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9 Simple Bedroom Tips That Will Make You Feel Comfortable and Sleep Soundly – As a private room, the bedroom is the most important part. The comfort of the bedroom will greatly affect the quality of sleep. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people will try to make their bedroom as comfortable as possible. No need for hard and troublesome ways. By knowing simple bedroom tips, you can make your bedroom comfortable without having to put in the extra effort.

And in this article, we provide Simple Bedroom Tips That Will Make You Feel Comfortable and Sleep Soundly. So, let’s check it out!

1. Placing The Bed Next to The Window

cozy simple bedroom tips
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The first of simple bedroom tips is placing the bed next to the window. Maybe it can be said that this is the easiest way to make the bedroom feel comfortable.

The bedroom is indeed the most used room. Especially during a pandemic like this. Rest, playing social media, watching movies, and other activities are often done in the bedroom. So, if the bedroom is not comfortable, then boredom will easily be present.

By placing the bed next to the window, you can still enjoy the outside atmosphere even from inside the bedroom. Enjoying the view outside the house can help you overcome boredom.

Not only that, but the morning sun will also hit you directly. This is great for building your mood. You will feel happier in carrying out daily activities.

2. Add Some Plants to The Bedroom

indoor plants
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There is nothing more refreshing than plants. The fresh green color of the plant can give a fresher impression to the bedroom. In addition, some plants also have good properties. One of them is to keep the air in the bedroom clean and healthy. With this, your sleep will be much more restful and quality.

Try to place the plant in an area that gets direct sunlight. This will really help to keep the plant growing well.

Putting plants around the bed is also an interesting idea. You will feel fresher when you wake up in the morning. In addition, staring at the green color of plants is very helpful to relieve stress.

3. Apply Minimalist Concept

minimalist simple bedroom tips
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The more space, the more comfortable the room will be. So, applying a minimalist concept to the bedroom is the next of simple bedroom tips you can follow.

It is quite easy to apply a minimalist concept to the bedroom. You only need to fill the room with a few important items.

Clean the purge in the bedroom to create a clean and tidy room. You can store small items in the drawer. However, also pay attention to the tidiness of your drawers. Make sure you organize your stuff properly. That way, it will be easier for you to find the items you need later.

4. Warm Lighting As Additional Light

The evening is the best time to study or do homework. To make this activity run smoothly, make sure the bedroom gets the right lighting. You can choose the main light to make the bedroom bright at night. However, if you want to rest, try to rely on additional lights. The warm lighting as additional light is one of the simple tips that will make the room feel comfortable and relax.

There are several ways that you can apply to your bedroom:

  • Table Lamp on Bedside Table

table lamp
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This is the most mainstream way that has been applied by many people. Put a table lamp on the bedside table is the right idea to make the bedroom feel cozy at night. Warm lighting from the table lamp will make the bed area feel soothing. And when you want to sleep, you do not have to bother getting out of bed to turn it off. When you feel calm and sleepy, you can turn it off immediately. Then sleep well.

  • Install String Lights/Tumblr Lights

string light decors
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String light or commonly called Tumblr lights is one of the lights commonly used to decorate the bedroom. This lamp is often present in the teenager’s bedroom.

A simple room will look attractive when it gets lighting from a string light. Not only that, but the warm lighting from the string lights also gives a warmer and calming feel. So, when at night, you can turn off the main light and rely on a string light to illuminate your bedroom. Then, feel the calm nuance that makes you relax.

5. Make Natural Lighting As The Main Lighting

comfortable bedroom tips
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There is no better lighting than natural light. So, when during the day, make sure you take advantage of natural lighting as the main lighting in the bedroom. It becomes one of the easiest and simplest tips to make the bedroom cozy.

There are many benefits that you can feel from relying on natural lighting. To find out, you can click here!

Natural lighting will make the bedroom feel calmer. Especially if the bedroom is decorated with some refreshing greenery. The presence of natural lighting will make the nuances of nature feel more viscous.

For bedrooms with wood elements that dominate, lighting from the sun can make wood give a warmer and calming feel. So you can relax during the day and take a nap to unwind.

6. Do Layered Bedding to Have Comfier Bed

layered bedding
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Layered bedding is one trick that can make the bed feel softer. In addition, this trick can also make the bed feel warmer. So it is very suitable to be applied in preparing the cozy bedroom for winter.

When viewed in terms of beauty, layered bedding is the right decoration. Especially for a minimalist bedroom. Some matching colors on the bed will give a more attractive appearance. So, you do not need to decorate your bedroom with multiple displays that can actually make the bedroom seem cramped and uncomfortable.

For a more comfortable bed, add some extra pillows. You can also put some dolls to accompany you when you sleep.

7. Earth-Tone Hues

comfortable bedroom decors
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The application of colors is also an important thing that must be considered. To make the bedroom feel comfortable, we recommend you choose earth-tone hues.

White, brown, and beige will make the bedroom feel calmer. Combined with a minimalist concept that will make the bedroom look perfect. The serenity of the bedroom can make you feel comfortable for a long time. There is no feeling of boredom. And certainly, your sleep quality will be much better.

8. Decorate The Floor with Rug

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Even though it’s located below, it does not mean you can leave the floor. In having a comfortable bedroom, you must pay attention to every detail in the bedroom, including the floor.

The next tip to make the bedroom feel cozy is to decorate the floor with rugs. The soft rug will make you feel comfortable when walking in the bedroom. Adding texture to the floor is also an interesting idea to make the bedroom look attractive.

In addition, rugs are also very useful for small bedrooms. The presence of the rug is able to give the illusion of being spacious so that the small bedroom will feel comfortable. There will be no cramped or stuffy feel that bothers you.

9. Length Mirror on The Wall

comfortable bedroom ideas
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Because of the minimalist concept, of course, there are not many decorations on the walls. However, an empty wall makes the bedroom look more rigid. Therefore, use a mirror to decorate the walls of the room.

You can hang the length mirror on the wall or just lean it. However, for simplicity, we recommend leaning the mirror on the wall.

The presence of a mirror really helps to eliminate the stiff impression in a minimalist bedroom. In addition, mirrors can also make the room look brighter and wider. So, the bedroom will feel more comfortable.

Final Words

Almost everyone certainly wants an attractive and comfortable bedroom. As a private room, the bedroom will certainly affect the quality of your sleep and rest. And in having a comfortable bedroom, you do not have to choose complicated ways that actually bother you. In this article, we have provided 9 Simple Bedroom Tips That Will Make You Feel Comfortable and Sleep Soundly. And we make sure these 9 tips are the easiest way that can be done by everyone. So, cheer up and good luck guys!

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