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17 Ideas for Interesting Sink: Create An Interesting Spot in The Bathroom – Besides the shower or bathtub, the vanity area or sink also becomes the main focal point in the bathroom. So, if you want to bring a little touch of decoration to make the bathroom look more attractive, you can use the sink.

The sink is an essential part of the bathroom. It is a small container to wash your hands, brush your teeth and wash your face.

There are many interesting designs and ideas that you can try on your sink. And here, we have summarized it in 17 Ideas for Interesting Sink to Create An Interesting Spot in The Bathroom. So, let’s check it out!

1. Minimalist sink design for a modern bathroom

Cc: Pinterest

The minimalist design is interesting to decorate any room. It looks simple and modern. Here, you will see the minimalist white sink. It has a square shape with curvy edges. The white sink has the same tone, as the white bathtub on the right.

Moreover, this sink is attractive to add an accent to the neutral countertop. You can complete this design with bold accents. For example, the brown vase with pampas grass is interesting to add a natural accent. Besides, the LED lighting is stunning to create a warm nuance.

2. Black stone sink for an Industrial bathroom

Cc: Pinterest

The natural accent is interesting. You can add some natural accents to bring a fresh nuance. The natural accents are various. There is wood and stone material in this sink. The black stone sink is stunning.

Besides, it fits well in the Industrial bathroom. This sink has the same tone color as the black wall. Meanwhile, the wooden countertop is matching the mirror frame on the wall. In addition, you can varnish the wood materials. It creates a glossy impression. Also, it strengthens the wood color.

3. White sink on the wooden plank

Cc: Pinterest

The wood material is a natural accent. It creates a warm impression in the room. The brown color of the wood is attractive with the white sink. It creates a focal point on the countertop. Moreover, the white sink is luxurious. It is made of marble stone.

Thus, this sink is easy to clean. Then, you can let the countertop has a few items. It will declutter the messy design. Also, the neutral marble tiles are calming. All elements in this bathroom have a perfect connection.

4. Small white sink on the black metal frame

Cc: Pinterest

The sink is functional. You can use it in the bathroom or other rooms. Then, try to make it simple by installing a metal black frame on the wall. It is useful to be the countertop. Then, the sink should be small and minimalist.

The white sink is a perfect color to enliven the neutral impression. Besides, you can use the black faucet to create a black accent. Look at this room. The beige theme is interesting to get some black accents. Also, can add some warm lighting in this bathroom.

5. A pair of lack sinks for an Industrial Rustic bathroom

Cc: Pinterest

The Industrial and Rustic interior design has an elegant appearance. It consists of black metal material and wooden material. Look at this idea. The black metal sink is stunning. It creates a focal point on the wooden countertop.

Furthermore, the wooden plank has a natural impression. It fits the black metal accent perfectly. Moreover, the faucets are silver. This color combination is interesting. Meanwhile, the black mirror frame will complete this design. then, you can add two pendant lights on the ceiling.

6. Black metallic sink in the grey bathroom

Cc: Pinterest

The black metallic sink is perfect for any bathroom. It brings an elegant impression to the room. Moreover, you can decorate it with a wooden countertop and golden faucets. Meanwhile, the wall shelf is made of wood as well. You can save your toiletries on this wall shelf.

Furthermore, this bathroom has grey colors. You will see that light grey is interesting to pair with white color. The white lighting is important to brighten the room. This light can reach the shower room through its glass partition.

7. Minimalist black sink with black faucets

Cc: Pinterest

The minimalist design is not all about light colors. Even, you can use dark colors, such as black shades. Here, we have a black sink idea. This is a simple round sink with a minimalist design. The faucets have the same color.

It brings a new dimension to minimalist design. The black sink can match the grey wall. Also, it creates a focal point on the wooden plank. The black color will take attention to the bathroom. In addition, you can add a round or oval mirror to bring a glossy impression to the bathroom.

8. Matching white sink for a natural impression

Cc: Pinterest

The white sink is simple. You can match it with any interior design. It will fit well in the white bathroom. Look at this idea. The white tiles and sink are stunning. It can brighten up the room.

Besides, the white sink is natural to match the wooden countertop. The wooden accent is attractive. Maybe you can put a green accent on the vase. Then, let’s see the wall décor. There is an oval mirror with a black frame. Also, the black faucet is interesting to create a contrast on the wall.

9. Small sink in the corner with a warm lighting

Cc: Pinterest

It is a small accent in the bathroom. The small sink is simple for a small nook. You can install two planks in the corner. Then, add a white stone sink on the top plank. Meanwhile, the lower plank is useful to put your toiletries.

Moreover, the upper side is interesting to have a wall mirror. Even, you can take the advantage of the small corner to create a wall shelf. Also, add a warm light to brighten the sink. It helps you when seeing the mirror. This idea is simple for those who want to get a simple sink area.

