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18 Christmas Bedroom Ideas: Evoke The Happy Atmosphere to The Bedroom – Christmas is coming soon! And this is the perfect time to evoke the Christmas ambiance in your house. You can start from your main room, that is the bedroom. Christmas decorations will make the atmosphere in the bedroom feel happy. Which is able to improve and add to the comfort of the bedroom. White, red, and green colors will decorate your bedroom from now on. And here we have provided 18 Christmas Bedroom Ideas that you can use as a reference. So, let’s check it out!

1. Elegant Christmas Bedroom

elegant christmas bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Bedrooms with an elegant appearance have different shades. This will make us feel like sleeping in five-star hotels.

As in this one idea, where the bedroom with Christmas decorations looks so attractive with an elegant feel. White is the main color that makes it look bright. Wreaths and Christmas trees adorn the side of the bedroom. And what makes the bedroom look beautiful and elegant is the string light that hangs there.

2. Rustic Wall Decor Style

simple christmas bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The cold air on Christmas Day will make a bedroom with a warm ambiance feel more comfortable. One of the decorations that can evoke a warm ambiance is the rustic-style decor.

If we look at the picture above, the room is quite warm and comfortable with layered bedding. However, not only that, but the decorations on the walls also make this room comfortable. On the walls, wood accents are applied with a rough surface that makes it look old. No less interesting is the display with the words “Merry Christmas” hanging on the wall just above the headboard.

3. Beautiful Wreath Wall Decor

wreath decor
Cc: Pinterest

A wreath with a simple appearance is much more attractive when displayed in a bedroom with a minimalist concept. Thick wooden planks serve as the base and link the wreath to the wall. Even though the wreath looks simple, this decoration looks quite attractive with the addition of a warm string light.

4. Luxurious Christmas Bedroom

luxurious chirstmas bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 18 Christmas Bedroom Ideas is a luxurious Christmas bedroom. White and gray make the right color combination. Besides making the bedroom look more expensive, this color also makes the bedroom look more mature. Not only that, the gray and white colors when combined will bring a calming feel.

Another thing that makes the Christmas bedroom look luxurious is the artificial Christmas tree in the corner of the room. And the main thing that makes the bedroom look luxurious is the dazzling crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.

5. Simple but Beautiful

simple christmas bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Something simple is not always bad. This one idea shows how interesting the Christmas bedroom in a simple concept is.

The blank wall looks so pretty with the small wreath hanging just above the headboard. A small pot filled with flowers is used to sweeten the corner of the room. And the last thing that makes this room look so beautiful even though it’s simple is the bedding with red and black checkered motifs. Don’t forget the pillows and dolls with deer and Santa motifs.

6. Feel Fresh in The Small Bedroom

fresh christmas bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The presence of plants in the room is very important, whether it is artificial plants or real plants. What is needed here is a green color that makes the room look fresh.

Usually, the Christmas tree is used to give a fresh impression on Christmas. However, due to limited space, the use of Christmas trees was removed and replaced with garlands.

Garland is used to decorating pendant lamps that hang above the bed. And to make this room feel fresher, the bedroom owner added two small plants on the tableside.

7. Beautiful Headboard with Garland

beautiful headboard
Cc: Pinterest

Decorating the bedroom to welcome Christmas does not only have to present a Christmas tree there. There are several factors why Christmas trees are not used, such as the price which is quite expensive and also the limited free space in the bedroom. Even so, you don’t have to worry. There are still many Christmas ornaments that you can use, such as garlands.

Garland is much more practical. You can use this ornament to decorate some spots you want. You can make the headboard look attractive by placing a garland on it. To make it look more standout, you can add the string lights with warm lighting. With this, the bedroom not only looks attractive but also feels warm for Christmas.

8. Fun Christmas Bedroom for Your Kid

kid christmas bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The children’s room is also a part that you need to pay attention to for its comfort and beauty. That way, children will be more happy and comfortable in their rooms.

Not too much effort in decorating the kid room. You just keep it simple so that it feels comfortable for the kids.

To make the kid’s room feel fun, you can use bedding with various motifs. Presents doll, deer, or Santa motifs which are children’s favorites.

