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15 Small Modern Bedroom Decor Ideas: Feel Elegant yet Minimalist in Narrow Space – Decorating a small bedroom cannot be done haphazardly because decorating mistakes not only affect the beauty but also the comfort of the room. Not all decorations can be done in a small bedroom. Due to the limited area, you have to choose which one is suitable for your space. Use decorations that can change the appearance of a small bedroom to be elegant but still minimalist. And, to help in having it, we have provided 15 Small Modern Bedroom Decor Ideas that you can choose and follow. So, let’s check it out!

1. Playing with LED Lights

modern small bedroom
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The first of 15 Small Modern Bedroom Decor Ideas is playing with LED light. There are no motifs present in the room to create a more minimalist appearance. This room uses more texture. The timber for the wall panel is installed on only part of the wall, making it a very attractive wall accent. And, this texture is clarified by playing on the LED light.

LED light is an additional light to make the bedroom brighter. However, in this idea, the LED light is also a decoration that beautifies the appearance of the room. The LED light on the wall panel, behind the mirror, and next to the bed makes the texture and lines in the wood appear more clearly. Yellow lighting brings warmth and enhances tranquility in this small modern bedroom.

2. Black and White Small Modern Bedroom

black and white modern small bedroom
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The small modern bedroom looks bright with the dominant white color. It removes stiff lines in the corners of the room. The window was deliberately opened, allowing natural light to enter the room freely. It helps in removing stiff and dark corners and shadows from objects in the room. That way, the small bedroom feels more spacious.

Black is an accent for the room. The black color chosen has a light shade. It even tends towards gray tones. This color is applied to the bedding area so it looks stands out even though it is only present in a small ratio. With the help of sunlight, which is the main lighting in the room, the color black gives a slightly firm and calm impression to the bedroom.

3. Feel Warmth and Soothing at Once

warmth modern small bedroom
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In this small modern bedroom, wood material is dominant. It presents a natural brown color which changes the atmosphere to become warmer. With this, it is also easier to create a natural look in the bedroom. You only need to rely on neutral color groups.

Making white the main color can neutralize the appearance of the room. To make the appearance more shady, apply a gray color to one side of the wall adjacent to the bed. Emphasize the shady appearance of the room by using black bedding. You can also add black to the wall decor and a chair in your workspace area.

Close some windows with blinds. With this, there is little natural light entering the room. Add additional lighting with LED light. Choose yellow lighting to maintain warmth and the shady look in the bedroom.

4. The Texture Makes It Good

exposed brick wall
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Apply minimalist decoration for the small bedroom. That way, the appearance of the room doesn’t seem full, cramped, and stuffy. And, if you want something interesting to appear in your bedroom, then play with textures. Rely on exposed brick walls. Apply this to only part of the wall. Make the texture of the bricks appear more clearly in the room by installing pendant lamps there. This becomes the next of 15 Small Modern Bedroom Decor Ideas you can choose from.

Choose lamps with yellow lighting for the pendant lamps. The natural orange color of the bricks will look beautiful when exposed to yellow lighting from pendant lamps. It also brings calm and warmth which adds to the comfort of the bedroom.

5. A Yellow Touch Make It Alive

yellow bedding
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The small modern bedroom is simply decorated to create a calmer atmosphere. White as the main color, makes the look neutral. The window area is left empty to maximize natural lighting. With this, the room looks more naturally bright.

To maintain a minimalist concept, the room is only filled with neutral colors. Even so, this doesn’t seem boring because some of the posts have beautiful simple patterns, such as rugs and pillow sheets. And, a touch that gives an interesting effect to the room is a yellow blanket. The presence of yellow changes the atmosphere drastically. It gives a colorful look but is still simple and also makes the room more alive.

6. Bulb Lights as Decoration

bulb lights
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The next of 15 Small Modern Bedroom Decor Ideas is bulb lights. The bulb lights provide additional lighting for the bedroom. Hanging it in the bed area makes it look stand out in the room. This is because the bed is the main spot in the bedroom.

The bulb lights are made more interesting by hanging them at different heights. Installation close to the wall makes it look like wall decoration.

The yellow lighting fits perfectly with the pink-painted walls. It gives a pretty, soft, and warm look to the bedroom. This pink bedroom is very suitable for women who prefer a sweet, simple, yet calming look.

7. Shady Small Modern Bedroom Look

soothing modern small bedroom
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If you are bored with the bright appearance of your bedroom, then you can try this idea. Apply a little white to the room. And, increase the use of wood materials. You can apply wood to walls, floors, and a bed frame. For lighting, rely on yellow lighting. Install lamps with yellow lighting in several spots such as the ceiling, behind the headboard, and on both sides of the bed.

Natural lighting is still needed here. However, to maintain a shady effect on the appearance of the room, filter the incoming natural light by using sheer curtains. You can also use sheer curtains to make the walls look taller by installing them at the top of the wall.

