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30 Tips & Inspiration Simple and Beautiful Kitchen – Having a beautiful kitchen does not always have to be decorated with various displays that have a beauty value. You can also create a beautiful kitchen with simple decorations, or what is called a simple kitchen.

The simple concept of the kitchen is very helpful in creating a calm atmosphere. With this, the kitchen will become a comfortable room in your home. However, beauty remains the focus point here. You have to make the comfort and beauty of the kitchen as harmonious as possible. And, we will help you in having your dream kitchen through this article. Here are 30 Tips & Inspiration Simple and Beautiful Kitchen you can follow. So, let’s check it out!

1. Small Neutral Kitchen

neutral kitchen
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The dominant white color and the combination of wood elements in the kitchen make it look so neutral. The brown color of the wood also gives it a slightly warm feel which makes it feel more comfortable.

Glass doors, large windows, and skylights window allow maximum sunlight to enter the kitchen. Besides that, the beautiful scenery outside the house will also be well framed and make the visuals of the kitchen look more beautiful.

2. Warm and Bright Kitchen

warm kitchen tips
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In having a bright simple kitchen, lightwood is the most appropriate material for you to use. Pair it with white to make it bright naturally. The natural light that is the main lighting in this room makes the wood and white colors look more alive.

Give something decoration that adds to the beauty and freshness of the room. You can put some small plants on the floating wall shelves. Also, put some mugs with simple and attractive designs there.

3. Simple and Elegant Monochrome Kitchen

monochrome simple kitchen
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Color selection is the first step that will determine the appearance and atmosphere of the room. So, for a kitchen with a simple appearance, you can choose two colors or what is called the monochrome concept.

Black and white is the perfect color combination. The white color will give a bright impression to the kitchen. While the black color emphasizes the visuals while providing serenity that makes the kitchen not only look attractive but also feel comfortable.

If you want to make the kitchen look bright, then make white as the main color. And, black for the kitchen cabinets and also some bar chairs for the island table.

4. Modern Kitchen That Looks Simple but Elegant

modern kitchen tips
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The walls and kitchen cabinets are made in bright white which makes it look more stand out in the kitchen. Some of the walls are installed with wooden floating wall shelves as a spot to beautify this room. The color and texture of the wood give a warm impression. The addition of LED light with warm lighting gives a calm effect to the room and makes this modern kitchen feel more comfortable. In addition, the LED light makes the displays on the floating wall shelves more visible.

5. Open-Cabinet Kitchen Make It Pretty

open cabinet kitchen
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Make the kitchen look simple, you do not just have to use closed kitchen cabinets. To give something different, then you have to try a different way too. This time, you can install an open-cabinet kitchen. Decorate with some pretty kitchen displays. Make it as neat as possible and keep trying to keep it simple. With this, a simple kitchen will look more attractive and far from boring.

6. White and Gray Kitchen

fresh kitchen
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Create a natural bright kitchen with a dominant white color. Make the kitchen look more calm with a gray island table. You can also add some small indoor plants to give a fresh atmosphere to the kitchen. Make the kitchen more perfect with maximum sunlight. It will help the kitchen to look bright naturally. And, do not forget to bring wood elements to add a warm and natural impression to this room.

7. Make It Fresh with Plants

fresh kitchen
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In creating a simple and calm kitchen, you cannot use various kinds of decorations in the kitchen. Among the many decorations, plants are the most appropriate for you to choose from. The natural green color of plants can make the kitchen feel fresher and more alive.

Put the plant in a vase filled with water. This will go a long way in keeping the plant fresh and not wilting easily. Also, pay attention to natural lighting in the room because all plants need light for them to grow.

8. Playing on Lighting and Plants to Make It Alive

kitchen tips
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In making the kitchen look simple, it does not mean you do not use decorations at all. Because this will only make the kitchen look boring. Try to give a simple touch that can make the kitchen look attractive. You can play with the lighting and also add a flower or two or greenery to this room.

LED light with white lighting is perfect for a gray kitchen. This light helps the kitchen look brighter and more alive. You can place green plants and flowers on the kitchen island or in the corner of the room.

9. Clean and Bright with Skylight Window

kitchen ideas
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Try to install glass doors and skylight windows in a simple kitchen. Maximum sunlight will really help the kitchen to not feel boring. On the contrary, with the help of sunlight, the kitchen will feel comfortable.

Gazing at the blue clouds from the skylight window can make you feel calmer. And, for a glass door that displays a beautiful view or a refreshing green garden can add to the beauty yet the comfort of the kitchen.

10. White Kitchen Shades

white kitchen
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Never hesitate to apply white to your entire kitchen. This is one of the tips that can make the kitchen look simple and also beautiful. The white color will look alive with natural lighting coming from the window or glass door. The light will directly hit the white color and make the kitchen look bright naturally. In addition, white will eliminate dark corners and make the room feel more spacious. Therefore, this one idea is very suitable to be applied to a small kitchen.

