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17 Elegant and Lovely Bedroom Design Ideas РElegant bedroom design, who does not want to have this? As a room to hide from the crowds of the world, the bedroom is very important. The comfort and beauty of the bedroom are things you should pay close attention to. By having a room that looks elegant, of course you will feel more comfortable.

Having a bedroom that looks elegant not only looks beautiful but also feels comfortable. A comfortable bedroom will make you sleep soundly. This will really help you to restore your spirit and energy.

An article with the title “20 Elegant and Lovely Bedroom Design Ideas” to create your dream bedroom that is comfortable and beautiful. So, let’s check it out!

1. All Go White

elegant white bedroom
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Don’t be afraid to apply white to the entire bedroom. No need to worry about the room will look stiff or boring. Because if you decorate it well, the bedroom will be a very calming and cloudless room.

Starting from the curtains, paint the walls, ceiling, all shades of white. The presence of other soft colors can soften the appearance of the bedroom. So the atmosphere will feel so calm.

Natural lighting is put to good use to make the bedroom look naturally bright. So, the impression of being stiff and boring will disappear from the room. And now, the bedroom will be the perfect room.

2. Soft Appearance for Soothing Ambiance

soothing room ideas
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For women, a bedroom with a soft appearance is certainly a dream. And if you are one of them, this one idea will immediately grab your attention.

White is the main color to give a bright effect to the bedroom. However, on the side of the wall made softer with beige color. The gray color looks to decorate the bedroom in the form of furniture. And still, pastel pink makes it look a little more feminine.

A beautiful accent wall looks more beautiful with warm lighting that decorates the wall. Warm lighting on the shelf wall also makes this room look more beautiful and elegant. What makes the elegant look dominant is the beautiful gold pendant lamp that adorns the ceiling.

3. Calm but Still Luxurious

luxurious bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The wooden accent wall on the headboard side makes it appear more dominant. The texture and color of the wood play an important role in the warm and calm atmosphere in this bedroom. Even though it looks calm with brown and wood accents, the bedroom looks so luxurious with marble accent walls, long curtains, and beautiful crystal lamps.

4. Large Oval Mirror

beautiful elegant bedroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

A long wall with a beautiful accent wall is enough to make the room look attractive and elegant. However, it is okay to give one or two interesting wall decorations.

In this idea, the elegant bedroom looks so enchanting with a large oval mirror. Curved lines on the oval mirror give a subtle effect to the bedroom. Thus, the bedroom is far from being stiff and uncomfortable.

A large oval mirror with a gold frame will be very beautiful. Adding the hang wood table on it becomes an interesting idea to make it as a table dressing.

5. Creative Room Partitions

Cc: Pinterest

Splitting a room into two can indeed make the room feel narrower. So, instead of building a wall that blocks two rooms, it’s much better to create a creative and interesting partition.

You can also use the partition as an attractive spot to add to the beauty of the bedroom. As in the picture above which provides LED light on the hole of the partition.

6. Beautiful White Marble Headboard

beautiful elegant bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

As the main item in the bedroom, the bed will be the main focal point. So, things related to the bed will be seen clearly.

Like in the picture above where the white marble headboard makes the bedroom look so enchanting. Decoration LED warm lighting behind the marble makes it look so awesome. In addition, the warm lighting also will create a warm atmosphere that makes the bedroom feel soothing. In this way, the bedroom will feel more comfortable.

7. Beautiful Large Painting

beautiful wall decors
Cc: Pinterest

Walls are the most appropriate area to decorate. Large important will be the right decoration for an elegant bedroom. Painting colors that match the bedroom theme will make this room appear more harmonious and beautiful. The lighting around the painting also makes it look more stand out on the wall.

8. Gray and Pink Pastel Nuances 

elegant bedroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

White is not always a reliable color. As in this idea, which makes gray the main color of the bedroom. The room will look shadier. So, the atmosphere created will feel calmer.

Combining gray with soft pink is an interesting idea. This color combination will give a calm and soft look to the bedroom. Plus, natural lighting from large windows make these two colors look more alive. So that the elegant bedroom will look more attractive.

9. Modern Elegant Bedroom

simple elegant bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

This modern concept makes the bedroom a room that looks minimalist and functional. Where the wall wardrobe looks like it blends with the wall. And also a dressing table that can be used as a work and study area.

