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11 Tips How to Make An Attic Feel Comfortable – The Attic is indeed a part of the house that is rarely noticed or used. Therefore, usually, this place is a storehouse of dust and rats. In fact, being a quiet and calm place, the attic can be a comfortable room to relax. You can use this room as a hiding place from the noise of the world. Therefore, in this article, we will help you to make the attic in your house feel comfortable. The following are 11 Tips How to Make An Attic Feel Comfortable. So, let’s check it out!

1. Insulate Your Attic

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Insulating the attic is the main step you must take. It does not matter if the attic will be made into a bedroom, relaxing place, r reading place, or others, the air and temperature in the attic must be considered.

With insulation, the Attic will not feel cold in winter or hot in summer. Insulate will block the incoming air from outside. Thus, the Attic temperature will remain stable.

In installing the insulation, pay attention to the exhaust fan that is there. Make sure there are no cavities that allow air to come and out.

2. Install The Air Conditioner

air conditioner
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Because of its location at the top, the attic will be directly faced with cold and hot air. Insulation only is not enough to keep the air in the attic stable. Therefore, air conditioner installation is important.

With an air conditioner, you can adjust the temperature as you want. For example, in summer, you can set the temperature to the lowest. And in winter, you can use the air conditioner as a hat. With this, you no longer need an electric heater in the attic. Much more practical, right?

3. Adjust The Attic Stairs

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Of course, there are stairs that lead to the attic. These stairs are also something that must be considered. Stairs that take up a lot of space will certainly make the attic feel narrower. Therefore, adjusting the attic stairs is the part that affects attic comfort.

In installing stairs, try to choose a lower roof area. Here, the stairs will be made with two fights combined with a landing.

On the area under the stairs, you can use it as a storage shelf or a built-in bookshelf.

4. Make It Bright with Window

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The attic will look dark if not given lighting. In this case, there are two lightings that you can use: artificial lights and natural lights.

Something natural is much better. Therefore, take advantage of natural lighting as the main attic lighting. Natural lighting will eliminate the cramped and stuffy feel of the attic. In addition, the attic will feel wider and calmer. So, the effect given by natural lighting to the attic is huge.

The type of window that is suitable for use in the attic is the skylight. Try not to choose a permanent skylight window. That way, you can open it in the morning and let the fresh air fill the attic.

5. Leave The Window Exposed

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Decorating windows with blinds can indeed make a room look attractive. Unfortunately, the decorations on the windows are also able to block the light that enters the room.

In making the attic feel comfortable, make sure the attic gets maximum lighting. Therefore, the next tip is to leave the window exposed. You can remove all the decorations on the windows.

6. Choose Warm Tone Colors

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Next is the attic decoration step. The main thing that needs to be determined is the color. Color is the main key that determines how the atmosphere and comfort of the attic will be. Therefore, make sure you choose the perfect color for the attic.

In making the Attic feel comfortable, try to choose warm tone colors. You can choose neutral colors to evoke a calm feel. You can use white as the base color so that the Attic looks brighter and wider. And then combine white with brown or beige.

7. Choose The Right Lamps

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Not only natural lighting, here, artificial lights are also needed. To keep the attic looking bright at night, you need lights.

The choice of lamps can not be arbitrary. Because the lighting will affect the comfort of the attic. Make the attic look bright with good main lighting. And if you want to make the attic look beautiful and more comfortable, you can add additional lights such as LED lights or string lights (Tumblr lights). Additional lights with warm lighting will evoke a warm and calm atmosphere. With this, the attic will become a secret room to calm and rest.

8. Make It Fresh with Plants

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The decoration is an important part of the beauty of the interior. So, to make the attic look attractive, make sure you choose the right decoration.

There are many decorations that you can choose from. However, it would be better to choose decorations that can make the attic feel fresh. Therefore, try to make the attic look beautiful with plants.

Choose types of plants that can survive indoors (indoor plants). So, you do not need to spend more effort in caring for plants.

Not only the type of plant but the size of the plant must also be considered. Do not use heavy plants, because we will put them at the top of the house. So, choose small or medium plants. This is enough to make the attic feel fresh and cozy.

9. Use Low Profile Furniture

low profile furniture
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The selection of furniture for the attic can not be arbitrary. Furniture will greatly affect the comfort of the attic.

There are things to consider when choosing furniture. For example, as we know, the roof in the attic is not flat. There will be a low part. So, it would be more preferable to choose low-profile furniture.

If you make the attic a comfortable bedroom, you can eliminate the use of bed frames. So, you just place the mattress on the wood. And to keep the bed warm, you can roll out a thick rug under it. This will really serve to make the attic bedroom feel comfortable, especially in winter.

10. Use Furniture Only Needed

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Something that is too much is not good, as is the use of furniture. Try not to use too much furniture in the attic. Besides making the attic feel cramped, this is also not good for attic endurance.

We have to understand that attic is on top. And usually, the attic is only made by laying on thick wood that is arranged. So, to make the attic feel comfortable, try to use only needed furniture.

11. Add More Texture Here

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Attic gets cold easily at night. So, to make the attic feel comfortable, you need to keep the attic warm. So, add more textures here to be the next tip that you can apply to your attic.

There are a few ways in adding more texture to the attic:

  • Use Rug or Carpet

A rug or carpet is an additional item whose function is to beautify the floor in the room. The use of a rug or carpet is very important for the attic. The existence of this one item will keep the attic floor warm. That way, you can walk comfortably there.

  • Add Blanket

Whether the attic is used as a home office, bedroom, or place to relax, blankets are a must-have item in the attic. This one item will keep you warm even though the air is cold in the attic.

  • Apply Layered Bedding

Especially for the attic which is used as a bed, you have to do layered bedding. As the main item and place to sleep and relax, the comfort of the bed is the main thing. And do layered bedding is one way to make the bed feel warm, especially in winter.

Final Words

The attic may be part of an abandoned house. This one room is often a residence for dust and rats. Therefore, to keep your house clean and away from rats, make sure you make the most of the attic. You can make the attic a comfortable additional room, such as a home office or workspace, bedroom, relaxing place, reading place, and so on. This room is far from noise, so you can calm yourself there. And the points above are 11 Tips How to Make An Attic Feel Comfortable. These are the easy tips that you can follow and apply to your attic. So, happy trying all!

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