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20 Small Balcony Ideas: Turn Your Small Space into Cozy Area – Balcony is a small space in multi-storey buildings such as houses, hotels or apartments. The existence of a balcony really helps to let sunlight into the room and also makes air circulation run smoothly. Here, all you have to do is open the balcony door and let the wind enter your home. However, the function of the balcony does not stop here. You can also use this small space to make it a comfortable area for you to relax after being too busy with activities in the house. And here, we have provided 20 Small Balcony Ideas for those of you who want to Turn Your Small Space into a Cozy Area. So, let’s check it out!

1. Minimalist and Fresh Small Balcony

small balcony ideas
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The small balcony feels so comfortable with a minimalist design. This one design shows a cleaner and neater appearance. With white as the main color, the balcony looks brighter and feels more spacious. There is also a touch of black which gives a firm effect and removes the rigid impression on this small balcony.

To make this small balcony feel cozy, you can hang some plants on the balcony wall. The presence of small plants is very helpful in making this small balcony feel refreshing and more alive.

2. Simple but Feel So Cozy

simple small balcony ideas
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You can make a small area comfortable if you decorate it properly. Like this one idea where the balcony is made neutral and bright with white as the main color. There is also a touch of beige which gives a calmer impression on the small balcony.

You can use this one balcony as a relaxing area by placing a rattan chair in the corner of the balcony. Add a seat cushion and a small throw pillow so that the chair becomes a comfortable place to relax. You can also use a small coffee table to put a glass of hot coffee. That way, relaxing on the balcony will be more enjoyable.

3. Bright and Warm Small Balcony with String Light

warm small balcony ideas
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Looking at the beautiful view from the balcony will really help in relaxing yourself. Besides putting chairs for relaxing and coffee tables for your drinks and books, you also have to illuminate the balcony with the right lights. Make the lamp with white lighting the main light. And, for decoration, you can use string lights with yellow lighting. You can hang a string light on the balcony wall and let the yellow light give the balcony warmth and serenity in your home.

4. Cozy Small Balcony with Swing Chair

swing chair
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As a relaxing area, pay attention to the chair you choose. If you want to make something interesting and cozy, you can put a swing chair on the balcony. Place the swing chair towards the view from the balcony. That way, you can relax while enjoying the beautiful view from your balcony. Also, add a little decoration in the form of throw pillows to make the swing chair feel more comfortable.

5. Vertical Garden is The Best Solution

vertical garden
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If you want to make your small balcony feel fresh with some plants but do not want to make it feel cramped, then a vertical garden is the solution. You can choose one of the walls to be used as a vertical garden. Place plants neatly for a cleaner, more pleasing look to the eye. Make a vertical garden into an attractive area on the balcony by installing an LED light as shown in the picture above. The warm lighting from LED light is also very helpful in evoking a warm and calm atmosphere on the balcony.

6. Natural Ambiance Make It Cozy

natural small balcony ideas
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Natural ambiance can provide freshness and serenity at the same time. Therefore, for those of you who want to make your small balcony feel cozy, you can create a natural ambiance there. Start choosing the main color like white. You can also give it a fresh color, like choosing a green throw pillow and seat cushion. Timber, which is installed vertically, not only makes the natural feel bold but also has a beautiful accent. For the final touch, you only need to give a little natural touch in the form of plants to the small balcony.

7. Wooden Benches for Small Balcony

wooden benches
Cc: Pinterest

Making the balcony an area to relax and relieve stress, then you need to present a seat there. Not only chairs or lounges, but you can also make wooden benches. This is much simpler and also the budget spent is lower.

If you want to make the wooden benches look like new ones, you can paint them. You can choose white paint for the benches.

So that the wooden benches feel comfortable, you need to add soft seat cushions and some throw pillows in neutral colors like gray and white.

8. Cloudless and Fresh Small Balcony

fresh small balcony ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Simple but feel cloudless. This is what is described in this one idea. Yellow as the main color makes the balcony look fresher and more pleasant. With a touch of black, the simple concept looks more attractive. Black gives a firm but calm effect. The presence of black in the yellow balcony shades is very helpful in removing the stiff and boring impression.

9. Small Plants on The Floating Wall Shelves

small plants
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It is important to make the balcony area look fresh. And, plants are decorations that you can choose to make your balcony feel fresh and also look pretty. It is just that, here, you need to install two to three floating wall shelves. And, put all the plants up there. Utilizing walls really helps to make a small balcony not feel cramped. Try to place these small plants neatly for a cleaner and more attractive appearance.

10. White Exposed Brick Wall Make It Pretty

white exposed brick walls
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If you are too lazy to decorate your small balcony, try playing with textures. You can install an exposed brick wall. Painting it with white paint is great for making a small balcony look bright and also feel more spacious.

Painting an exposed brick wall with white paint reveals a more defined texture. That way, the small balcony looks more attractive. You only need to add a few decorations like plants to make the balcony look more interesting and pretty.