The bed is made simpler to create a minimalist look. And a spot on the headboard LED light decorates the center of the wall. The use of a small rug under the bed is very useful to make this one bedroom look more spacious and comfortable.

10. Simple but Masculine

simple elegant bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

An elegant room does not always appears with charming decorations. One of them is the bedroom in the picture above. Where the bedroom looks so simple but looks so very attractive.

The taupe-painted walls with B&W decorations look very attractive. And the wall facing the window is intentionally painted white to make the bedroom look bright.

The room feels more comfortable with a rug under the bed which makes this room seem more spacious. And also the wood elements on the walls create a warmer and calming atmosphere.

11. Sexy and Sleek with Black Marble

black marble
Cc: Pinterest

The wall on the headboard is indeed the most appropriate spot to decorate. And applying black marble is a very interesting idea.

Black marble walls will give a masculine effect to the bedroom. The glossy look makes the bedroom look so sexy and sleek. The motif on marble is also the most beautiful abstract motif that makes the bedroom pretty.

Providing warm lighting on the walls will add to the beauty of marble on the walls. Marble motifs will also look more lively and adorable.

12. Live Like in The Castle

elegant bedroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Girls are very happy to be princesses. Nothing wrong with making your daughter feel happy with their bedroom. And it’s time to make your daughter a princess in your house.

Gray and pastel pink will be the right color combination for a girl’s bedroom. The calm and soft appearance will create a calm and comfortable atmosphere.

Accent wall fabric will give a warm feel to the bedroom. Not to forget, rugs and also some other fabric materials in the room.

Having a hanging chair hanging from the ceiling will be a comfortable spot for the little princess to rest and play. Soft and comfy cushion and small doll make this spot’s comfort unbeatable.

13. Elegant Japanese Bedroom Style

Cc: Pinterest

Japanese style is known for its serenity. Rely on wood elements to provide pleasant warmth and tranquility.

Vertically timber wall becomes an attractive accent wall for an elegant Japanese bedroom style. The beautiful view that appears on the window and glass door also makes the bedroom look so attractive.

You can find the comfort of the bedroom from the low-profile bed which is the hallmark of the Japanese style. Not only that, but the wooden elements exposed to natural lighting will also exude a perfect serenity in the bedroom.

14. Children’s Toys As Additional Decoration

Cc: Pinterest

Having small children is tantamount to sharing a bedroom with them. Where you also have to bring the toys they like into your bedroom. But it doesn’t matter, children’s toys can also be additional decorations that make the bedroom look attractive. Like the gray rocking caw toy that looks so harmonious when placed next to the bed. Or maybe the toy cars in the rug. These toys make the bedroom atmosphere feel so warm for a small family.

15. Simple and Elegant

Cc: Pinterest

Just decorating the bedroom with makeshift furniture will not make the bedroom feel boring. Quite the opposite. There will be a lot of free space that makes the bedroom feel more spacious and comfortable.

In making the bedroom look attractive, you don’t just have to decorate with these and those decorations. Just two wall displays and green plants are enough to make an elegant bedroom look beautiful.

And to eliminate the impression of stiffness in the bedroom, lighting can be relied on. Beautiful pendant lamps, candles on the cabinet and tableside, also warm LED lights on the ceiling and wall are the right ideas for this elegant bedroom idea.

16. Elegant in Rustic Bedroom Style

elegant rustic bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Rustic may seem old and not up to date. However, when combined with a modern concept, the room will look elegant and very charming.

Wooden ceilings with exposed beams, natural stone walls, and wooden floors are characteristic of the rustic style which also evokes a warm and calm atmosphere. Plus warm light in several spots make the bedroom feel more comfortable. Another calmness can also be clearly felt from the application of earth-tone colors in the bedroom.

17. Beautiful Marble Wall with LED Lights

elegant bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Marble walls can indeed work well in making the bedroom look elegant and luxurious. Although the bedroom is full of warm shades of brown and wood elements, it doesn’t cover the marble walls. The presence of an LED light right behind the marble makes it even more standout. This idea is perfect for those of you who want to be comfortable and quiet in an elegant and beautiful bedroom.

Final Words

There is no problem making the bedroom look elegant. Because, as a place to relax and rest, the bedroom is an important part for you. A beautiful and comfortable bedroom will help you to sleep well and wake up feeling happy. And the points above are 17 Elegant and Lovely Bedroom Design Ideas that you can use as a reference.

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