11. Fresh Scandinavian Small Kitchen

Scandinavian kitchen tips
Cc: Pinterest

Applying the Scandinavian design is also one of the tips that you can try in having a simple kitchen in your home. The Scandinavian design carries a minimalist concept that can make the kitchen look clean and tidy. Neutral colors in Scandinavian are very good in making the atmosphere of this room fresh. Some natural elements such as wood and plants also contribute to providing comfort as well as an attractive impression for this minimalist kitchen.

12. Calm and Fresh Dining-Kitchen

fresh dining kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

If you want to have a calm simple kitchen, then make the kitchen look shadier. Maybe white color is the safest neutral color to use. However, to change the visual kitchen into a calm, it is better to rely on soft gray colors.

Make the dining-kitchen fresh with the help of plants. You can place some small plants in the kitchen area and also the dining table.

The gray rug becomes a visual barrier that separates the dining area from the kitchen. Not only that, but the rug also makes this small room feel more spacious.

13. Clever Kitchen with an Elegant Look

clever kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

Just imagine if there is no marble material in this small kitchen. Of course, the kitchen will look so ordinary and seem boring. The glossy appearance and also the abstract motif of marble give this room an interesting effect. Not only that, but the presence of marble also makes the room look elegant. An elegant point in the room is made stronger with gold colors in small items in the kitchen. The combination of white and gray makes the kitchen a little shadier but still natural.

14. Perfect Combination of Broken White and Light Wood

light wood kitchen cabinet
Cc: Pinterest

Broken white can be a mainstay color in making a bright but soft kitchen. To maintain the brightness of the kitchen, choose light wood for the kitchen cabinet or bar chairs for the kitchen table island.

To avoid a mediocre look, you can apply marble to the kitchen table island and also the backsplash. The decoration is also a kitchen with two or three plants placed in several spots.

Instead of using warm lighting, it would be better to choose white lighting. That way, broken white and light wood will look more alive. And also, the brightness in the room will be maintained properly.

15. White Exposed Bricks Backsplash

kitchen backsplash
Cc: Pinterest

The exposed brick wall is one of the characteristics of Industrial design. However, it does not matter if you want to apply it to other designs, such as rustic, Scandinavian, and so on.

Applying an exposed brick wall in the backsplash area is one of the tips that can make a simple kitchen look beautiful. You can paint it white if you want to maintain brightness in the kitchen. So, what is taken from the exposed brick wall is not the natural orange color, but the texture and gradation.

16. Fresh Simple Kitchen with Blue Kitchen Cabinet

blue kitchen cabinet
Cc: Pinterest

Tired of using neutral colors to fill your kitchen? If so, then you can choose blue for the kitchen. Choose a light blue kitchen cabinet to fill the kitchen.

Keep it white to neutralize the kitchen look. With this, the blue color will be seen more clearly in this room. The combination of white and blue will give a fresh and calm sensation. So, a simple kitchen not only looks more attractive but also feels comfortable.

17. Bright Naturally Kitchen

bright naturally kitchen tips
Cc: Pinterest

Timber which is arranged vertically on the island and kitchen cabinet table provides a more attractive texture and appearance in the simple kitchen. The backsplash area is installed with tiles to give a little glossy effect. Brown tiles will be seen with wood color so that the room becomes harmonious.

The white color that is the main color of the kitchen makes other colors that are here look clearer, such as blue, wood colors, brown on tiles, and other colors from the kitchen display. The maximum natural lighting that comes from the window and also the glass door not only makes the kitchen look bright naturally but also makes the colors in this room more alive.

18. Simple but Pretty Wall Lamps for Simple Kitchen

simple kitchen wall lamps
Cc: Pinterest

Not only painting or pictures to decorate the walls. You can also use other decorations that are no less interesting in making a simple kitchen look attractive. This one idea uses wall lamps for kitchen walls. The minimalist design is perfect for a simple kitchen. The yellow lighting from the wall lamps provides warmth and serenity that makes a simple kitchen feel comfortable.

19. Green and Soft Pink Simple Kitchen

green and pink kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

The green kitchen has a freshness that will make you feel comfortable there. Not only fresh, but the visuals of the kitchen are also calm thanks to the soft pink color on the kitchen cabinets and also the small dining table.

The minimalist concept creates a kitchen with a clean and tidy impression. There are no sundries and decorations here. There are only a few refreshing plants and also three pendant lighting that hangs right above the dining area. Even so, the terrazzo motif with the help of a warm LED light managed to eliminate the boring impression caused by a concept that is too simple.

20. Cloudless Simple Kitchen with Terrazzo

Cloudless Simple Kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

Terrazzo is a savior for a minimalist concept room. The pattern of flakes with different colors gives more color and creates a cloudless atmosphere to the kitchen.

White is probably the safest color. However, if you want to make the kitchen look more aesthetic, choose pastel green kitchen cabinets. Also, decorate the kitchen with black minimalist lamps. The black color will make the minimalist lamp design look stand out in the room.

21. Playing with Pastel Colors

pastel kitchen tips
Cc: Pinterest

Bringing freshness into the room does not only have to decorate the room in green. You can also choose two or three bright colors to decorate the kitchen. Choose pastel colors to avoid collisions between colors. The combination of pastel colors will create a soft and calm look for the kitchen.

