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18 Best Walk In Closet Ideas for Your Home – Just like any other room, the walk-in closet is also a room that you have to make attractive and comfortable. The appearance of your walk in closet is also related to your personality. Therefore, make sure you design and decorate your walk in closet very well. Get some references of walk in closet ideas. This will really help you to choose the layout, color, and design of your room.

The walk in closet may not be a must-have room in the house. However, the presence of a walk-in closet is very helpful in making the house more organized. There are no more wardrobes in the bedroom.

In this article, we have provided 18 Best Walk In Closet Ideas for Your Home. So, let’s check it out.

1. Feel The Calmness in Your Walk In Closet

walk in closet
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A comfortable walk-in closet is not just an area where you put all your clothes and bags. However, you can also use this room as a place for you to calm your mind and make yourself more relaxed again. With this, focus on “calmness” in the walk in closet. And, it becomes the first of 18 Best Walk In Closet Ideas for Your Home you can choose from.

Choose gray as the main color which can change the appearance to be more shady. And, if you want to bring another color, use wood material. The brown color of the wood paired with the gray tones will create a calm and warm walk-in closet.

You only need to add a cozy chair in the corner of the room. Give a lamp with a minimalist design with lighting that is not too bright.

2. Walk In Closet in a Minimalist and Natural Look

minimalist walk in closet ideas
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A walk in closet with a minimalist and natural look is the next of 18 Best Walk In Closet Ideas for Your Home. With white as the main color, the room has a naturally bright appearance. Natural lighting is also not too optimal so it is not dazzling.

The use of wood material for the board and drawers is the right choice. The color and texture of the wood are the decorations that make the walk in closet more attractive.

The combination of the white and natural brown color of wood gives a more natural, fresh, and warm impression. You can also add warmth to the room by installing LED lights with yellow lighting on the shelves.

3. Playing with LED Lights

LED lights
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If there are no windows in the walk in closet, it requires you to depend on the light from the lamp. Because the dominant walk-in closet is white, it is easier for you to make it look bright. That way, this room is far from disturbing cramped and stuffy feelings.

Playing with LED lights is the most appropriate idea. You can install this lamp in several spots in the room, such as the area under the walk-in closet island, inside the built-in shelves, and the vanity area.

You can choose white lighting for a bright look. However, if you want to make the look of the room softer, warmer, and calmer, yellow lighting is the most appropriate.

4. Dominant with Light Wood

Light Wood
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If you do not want to worry about choosing colors for your walk in closet, then rely on wood materials. This is the next of 18 Best Walk In Closet Ideas for Your Home you can follow. The light wood will feature a brown color that can change the look of the walk-in closet to be more minimalist, clean, and contemporary.

Install light wood in almost all rooms. Starting from the floor, built-in shelves, drawers, and a walk in closet island.

Because the dominant wood makes the ambiance of the walk in closet warm, try to maintain or add warmth to this room. Choose LED lights with yellow lighting and install them in several spots.

5. Skylight Window Present Lighting Very Well

skylight window
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Installing windows on a walk-in closet is indeed very difficult. Usually, this room is flanked by a bedroom and bathroom. In fact, there are many benefits that can be obtained from making natural light the main lighting for the walk-in closet, such as making the colors look clearer and making this small room feel more spacious, fresh, and naturally bright.

Because it is not possible to install windows on the wall, try to use the ceiling. You can install the skylight window. It becomes a great idea you can follow. Also, lighting from above is much better at illuminating the room. Your walk in closet will brighten evenly.

6. Standing Mirror at The End of The Room

standing mirror
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When you are in the walk in closet, you will be presented with some of your clothes. With so many designs and colors, it is hard to mix and match and get the style you want. Therefore, to make it easier for you to choose clothes for your daily life, present a long mirror in the walk-in closet. Also, you can use mirrors as decorations that can add aesthetic value to your walk in closet.

