style with simple motifs, such as stripes, polygons, plaid, and so on.

Do not apply too many motifs into the interior. Because this can only interfere with the minimalist look in the Japandi room.

Make Natural Lighting As The Main Lighting

cozy japandi interior
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In addition to a minimalist appearance, Japan-style and Scandinavian also have other similarities, that is utilizing natural light as the main lighting of the room.

In Japanese style, natural lighting is used to emphasize natural nuances into the house. And while in Scandinavian, natural lighting is able to make the room look brighter naturally. With this, the appearance of the room looks more beautiful.

Actually, it is okay to make natural lighting the main lighting of the room. Because there are several benefits that you can feel, such as saving more on electricity costs, making the room look more alive, providing perfect serenity, making the room look wider, eliminating the feeling of cramped and stuffy in the room, eliminating the feeling of being empty in the room, and so on.


Japandi style, or what is known as interior design, the result of a combination of Scandinavian Design and Japanese Style, is an interior design that is very interesting to apply. It sounds quite unfamiliar this design appeared in 2017. So, not many people understand about the Japandi style. In fact, this one design is very rich with a natural atmosphere and serenity. The appearance of eastern culture combined with Europe gives a more aesthetic value to the room. And, in implementing this one design is not difficult. In this article, we have provided Japadi Style Decors that will really help you to create a comfortable and attractive room.

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