11. Artificial Grass Bring Freshness

artificial grass
Cc: Pinterest

It is not possible to grow grass on the balcony. Therefore, you can replace it with synthetic grass. And, this becomes the next of 20 Small Balcony Ideas you can choose from. The green color on the balcony floor area will make the atmosphere feel fresh. Here, you no longer need a lot of plants to bring freshness to the balcony. You can focus on balcony furniture such as chairs and coffee tables. But, if you want to make the “freshness” feel bold and clear, you can install floating shelves on the walls and put some small plants or vines there.

12. Small but Feel Fresh and Comfy

small balcony ideas
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Although small, this one balcony feels quite comfortable. With two chairs and a small coffee table, you can make the balcony an area for a deep talk with your partner.

Very suitable for decorating small balconies with rugs. The presence of a rug gives a wider effect visually. And also, there are some plants on the edge of the balcony. Although the plants used are quite small, because of the large number of these plants make the atmosphere of a small balcony feel fresh. This is becomes the next of 20 Small Balcony Ideas you can follow.

13. Beautify The Small Balcony with Flowers

beautiful small balcony ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Actually, it is quite easy to make a small balcony feel cozy and also pretty. Here, you only need to decorate a small balcony with a few flowers. Put flowers in small pots and place them beside the balcony and also on the coffee table. The colors of the flowers bring beauty and freshness which makes the balcony not only look pretty but also feel cozy. Besides that, some flowers also provide fragrances that can make you more relaxed. And, it becomes the next of 20 Small Balcony Ideas you can follow.

14. Pretty White Small Balcony Nuances

white small balcony ideas
Cc: Pinterest

A pretty white small balcony is the next of 20 Small Balcony Ideas you can choose from. With the predominantly white color, the look is bright and neutral. You can give black touches such as black seat cushions, black plant pots, and so on to get rid of the stiff impression. The black color gives a firm and calm effect to the balcony.

If you want to make the balcony look pretty and cozy, you can decorate it using some beautiful colored flowers. With white as the main color, the colors in the flowers stand out more clearly on the balcony. You can also use string lights with white lighting which can add aesthetic value and bring warmth that makes a small balcony feel more comfortable.

15. Feel Cozy and Warm in The Afternoon

cozy small balcony ideas
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Considering that sunlight is not present for 24 hours, you need to use a lamp to keep the balcony bright at night. Seeing beautiful scenery and beautiful stars at night will make your body and soul relax.

Here, you can use yellow lighting. Bring more yellow lighting from a bulb string light to a few candles. We recommend using aromatherapy candles. That way, the small balcony not only looks bright but also feels very calming.

16. Pink Seat Cushion and Throw Pillows

pink chair
Cc: Pinterest

Never be afraid to apply pink to your balcony. On the balcony, you can use beautiful pink seat cushions and pillows. The presence of pink gives a soft effect on the look. It is suitable for those of you who like a soft and simple look. To make it look pretty, you just make natural materials like rattan predominate. The natural brown color of rattan and also the combination with pink make the simple balcony look so beautiful and attractive.

17. Tiny Dining Area on Balcony

tiny dining area
Cc: Pinterest

There’s nothing wrong with making an outdoor dining room. And you can make it on a small balcony. This becomes the next of 20 Small Balcony Ideas that you can choose from. Here, you only need to use a small chair made of wood and a floating table. Give a little decoration to make the display look attractive. Here, you can use a seat cushion for the chair. Or, you can also decorate a balcony corner with a small plant that is simple but refreshing.

18. A Little Jungle in Balcony

fresh small balcony ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Bringing a little jungle into your small balcony why not possible? This is the next of 20 Small Balcony Ideas which are very interesting to try.

To save more space on the balcony, you can install a vertical garden. This one method can make a small balcony feel wider. And in the corner of the balcony, you can use a shelf for the small pots. Finally, emphasize the natural ambiance with wooden benches and tables. Decorate this area with throw pillows to make it look more attractive.

19. Look Beautiful with Pastel Colors

pastel colors
Cc: Pinterest

If you want to bring something cloudless, pretty, and soft. Try to rely on pastel colors. The combination of pastel colors will look so beautiful on the balcony. Starting with tables and chairs in pastel green and pastel pink. And, for other pastel colors, you can apply them to pots for the small plants. Finally, make the small balcony feel warmer and look wider with a blue pastel small rug.

20. Bohemian Small Balcony Design

Cc: Pinterest

The last of 20 Small Balcony Ideas is a bohemian small balcony design. The boho design carries bright colors that make the atmosphere feel good. You can make pastel pink as the main color for the balcony to appear soft and also a little feminine. To bring the cloudless ambiance, choose a yellow chair and throw pillow. Next, you can use a rattan rug and also some refreshing green plants to bring a natural feel to the balcony.

Final Words

You can make a balcony in a house or apartment as an area for light to enter the room. And, if you open the balcony door, this will be a ventilation that makes air circulation work properly. However, the function of the balcony is more than that. You can utilize this small space as a place to calm down and rest. And the points above are 20 Small Balcony Ideas for those of you who want to Turn Your Small Space into a Cozy Area.

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