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13 Colors That Will Make Your Kitchen Feel Relaxing – We always talk about comfortable and relaxing bedrooms and living rooms. However, have you ever thought about having a relaxing kitchen? You can also use the kitchen as a place to relax and calm your mind.

It all focuses on how you choose colors for your kitchen. Color is the first step that will determine the appearance and atmosphere of the room. Therefore, for those of you who want to have a relaxing kitchen, make sure you choose the right color for your kitchen.

There are several colors that you can choose to fill the kitchen in your home. And here, we have provided 13 colors that will make your kitchen feel relaxing. So, let’s check it out!

1. Moss Green for Kitchen Cabinet

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If you want to bring a refreshing atmosphere into your kitchen while relaxing, then moss green can be the color of choice. You can apply it to the kitchen cabinet. And, leave the white color for the walls and ceiling so that the brightness in the room is well maintained.

For the floating kitchen cabinet, you can also let the wood reveal its original color and texture. This will give a bit of a natural touch that brings serenity and warmth to the kitchen.

To keep the kitchen bright, you can choose light wood flooring. It also helps to evoke a warm feeling in the room and makes it feel more serene and comfortable. And finally, light the kitchen with natural light to make the textures and colors look clearer and more vibrant.

2. White and Light Wood

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For those of you who want your kitchen to have a bright appearance, you can choose white as the main color. Try starting to apply white predominantly by starting from the walls, ceiling, backsplash, to the kitchen island.

In providing relaxation in the kitchen, you can rely on wood. Choose wood with a bright color so that the “brightness” in the kitchen is maintained properly. Apply wood from kitchen cabinets, floating wall shelves, kitchen islands, kitchen bar chairs, and floors.

The combination of light wood and white brings a warm and relaxing natural feel. That way, the kitchen has a neutral look and also a very comfortable atmosphere.

3. Light Grey

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In evoking a calm atmosphere, it is most appropriate to rely on neutral colors. And, one of them is gray. You can choose light gray to make the kitchen look bright. Apply light gray color starting from the kitchen cabinet to the backsplash tiles.

With windows that are not decorated with curtains and also the installation of skylight windows, natural light enters freely into the kitchen. Maximum natural light keeps the brightness of the kitchen well-maintained. Besides that, the walls and ceiling are also painted white to make a bright and neutral appearance.

4. Black and White

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Even though the kitchen in the picture above seems narrow, the kitchen still looks attractive. Not only that, but the comfort in the small kitchen is also well maintained. Even though it’s small, you can feel calm in this small kitchen.

What makes this one kitchen look attractive and also feel comfortable is the choice of white as the main color. White color gives a bright appearance and disguises the dark corners of the room and makes it feel more spacious. Besides that, natural lighting is also maximized by not providing any decorations on the windows and making the kitchen bright and far from cramped and stuffy.

Black is a color combination that gives an interesting effect to the display. The presence of black removes the stiff impression and gives a slightly firm effect to the kitchen. The black color when exposed to light will give a calm atmosphere to the kitchen. And this is what makes a small kitchen feel so comfortable.

5. Soft Blue

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If you want to bring something fresh and relaxing to your kitchen, then soft blue is the next color you can choose to fill your kitchen. Here, you don’t need to apply the dominant soft blue color to bring freshness and serenity to the kitchen. Keep white as the main color to give a bright and fresh effect. Besides that, the white color also makes the appearance neutral so that the soft blue color looks clearer in the kitchen.

You can apply a soft blue for the kitchen cabinet area. Instead of choosing a glossy surface, it would be better to choose a kitchen cabinet with a dove surface. This will help provide a simple and calm effect that can make the kitchen feel comfortable.

6. Blue Pastel

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The next color that you can choose to bring peace to the kitchen is blue pastel. Pastel blue color has a brighter tone than soft blue. So, this one color is suitable for those of you who want the kitchen to still look bright but feel calm.

With white as the main color, the bright appearance of the kitchen is well maintained. The appearance of the kitchen is also neutral so t1hat the blue pastel color looks good in the kitchen. You can also bring other colors like black for the floor area. Black can give a bit of a bold effect and bring serenity to a kitchen.

For those of you who want to bring a little warmth into your kitchen, you can add a little wood material there. And, don’t forget to make natural lighting the main lighting of the room.

7. Pared-Down Pink

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Pink is the favorite color of many people, especially women. This one color is often chosen to fill the interior of the house. And, for the kitchen, pared-pink is the best. This one color gives the appearance of a charming and calm pastel kitchen. The pared-pink wall looks so beautiful with vintage-designed backsplash tiles that make it seem older but stylish.

