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9 Enticing Apartment That Show Off The Mediterranean Concept – For now, the Mediterranean concept may seem old. However, having a Mediterranean apartment is the right choice in having a different aesthetic residence. With a little Italian and Spanish look, the apartment will look very attractive.

The different impressions from the Mediterranean concept can be an inspiration for those of you who feel bored living in an apartment. With soothing calm colors complemented by natural materials, it will make the apartment a comfortable place to live in.

In this post, we have provided 9 Enticing Apartments That Show Off The Mediterranean Concept. We make sure that one of them is according to your criteria and makes you interested in applying it. So, let’s check it out!

Dark Wood Table Dining Set In The Middle of Bright Room

For those of you who like the appearance of a bright room, you might prefer to use light-colored wood furniture. However, if in the case of this Mediterranean apartment, where the walls are painted white which is given maximum light and then equipped with a glossy floor, of course using light-colored wood can only make it stiff.

mediterranean apartment decors
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So, to make the dining room look enticing, the dark wood dining table set is chosen. Placing it right in the middle of the room gives the impression of the middle of the century. The old patterns in the soft blue color make it look like it blends in with the wood color. Really typical Mediterranean style.

Whitewashed Rough Textured Wall Presenting Attractive Artistic Impression

This one bedroom Mediterranean apartment is very thick with Spanish style. Usually applied to houses close to the beach. With direct lighting from the sun, it makes the whitewashed wall look bright naturally. It also makes the apartment look more alive.

best mediterranean apartment
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There is something interesting about this one idea. Where the walls are left to show off a rough texture. Which is indeed a characteristic of the Mediterranean style.

The walls were deliberately not sanded and directly overlaid with white paint. That way, the room will look attractive without any wall decorations. In addition, the room also seems to be more architectural.

Arches Wall Accent Presenting The Mediterranean Smoothly

At first glance, maybe nothing catches your eye from Worksacpe on this one. Only home office with a minimalist look that looks soft.

However, if you pay closer attention, on the walls there are beautiful arches wall accents which are an interesting decoration for this minimalist room.

geometric wall list
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The wainscoting is painted in gold color to give a more elegant and luxurious impression to the Mediterranean apartment. At the back, it is equipped with a mirror which makes the apartment look wider and brighter.

The floating wall table with bright colored wood is very integrated with the gold color used in this room. However, the room also doesn’t look stiff because the floor is applied to a wooden floor with older wood color. What a perfect blend of color and texture for a Mediterranean concept room.

Two Single Chairs with Old Design That Looks Adorable

This one apartment room does seem contemporary. However, there is one thing that brings the Mediterranean concept to this room.

Try to pay attention to the chairs used in this living room. You will find two single chairs made of teak wood. The dark wood color gives a slightly more traditional impression to this room. In addition, the design of the chairs also gives a bit of an interesting old Italian look.

mediterranean apartment living room
Cc: Pinterest

The color selection in this room also shows a thick Mediterranean style. With a soft dark blue color, the Mediterranean style breaks through the Scandinavian concept that is applied to this apartment living room.

Not only that, the motifs and colors on the cushion on the sofa also give the room an old, aesthetic impression. So, although this white nuanced room seems more contemporary, the Mediterranean style can be felt very clearly.

Small Mediterranean Apartment Kitchen

Not all apartments have a large space. An example is a studio-type apartment. In this apartment, there is only one room. So, if you provide a barrier, of course, the apartment will feel cramped.

For the kitchen itself, the space needed is not too much. And the idea of this Mediterranean apartment kitchen is very interesting. The walls of the room are left to display a rough texture. To make it appear bright, the walls are painted white. Presenting a Mediterranean concept that is thicker in the room.

spanish kitchen design
Cc: Pinterest

It does not stop here, the kitchen wall cabinets that are commonly used today are not installed in the kitchen. To provide more storage space to the kitchen, a floating wall shelf that is arranged vertically is used.

On the edge of the kitchen, we can see a rattan basket filled with fruit. This was the traditional way for ancient Europeans to store their cooking ingredients.

Aesthetic Mediterranean Decoration Style

At first glance, it looks like a farmhouse-style room. However, when viewed from the decorations used in this apartment room, the Mediterranean concept looks so clear.

The Mediterranean-style painting hung on a blank wall. The walls are deliberately not given other decorations. That way, this painting will look more focused on the room.

multiple pendant
Cc: Pinterest

Traditional sewing machines are also used to showcase the Mediterranean concept to the apartment. Even though it’s small, the black sewing machine is enough to make it look more bold and clear in this white room.

The room lighting used in this apartment is also interesting. Of the many types of lamps available, this Mediterranean apartment chooses multiple pendants with different shapes. Make the room look more aesthetic.

Mediterranean Apartment Kitchen

Space in the apartment kitchen may be limited. However, we can make it look attractive and comfortable. By relying on natural hues, this narrow room can be a comfortable place.

navy kitchen decors
Cc: Pinterest

Ivory was chosen to make the kitchen wall look soft yet bright. It looks greater with the navy combination applied to the kitchen cabinet. Features with marble with motifs and colors that bring us to the 80s.

The Mediterranean looks more dominant with the arches wall which shows the other rooms very clearly. This is also an alternative way of making the most of your apartment.

Wide Arches for the Original Mediterranean

In the Mediterranean concept interior, it is very rare to find a door that connects one room to another. This is because the Mediterranean concept room applies arches.

wider arches door
Cc: Pinterest

Arches are indeed the main key to the Mediterranean style. So, with the arches in the apartment, the Mediterranean style is enough to appear to stand out without having to provide the style of the Mediterranean decorations to emphasize it.

Modern Mediterranean Apartment

In this apartment, you can find interesting things on the ceiling. The ceiling is made in such a way as to resemble houses in Italy or Spain. Beautiful carvings on the ceiling make it look more architectural.

mediterranean apartment
Cc: Pinterest

The Mediterranean concept is also increasingly dominant with arches on finding. It really matches the ceiling in the apartment. On the edge of the arches are carvings that make it look so adorable. So, even though the white apartment looks minimalistic, this residence is far from being stiff and boring.

This apartment also looks more attractive because of the modern concept that is inserted here. Minimalist furniture design is the perfect combination to balance the intricate impression of the carvings on the ceiling. In this apartment, motives are also avoided. That way the Mediterranean apartment becomes a very attractive place to live.


Maybe you never imagined having a Mediterranean apartment. Because of the appearance that seems old, the Mediterranean has become an interior concept that people live in today. In fact, the natural hues and color combinations used in the Mediterranean concept can make an apartment a dream residence. The old decorations seemed to bring us to the 80s where you will feel serenity and warmth at the same time.

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