If you want to bring some colors without destroying the minimalist look of the kitchen, you can apply terrazzo to the table island. And last, make this room be perfect by choosing a light wooden floor. Wood material will change the atmosphere of the kitchen to feel warmer and more comfortable.

22. Soft And Cheerful Simple Kitchen

fresh and soft kitchen tips
Cc: Pinterest

Even though the kitchen is made as simple as possible, you can still create a cheerful atmosphere here. Light blue is a color that you can apply to kitchen cabinets. And, on the table island and backsplash, you can apply terrazzo with a white base background. With this, the brightness of the kitchen will be well maintained.

Soft pink kitchen pendant light with a glossy surface adds to the beauty of the room. A little refreshing touch like small plants on the table island makes the kitchen atmosphere feel more alive.

23. Simple, Elegant, and Cozy at Once

elegant simple kitchen tips
Cc: Pinterest

With a soft white color, the kitchen looks bright, natural, and calm. Thanks to the minimalist concept, the kitchen has a calming and comfortable atmosphere.

Even though the kitchen looks very simple, some of the right touches manage to make it look attractive. Such as bar chairs with thin yellow legs, dazzling terrazzo motifs on the floor and backsplash, and the last is a modern pendant light design.

The use of white light makes the bright colors in the kitchen look more alive and clear. Which of course makes the kitchen look more charming at home.

24. Soft Yellow Kitchen Cabinet

yellow kitchen cabinet
Cc: Pinterest

Want to have a simple kitchen but still bright and stand out? If so, then try to choose a yellow kitchen cabinet. Keep white as the main color of the kitchen to neutralize the appearance. With this, the yellow color will be seen more clearly. You can also maximize natural lighting which can make the yellow color more lively in the kitchen.

25. Feel Comfy in Natural Nuances

natural nuances
Cc: Pinterest

In fact, creating a comfortable and serene kitchen is quite easy. You only need to bring natural nuances to this room.

In the wall area, you can apply natural stone walls. Natural stone paint with soft white color to make the kitchen look bright and natural. So you only take the texture from the natural stone wall to beautify the kitchen.

Also, use other natural materials such as wood. Wood elements are the best at making the atmosphere feel warm. Also, give a natural touch such as fresh plants in the corner of the kitchen.

26. Relying on White and Light Wood

warm kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

It does not matter if you only want to use one color for your kitchen. Choose white as the main color. This color can neutralize the appearance of the kitchen and make the textures and colors of the materials in the room look clearer. Such as the natural brown color and the rough texture of the wood in the kitchen cabinets, windows, ceilings, and some cooking utensils.

The type of wood chosen is light wood to maintain brightness in the kitchen. The natural brightness of the kitchen is also obtained from natural lighting that enters through the window.

27. Modern Natural Kitchen with Thick Natural Atmosphere

natural atmosphere kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

This natural kitchen is made more modern with cement made more refined. Cement walls and floors are intentionally not covered with paint to give the room a natural gray color. With this, creating a thicker natural atmosphere in the kitchen becomes easier. You only need to illuminate the kitchen with natural lighting. Make natural lighting as the main lighting like using large windows. And lastly, decorating the kitchen with some natural elements such as plants, clay jars, wooden furniture, and so on.

28. Modern Monochrome Kitchen

monochrome kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

Relying on just one color often makes a room seem stiff and boring. Therefore, choosing two colors is the most appropriate. Black and white is the perfect color combination.

Make white the dominant color to create a bright kitchen. Apply black on the kitchen cabinets and some small items in the kitchen such as pendant lights, sinks, chairs, and so on.

The presence of natural materials such as wood on the kitchen island and bricks on the walls is a sweetener and also unifies these two colors. That way, the combination of black and white will not look so stiff.

29. Darkwood Kitchen Cabinet for Mature Look


darkwood kitchen cabinet
Cc: Pinterest

In having a kitchen with a mature look, usually, the look is made shadier. The colors of the decorations are also chosen which are darker. So the nuances that you will feel are colder.

Like in this kitchen where beige and gray are the main colors of the room. And, the dark color comes from the wood material for the kitchen cabinet. There is also a bit of black in some of the decorations in the kitchen.

30. Gray and White Nuances Kitchen

modern bright and calm kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

Not only black and white, gray and white are also a color combination that you can apply to your kitchen. Indeed, the display will be a bit stiffer. Therefore, keep the minimalist concept to make it seem more modern. Also, use marble material as a savior. Abstract motifs from marble material give a more attractive impression to the kitchen. And finally, maximize natural lighting to make the gray and white colors blend together.

Final Words

The number of items in the kitchen does make this one room difficult to make look simple. Once successful, it often has a stiff and unattractive appearance. In fact, a simple kitchen will provide more peace which can make you feel more comfortable there. Therefore, for helping you in having your dream simple kitchen, we provide 30 Tips & Inspiration Simple and Beautiful Kitchen. With the right decorations and touches, a simple kitchen will be far from being stiff and boring.

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