For the kitchen cabinet area, you can bring neutral colors like gray to give a shady effect. That way calmness can be present well in the kitchen.

Also, pay attention to the lighting in the kitchen. To make the colors in the kitchen look more lively and beautiful, make sure you choose natural lighting as the main lighting.

8. Yellow

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One way to make the kitchen feel relaxing is to make the display look light. Here, you can still make white as the main color to neutralize the look. That way, when you present other colors in the kitchen, those colors will stand out. And, the yellow color is perfect for you to choose from.

u can make these two colors appear evenly by applying white from the middle to the top and yellow from the middle to the bottom. This is also one way to give a neat impression to the kitchen.

Give texture to the wall by choosing wall tiles. The beam of light makes this one wall look glossy and adds value to the beauty of the kitchen. And, because the top of the kitchen is glossy, use a yellow kitchen cabinet with a dove surface. You can expand the yellow color by choosing yellow tiles for the floor.

9. Rouge Pink

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There are many shades of pink that you can choose for the kitchen in your home. And, for those of you who want to make your kitchen feel relaxing, rouge pink is the shade you can choose. This one color brings a more calm and charming impression to a simple and minimalist kitchen.

Apply rouge pink on the bottom of the kitchen cabinet. And, for floating cabinets, you can choose white. Maintain white color from the middle of the kitchen to the top. For rouge pink from the middle to the bottom. That way a minimalist kitchen will seem more presentable.

10. Lave Orange

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Give a touch of calm and earth colors to bring peace to the kitchen. And, the lave orange is the right color for you to choose. This one color is perfect for a kitchen with a minimalist design. Lave orange kitchen cabinet in the middle area makes it look stand out in the room. And, the white color around it makes the appearance neutral so that the orange lave is clearly visible.

You can make the surface area of Lave Orange even wider by not just applying it to the kitchen cabinet. You can bring this color into the backsplash. The same color will give a simple and harmonious effect that makes the appearance more beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

If you want to bring other colors into the kitchen, you can start with neutral colors. The gray color is suitable for making the look a little cooler. And, a touch of black gives a firm effect which helps to get rid of the rigid impression in a minimalist kitchen.

11. Soft Brown

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Choose soft colors to bring peace to the kitchen. And, the soft brown color is the right color to choose to fill the kitchen at home. However, also mix it with other colors to give an interesting effect. Choose ivory white to maintain a soft and bright effect on the kitchen.

Soft brown is a color that not only brings serenity but also warmth. That way, the kitchen will feel more comfortable. The natural impression is present well there so it is suitable for kitchens with a minimalist concept. With this, calm can be present better in the room.

Strengthen the natural impression of the room by providing natural lighting as well. You can install large windows in the kitchen and let the windows look plain without any decorations. That way, natural light can enter freely and illuminate the kitchen properly.

12. Ruby Red

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For those of you who want to bring a sexy look and also a calming feel to the kitchen, ruby red is the color you can choose next for the kitchen in your home. Ruby red is a calmer color shade but still has a firm effect. So here you no longer need black to get rid of the stiff and boring impression in the room.

Ruby red looks so pretty by combining it with soft brown and white. You can apply ruby red on the wall area, soft brown for the kitchen cabinet, and white for the countertop and ceiling. The combination of these three colors does give a shady effect to the display. Therefore, if you want to make it look bright, try to illuminate the kitchen well. And, natural lighting is the most appropriate to serve as the main lighting.

13. Candy Red

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Candy red is the last color you can choose to make the kitchen feel relaxing. This one color can also display a sexy side for appearance and make the room more attractive. It is suitable for combining candy red with white. With white, candy red will look stand out in the room without looking too much.

The white color looks consistent in the room. With whitewashed walls, white tiles flooring, and white bar chairs, the appearance looks so bright. Besides that, the brightness in the room is also well maintained due to maximum natural lighting.

Make the appearance attractive by making the most of the light that comes from windows or glass facades. Here, you can use a candy red kitchen cabinet and table island with a glossy surface. So that the incoming light will directly hit the surface and give a beautiful and charming effect for the simple or minimalist kitchen.

Final Words

The choice of color is the first thing that will determine the appearance and atmosphere of the room. Therefore, try not to choose just any color for your kitchen area. Especially if you want to make the kitchen atmosphere feel relaxing. Therefore, make sure you choose one of the thirteen colors above for a calm and attractive kitchen.

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