Choose a standing mirror for your walk in closet. So that it does not disturb other spots, you can place a standing mirror at the end of the room. Make the mirror look attractive by leaning it against the wall. You can also add decorations such as placing a small rug there, installing string lights on the edge of the mirror, or using your clothes and shoes as friends that can make the mirror not look empty and lonely.

7. Feel More Spacious in Your Walk In Closet

spacious walk in closet ideas
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A walk in closet is not a special room. This room is often only used as a place to put all the clothes and accessories. Therefore, in making a walk-in closet in your house, you do not need to provide a large room. Take advantage of a makeshift room in your house even if it is small. It is just that, to make it feel comfortable and look attractive, you have to decorate it as best you can. Turn this small room into one that feels spacious.

Install a skylight window to bring natural lighting into the walk in closet. Natural light is very effective for removing shadows from objects so that the room feels more spacious. And, at the end of the room, install a wall-wide mirror. The reflection of the room will be well seen there as if the room has no end.

8. Elegant Walk In Closet

elegant walk in closet ideas
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Not only the living room, bathroom, dining room, and bedroom that you can make elegant. You can also expand the elegant side of your house into the walk in closet. So, when you get out of the bathroom, you will step into the walk-in closet with eyes spoiled by an attractive, elegant appearance.

Gray as the main color makes the look of the walk in closet more shady. The ambiance created in this room is also cooler. However, it can be balanced with beige and wood materials that bring warmth into the room. Other warmth is also obtained from the gray velvet rug and beige sofa bench which are also decorations that enhance the walk in closet.

The sliding mirror door for the cabinet makes the room feel brighter and more spacious. You also do not need a single mirror so it is easy for you to maintain a minimalist concept in this room.

9. Vanity in The Middle of The Room

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The middle area of the walk in closet should not be left empty. Take advantage of this area as a place to relax by placing a soft sofa there. Or, you can also make the center area of this room a place for you to make up for yourself. Right beside the walk in closet island, you can place a vanity. Choose the same color as the island. That way, the appearance of the walk in closet will be simpler and there will be no clashes between colors that can interfere with the value of beauty.

Instead of choosing a vanity where a mirror is already installed, it would be better to choose a vanity with a separate mirror. You can hang the mirror on the ceiling so that it gives a gap between the vanity and the mirror. This is an effective way not to block a spot in the room. So, the room will look unified and not separate.

10. Attic Walk In Closet

attic walk in closet ideas
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If indeed there is no more room in your house to serve as a walk in closet, then take advantage of the attic in your home. Limited space requires you to be able to decorate it very well. And, you can follow this one idea. You can make several built-in shelves to follow the shape of the roof of the room like the picture above. So that the attic does not feel cramped and stuffy, provide good lighting, be it natural lighting or lighting. Install several skylight windows on each of the shelves. And, on the built-in shelves, you can install LED lights.

With the dominant wood material, the attic turns into a room full of serenity and warmth. And, this is more focused with the yellow lighting from the LED lights.

Bring a bit of an elegant feel by adding gold accents. The soft pink chair made from velvet for the vanity area creates a softer side in the attic.

11. Simple but Elegant

simple walk in closet
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Simple but elegant is the next of 18 Best Walk In Closet Ideas for Your Home you can choose from. By making white the main color, the walk in closet has a bright appearance. It looks bright naturally due to the window which is left empty without decoration so that natural light enters freely into the room.

A touch of black on the window frame, floor, and chair gives a firmer and sharper impression. However, when black is exposed to natural lighting, it presents a serenity that makes the walk-in closet a comfortable room.

The elegant side is present here in a very simple way. The gold color is used as an accent in the room. Applying a small but scattered amount makes this color look stand out.

12. Black Walk In Closet Nuances

black walk in closet
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This walk in closet has a darker appearance so the atmosphere becomes calmer. Even though it is dark, this one room does not feel cramped or stuffy because of the maximum natural lighting. Calm is further clarified by using LED lights for the shelves and wooden floor. Also, the wood material brings warmth which can make the walk in closet feel more comfortable.

