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15 Green Bedroom Decor Ideas: Have A Fresh Room for Relax and Release Stress – Being room to rest and unwind, the comfort and beauty of the bedroom are things you should pay attention to. There are plenty of ways to make the bedroom feel comfortable. And one of them is to make the bedroom feel fresh. In this article, we provide 15 Green Bedroom Decor Ideas for those of you who want to have a fresh room to relax and release stress. You can use the ideas below as a reference. So, let’s check it out!

1. Green and White Washed Wall

cozy green bedroom
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Presenting plants is indeed very effective to make the room feel fresh. However, this is not the only way you can choose. There are still many other ways that can make your bedroom feel fresh, one of which is painting the walls with green paint.

To make a green bedroom look attractive, you can paint some of the walls with green paint, and other parts with white. So the walls will look attractive even without any decorations.

2. Green and Grey for Calm Look

best green bedroom ideas
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As the main focal point in the room, try to use the walls to give the bedroom an attractive look. You can make white the main color of the room. And then paint the wall with green and gray in a rectangular shape like in the image above. To get rid of the stiff impression on the wall, give a simple charming display.

3. Greenwashed Wall with Floating Wall Shelf

attractive wall decors
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The next of 15 Green Bedroom Decor Ideas is greenwashed wall with a floating wall shelf. This is an interesting way to make the walls look attractive with additional storage.

You can put some interesting displays which cannot be hung on the wall on the floating wall shelf, such as plants and so on. You can also use the floating wall shelf as a place to store your books. Which of these can also add to the beauty of the bedroom.

4. Feel Fresh in Simple Concept

simple green bedroom decor ideas
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The excessive decoration is not only reliable in making the room look attractive. For those of you who prefer a simple look, you can choose this one decor idea.

Green painted walls are relied on to give a fresh look and impression to the room. And what makes the bedroom look attractive is the gree bedding that looks stand out. The rattan and wood elements in the bedroom evoke a warm atmosphere that makes the room feel comfortable to relax.

5. Green Geometric Accent Wall

green accent wall
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The green wall accent is the next decoration that can make the bedroom feel fresh yet interesting. As seen in the picture above, the green wall accent is only applied to one part of the wall. However, this is enough to decorate the room and make it look so good. In this one decor idea, you no longer need a wall display to make the room look attractive.

6. Soft Green Feels so Calm

soft green bedroom
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There are many types of green that you can choose for your bedroom. Try to use soft green for a bedroom with a calm atmosphere. You can use the same color on the walls and bedding so that the bedroom looks harmonious. The wooden elements present in the bedroom evoke a soothing atmosphere that makes the bedroom feel so comfortable for relaxing and releasing stress.

7. Black & White Wall Decors

black and white wall decor
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Walls are always the center of attention. Therefore, you can use the walls to make the green bedroom look beautiful. There are many kinds of decorations that you can use. And the most interesting thing to decorate a green bedroom is black and white wall decors.

Black and white is a neutral color that can be combined with any color, including green. So, using black and white wall displays is a safe way to avoid clashing colors in the bedroom.

8. Pokadot is Everything

green and brown bedroom decor ideas
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Feel your bedroom is too simple? Try to present motifs that will make it look quite fill. Using polka dot bedding is an interesting idea that you can try. You can also add two pillows with quirky colors, such as yellow. With this, the green bedroom will not look monotonous and stiff.

9. Bright Green Bedroom

bright green bedroom decor ideas
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The main key in making the bedroom feel comfortable is lighting. Therefore, to make a green bedroom a room to relax and release stress, you need to make it look bright.

Take advantage of natural light as the main lighting in the bedroom. Natural lighting can make the green color look more alive. This is able to evoke the natural and fresh side of the green itself.

10. Luxurious Green Bedroom

elegant green bedroom ideas
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The green color is also able to produce a luxurious and elegant bedroom. Like in the picture above. The walls are painted in old green velvet so the bedroom will have a dark nuance. And on one side of the wall installed a large window to maximize natural lighting. The thing that makes the green bedroom look luxurious and elegant is the chandelier and the beautiful and luxurious carvings on the ceiling skirting.

11. All Goes Green

green bedroom
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Do not worry about applying green to the entire bedroom. As in this idea, all goes green, which looks so fresh and calm.

This small bedroom has plain green walls. A simple wall display makes it look more attractive. The cactus plant beside the bed is also a decoration that removes the stiff impression of the room.

This green bedroom feels comfortable due to the rattan pendant lamp and also the wooden flooring. The natural brown color makes the bedroom feel calmer.

12. Plain Green Bedding

plain bedding
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In having a green bedroom, not only the walls must be painted green. You can use the main item in the room to make a green look stand out.

The white bedroom looks fresher with plain green bedding. The soft green color makes the atmosphere of the room feel more soothing.

Plants that decorate the corner of the room are also an addition that evokes a natural fresh atmosphere in the bedroom. A fresh and calm feeling in the bedroom can make your sleep feel more sound and quality.

13. A Little Feminine Look from Pink

feminine look
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Combining green and pink is not bad. Instead, the combination of these two colors produces a sweet and cute look. This decor idea is very suitable to be applied to a girl’s bedroom.

The green color gives a natural and fresh side to the room. And the pink color will evoke a more feminine and sweet look.

14. Simple but Beautiful

beautiful green bedroom decor ideas
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Something simple is not always bad. As seen in the picture above where the bedroom looks simple but beautiful.

The green color on the walls makes the bedroom feel fresh. The natural light that enters freely through the windows makes the green color look more alive. So, the natural atmosphere will make this room feel so comfortable.

You can see the beautiful appearance from the soft pink color touch of the bedding pad. Even though it looks plain, but it is perfect to make the green bedroom look sweet.

If you look at the top of the wall, you will find small plants that are neatly arranged. These plants also make the room feel fresh also look pretty.

15. Attractive Boho Decoration

boho decors
Cc: Pinterest

The last of 15 Green Bedroom Decor Ideas is an attractive boho decoration. It becomes an effective decoration to make the simple bedroom look filled.

The green bedroom feels so cloudless from the clear orange bedding. The combination of orange and green makes the bedroom look so attractive. Here, you only need to maximize the natural lighting to make these colors look alive. So that the bedroom will look more beautiful.

Final Words

It will be very nice if you can take a break from the tiring daily activities. And as a room to calm down, the beauty and comfort of the bedroom is an important point that must be considered. There are many ways you can choose, one of which is to make the bedroom feel and look fresh. You can make a green bedroom as a place for you to relax and unwind. Besides making the room feel fresh, green is also able to evoke a natural side that makes the room feel so calm. And the points above are 15 Green Bedroom Decor Ideas for those of you who want to have a fresh room to relax and release stress.

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