8. Glass for Your Wardrobe Door

glass wardrobe
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The next of 15 Small Modern Bedroom Decor Ideas is a glass for wardrobe door. By using glass doors, the original wall position in the room remains clearly visible. This really helps to make this small bedroom feel more spacious. And, what is interesting about using a glass door for the wardrobe is the reflection of the room’s shadow that can be seen clearly there. The light in the room also reflects there. With a touch of gold as an accent, the small modern bedroom manages to have an elegant but still simple appearance.

9. White Small Modern Bedroom Shades

white modern small bedroom
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If you prefer decoration that is simple but still looks beautiful to the eye, then this idea will suit you. Here, you only need to rely on white. Make this color the main and dominant color in the room. Bring sunlight into the room by installing large windows. And leave the windows exposed without decoration. Sunlight will work to beautify the white color. It can also make the look of the room more lively.

If you want to bring another color there for a more attractive room appearance, beige or ivory white is the most appropriate thing to choose. Or, you can also decorate the bedside table with black floor lamps. This will give a little elegant impression to the small modern bedroom.

10. Wall That Looks Taller

top modern small bedroom
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One way to make a small room feel comfortable is to make it feel more spacious. There are many easy ways you can apply to give the illusion of more space to a room, such as using a rug, making white dominate, lighting the room with natural lighting, and installing sheer curtains on the top area of the wall. Choose curtains where the bottom touches the floor. This becomes the next of 15 Small Modern Bedroom Decor Ideas that are easiest for you to apply to your lovely room.

11. Masculine with Black

masculine modern small bedroom
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White is indeed an alternative color for rooms, especially small rooms. Because this color can create a wider effect in the room. It is just that, sometimes we feel bored with the same appearance of the room. Natural appearance with bright white color. Bring something more interesting into your bedroom. Do decorations that are different from before. If usually black is only an accent in the room, this time, you can make this color the main color for your bedroom.

Apply black dominantly, starting from the walls, ceiling, and some bedroom furniture. And, use white as an accent. You can apply this color to the bedding and the pendant lamps.

So that the black bedroom does not feel cramped or stuffy, brighten it with natural lighting. Maximize natural light in the room. This is the key to making the black masculine bedroom feel comfortable.

12. A Pretty Plain Look

plain look
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The small modern bedroom is made minimalist so that the atmosphere in the room is calmer. That way, this room can be a comfortable room to rest. Keep the room clean without excessive decoration. In fact, you can remove the pattern in the room. Leave the room plain. This is the next of 15 Small Modern Bedroom Decor Ideas that you can use as a reference.

Do other things that can beautify the appearance of the room without disturbing the minimalist concept of the room itself. Here, you can play with pastel colors. The pastel pink color is very suitable for the bedding. And, for the wall panel, you can apply pastel green. Also, present gold as an accent to bring a more elegant impression to the room. Make this room perfect by installing recessed lighting fixtures with white lighting.

13. Built-in Wardrobe

built-in wardrobe
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The next of 15 Small Modern Bedroom Decor Ideas is a built-in wardrobe that is made completely on the wall of the room. It looks like a wall. It is just that there are perpendicular lines that look very beautiful there. Without realizing it, it decorates the room so well that you can leave the room in a simple state like this. You just need a little extra touch by installing recessed lighting and LED lights. Focused light will hit the built-in wardrobe and make the lines there look clearer.

If you want a different and attractive look for your modern small bedroom, you can paint your built-in wardrobe black. Make sure the surface remains dove so it will look very beautiful when exposed to yellow lighting from the lamp. This decoration also makes the bedroom look more elegant but remains minimalist and simple.

14. Make Great Use of Wall

cozy modern small bedroom
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One of the disadvantages of a small bedroom is that you could not use too much furniture. So, here, you are required to be able to apply a simple and minimalist concept to the room.

If additional storage is needed in the bedroom, then take advantage of the wall area. You can install long floating wall shelves there. And put all your things there neatly. For some spaces, insert a display to beautify the appearance of the room.

Make the floating wall shelves in the bedroom stand out by providing additional decoration in the form of LED light. You can install this lamp in the area inside the floating wall shelves. It can also make the inside look deeper and give a spacious effect to this small room.

15. Pretty Wall Mural

wall mural
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The last of 15 Small Modern Bedroom Decor Ideas is a pretty wall mural. This idea is very suitable for a bedroom with a very, very simple appearance. Wall murals can change the appearance of a room very drastically. A beautiful pattern will beautify the appearance of the room too. Match the pattern to the concept of the bedroom interior. That way, a harmonious appearance can be maintained well.

If you want to maintain a simple and minimalist impression in the room, choose a wall mural with the same color as the other walls. Make it look simple. Even though it is simple, an elegant room still looks elegant.

Final Words

Indeed, several references are needed before decorating a small bedroom. This is because decorating mistakes can have fatal consequences, both for the appearance and comfort of the room. The points above are 15 Small Modern Bedroom Decor Ideas that you can choose and apply. These ideas tend to have a minimalist but elegant look. So, it is very suitable for those of you who want to give a classy impression to your favorite room.

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