Take advantage of the quiet walk in closet for you to relax. Put a gray rug and complete it with a sofa bench in the same color. Besides enhancing the room, it also gives a spacious illusion to the walk in closet.

Actually, you can leave your walk-in closet to look minimalist like this. The herringbone wooden floor already enhances the room. However, if you want to bring a little freshness there, then place a large plant right in the corner of the room or beside the shelf.

13. Feel The Comfy in Soft Look

soft room look
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Choose poised taupe as your main color to create a serene walk-in closet. This color has been very popular lately. It can make your interior look soft and warm at once.

Make this small room look bright and warm by choosing light wood for built-in shelves. And, choose white lighting that can make the colors in the room display their true colors. You can also add more lights by using LED mirrors and installing LED lights on built-in shelves.

So that the display does not look too stiff, bring a touch of dark color. Here you can choose a dark green chair for you to put in the vanity area.

14. Luxury Small Walk In Closet

luxury walk in closet
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Even though it is small, you can make your wardrobe look luxurious. Making white the main color is an effective way to make a room feel larger. You can also give a spacious illusion by decorating a walk in closet with a rug. Choose a rug made of velvet to create a luxurious impression in the room. And, there, place a chesterfield round tufted velvet ottoman in the same color.

Give a touch of gold as an accent on the built-in shelves area. No need for large quantities. But, do it in a scattered way. So, the gold accent can stand out here.

LED lights installed in the built-in shelves provide an interesting accent for the room. It also decorates the room and makes it look more attractive.

15. Try A Feminine Touch

feminine look
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For women, make your walk in closet a paradise at home. Bring your feminine side here by making pink the main color. Choose a pink color with a bright tone. Or, you can also choose a soft pink. Apply this color dominantly starting from the walls, shelves, couches, and islands.

Take advantage of all the walls as a place to store your clothes and accessories. For decoration, you can install wallpaper on the ceiling area. It can make your walk in closet appear different and more attractive.

16. Enhance The Wall

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Do not let your walk-in closet turn into a boring room. Install wallpaper on one side of the empty wall in the room. Choose a beautiful motif that does not interfere with the concept of your walk in closet interior.

A floral patterned wallpaper with a few birds is an interesting choice. Several colors can enliven the room and make it feel alive. With white as the base color, the colors and motifs of the wallpaper stand out.

17. Elongated Walk In Closet

elongated walk in closet
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Having a walk in closet does not always have to provide a large space. You can take advantage of a makeshift room even if it’s small. Turn this room into a comfortable and beautiful walk-in closet.

The minimalist concept is the most appropriate for this walk in closet. It can make the room feel clean, tidy and spacious. Use wood materials to naturalize and neutralize the appearance of the room. And, at the end of the room, install a wall-sized mirror that can give the illusion of a space without boundaries. It is an effective way to make a small room feel wider. And finally, light the walk in closet well. Use a lamp with white lighting.

18. Bring a Luxury Look with a Chandelier

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There are several effective ways to turn a room into luxury, such as relying on gold as an accent in the room, presenting a chesterfield sofa made of velvet, using well-woven feather rugs, dark natural colors (black, gray, and brown), LED light with yellow lighting to provide beautiful accents on certain spots, and also chandeliers.

And, the last of the 18 Best Walk In Closet Ideas for Your Home you can follow is to bring a luxurious look with a chandelier. Placing it right in the middle of the room makes the beautiful crystals stand out very clearly. It looks so pretty and enlivens the room very well.

Final Words

Make the walk-in closet not only a room to store your clothes and accessories but also a room that can give you peace and comfort. With this, it takes knowledge and some references of walk in closet. And, the points above are 18 Best Walk In Closet Ideas for Your Home you can follow. You can choose one or combine several of the ideas above into one. However, still pay attention to the lighting, room layout, and also the concept you want. So, good luck guys!

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