9. Read Socks on The Headboard

sock decors
Cc: Pinterest

Hanging red socks has become a culture in welcoming Christmas. Usually, the fireplace is a place to hang these socks. However, you can also choose other spots in the house, such as the headboard in the bedroom.

Hanging the red socks on the headboard is one of the interesting ideas in decorating the Christmas bedroom. You can hang it on the right and left ends of the headboard. In this way, the appearance will look simple but attractive.

10. Christmas Bedroom Ideas for Twins

twin bed
Cc: Pinterest

The medium-size Christmas tree looks so attractive in the middle of the bed. The gold ornaments that hang there add a bit of an expensive touch to this rustic-style bedroom.

Another Christmas decoration used is a wreath. The wreath is attached to an outdated-looking window frame. So when this decoration will look beautiful and attractive when hung on the bedroom wall.

11. Calm and Beautiful in Minimalist Concept

minimalist christmas bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

A Christmas bedroom with a minimalist concept is no less interesting. White and gray make it look soft. And what’s interesting in this idea is the black and white bedding with a plaid motif. On the bed, there is also a red blanket that makes the atmosphere feel more alive and happy. The decoration that makes the room look beautiful is a Christmas tree in the corner of the room with charming ornaments.

12. Bedding with Deer Motif

deer motif
Cc: Pinterest

There will always be motif or pictures of santa and deer on christmas day. You can use this to create a pleasant atmosphere in your bedroom.

As the main item in the bedroom, the bed will be the main spot that grabs attention. So, using bedding with deer and Santa motif is the right idea. The Deer and Santa motif will not only evoke a happy atmosphere on Christmas day but also make the bedroom look more beautiful.

13. Relax in Warm Ambiance

warm ambiance
Cc: Pinterest

There is nothing more pleasant than warming yourself in the cold outside air. And the bedroom is the perfect room for hibernation.

To make the bedroom feel comfortable on Christmas Day, try to make the ambiance in this room warm. Lots of textures as well as warm lighting.

You can add a thick wool blanket and some pillows. Give it a warm glow in addition.

14. Christmas Bedroom in White Nuances

christmas bedroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

White is the most popular color. This is because there are many benefits that you can get from making white the main color, such as:

  1. Make the room look brighter,
  2. Make the room look more spacious,
  3. Easy to combine with other colors, and
  4. Make the room look more alive.

From the picture above, we can see that Christmas is not always green and red. A white bedroom decorated with Christmas ornaments is no less interesting. Even, other colors in the room look more alive.

15. Simple and Sweet

simple bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The number of cute Christmas ornaments will indeed look attractive for the bedroom. However, try to make the bedroom look simple. This is perfect for those of you who like a sweeter look.

You can use a small Christmas tree on two table sides of the bedroom. And then garland on the headboard. Don’t forget the small wreath that hangs beautifully on the whitewashed wall. Even though it is fairly simple, the bedroom still looks beautiful.

16. Bring Different Atmosphere with Mural Wall

mural wall
Cc: Pinterest

Walls are everything. This area will greatly affect the atmosphere and also the beauty of the room. So, if you want to make the Christmas bedroom look different, the mural wall is the next idea you can choose.

There are many wall murals available, such as the forest in winter, deer in the forest, Santa, and others.

17. Nursery Room

nursery christmas bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Next, there is a nursery room with a Christmas theme. The dominance of white makes this room look bright, perfect for your little ones. Two Christmas trees decorate the bedroom which makes it look beautiful. Texture games such as rug and carpet make the atmosphere of this room feel so warm.

18. Kid Bedroom with Bunk Bed

bunk bed
Cc: Pinterest

A bunk bed is a type of bed that is often chosen for a child’s bedroom. So, when Christmas will come, you can use the bunk bed as an area to bring the feel of Christmas there.

You can rely on bedding with a Christmas motif. And the most important thing is the garland and wreath that is present in the room area. Even though it looks simple, this is enough to bring Christmas vibes to a child’s bedroom.

Final Words

The atmosphere of a fun Christmas day is very dear to miss. Bring a happy Christmas atmosphere to your home. You can start from a private room, that is a bedroom. A bedroom with Christmas decorations will be fun. Not only that, Christmas decorations will give warmth to the bedroom. So, you will feel comfortable in the bedroom for a long time. And in this article, we have provided 18 Christmas Bedroom Ideas for your reference.

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