10. Black sink with a floating vanity

Cc: Pinterest

The sink design can represent a certain impression. You can use more geometrical accents to create a clean line. Here, the sink area has lots of geometrical accents. The sink has a square shape with curvy edges. It has an elegant charcoal-black color.

Besides, this sink has a floating wooden vanity. It is a small wooden plank under the sink. You can design it with a floating drawer. Moreover, add a green plant to decorate this sink area. Then, keep it clean by adding a geometrical mirror on the wall. The hexagonal frame is stunning to create a clean line.

11. A patterned sink to get an eccentric accent

Cc: Pinterest

The rich pattern is interesting to create an accent. Many rich patterns that you can use in the decoration. Even, you can put a pattern sink to bring an eccentric accent. Moreover, make use of the antique thing, such as this classic sink. Then, match it with a natural material, like a wooden vanity.

Moreover, this wooden vanity looks classic with its pale color. Also, it uses a metal frame that matches the antique sink. Then, let’s see the organizer on the vanity. There is a white organizer to put the toiletries. In addition, put a green ornament to refresh the decoration.

12. Using a small sink to declutter the design

Cc: Pinterest

The small sink is a simple decoration. You can install it for your natural bathroom. Look at this idea. The white sink is stunning on the wooden vanity. The slim vanity has no drawer or shelf. Besides, it is simple and declutters excessive décor.

Furthermore, this white sink is suitable for a neutral bathroom. Maybe, you can repaint your wall with a neutral color scheme before decorating the sink. It helps you to support the sink design. The neutral color will fit the bright colors, such as the wooden vanity, white sink, round mirror, and neutral toiletries.

13. Neutral sink to enliven the Scandinavian bathroom

Cc: Pinterest

The neutral color has various shades. It adopts the color of nature. Here, you will see the neutral colors match a small sink. Even, the sink has the same color scheme. This bathroom mostly uses soft brown colors. The sink is simple. It is more attractive to put on the golden vanity.

Moreover, the golden vanity can bring an Art Deco impression. Also, it has a simple design with a golden frame. This vanity can hold the sink and an additional white shelf. Thus, you will have a complete design for the sink in the bathroom. Meanwhile, this sink has an oval mirror with a golden frame.

14. Rock sink on the wooden countertop

Cc: Pinterest

The natural element can enliven a fresh nuance. Also, it will remind you of an outdoor impression. Let’s see the sink design in this idea. It uses a stone sink with natural accents. Besides, you can use the faux stone material with a natural accent. The stone accent will revive the natural impression of the bathroom.

Meanwhile, the vanity is made of a wooden chair. It is a simple chair with a wooden plank. So, you can put the toiletries under the vanity. In addition, this vanity has two golden faucets. This decoration enlivens a cottage-house impression. Moreover, the concrete wall supports the natural atmosphere in this sink area.

15. Square white sink in the narrow bathroom

Cc: Pinterest

A small bathroom needs a clean and neat decoration. Also, it requires the right color combination to kick the narrow impression. For example, you can start by using a small sink on the minimalist vanity. This white square sink is simple. It looks stunning to decorate the wooden vanity.

Moreover, this bathroom uses white tiles that are perfect for decoration. Meanwhile, the upper wall uses a natural green color. This small bathroom has a simple wall shelf. It connects to the wooden vanity. The storage has some drawers.

16. Industrial sink with a greyish theme

Cc: Pinterest

The grey color has various schemes. It is natural for any room, such as the bathroom. Even, you can apply the grey sink for the concrete bathroom. It will be a natural accent. This sink has a rectangular shape. Also, it uses a rectangular frame as well.

Moreover, this sink has a grey faucet. You can match this sink with small toiletries on the vanity. Besides, make use of the empty wall. Then, put a square mirror on the wall. Also, you can create it as a wall shelf. Then, this sink design is simple and functional.

17. Stone sink on the wooden countertop

Cc: Pinterest

Modern interior design nowadays uses natural accents. You will find some natural accents, like the wood and stone elements. Here, we have an idea for the stone sink. It is natural to decorate the wooden vanity. Moreover, this modern bathroom looks more stunning with clean white tiles.

Furthermore, this sink design has a beautiful flower on the vanity. It can sweeten the decoration in the sink area. Moreover, you can match the vase with the sink. Then, add a rectangular mirror to the wall. You can hang it horizontally or vertically. It is nice to see a long mirror on the white wall.

Final Words

The sink is an area for you to wash your face, brush your teeth, or remove make-up. However, the function of the sink is more than that, you can also use the sink to give a more attractive impression and appearance to the bathroom. Therefore, the pink sink with an attractive design. And, the points above are 17 Ideas for an Interesting Sink to Create An Interesting Spot in The Bathroom. Also, pay attention to the color scheme and interior design of your bathroom. Customize the sink with your bathroom design. That way, the appearance of the bathroom will be harmonious. So, good luck!

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