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18 Balcony Ideas & Inspiration to Help You Make The Most The Outdoor Area – Relaxing for a moment on the balcony to enjoy the fresh outside air will really help make yourself relax. In addition, the mind will also be much calmer. So that you can carry out the next activity better. However, to get this, the atmosphere on the balcony must be supportive. The balcony should feel comfortable. And in this article, we have provided 18 Balcony Ideas & Inspiration to Help You Make The Most The Outdoor Area. So, let’s check it out!

1. Cozy Balcony with Romantic Atmosphere

comfortable balcony
Cc: Pinterest

The first of 18 Balcony Ideas & Inspiration to Help You Make The Most The Outdoor Area is a cozy balcony with romantic atmosphere. The idea this time plays on lighting. String light and candles become the main light that illuminates the balcony at night.

The yellow light from the candles and string light makes the atmosphere on the balcony feel so calm and warm. Besides that, a romantic atmosphere is also created well here. So that you can use the balcony not only as a place to relax but also a place to spend time with loved ones.

To make the balcony look attractive and far from boring, you can insert candles on the lantern. Place it in a spot that is safe and accessible to the eye.

2. Simple and Fresh Balcony

fresh balcony ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Next, there is a simple and fresh balcony. This one balcony carries a minimalist and simple concept to create a calmer atmosphere. There is only a medium sized tree and also a comfortable chair.

Plants planted right next to the wall make the wall a little blocked. This is a reliable trick that you can follow to make the small balcony feel wider.

Choosing a chair with short legs is very appropriate for a small balcony. In addition, chair with short legs are also feel more comfortable. We recommend choosing a chair with a neutral color for a more fresh and natural result.

3. Modern Minimalist Balcony

modern and minimalist design
Cc: Pinterest

Modern minimalist balcony has a simple and more contemporary appearance. So, even though it looks simple, the balcony still looks attractive and far from boring.

The gray color makes the balcony look more calm and serene. However, the atmosphere created was colder. Especially, the black color which gives a firm side to the balcony. Therefore, it is very appropriate to install lamps with yellow lighting. This will really help to turn the cold atmosphere on the balcony into a warm and calm atmosphere.

4. Fresh Green Balcony Nuances

green balcony nuances
Cc: Pinterest

Green cushions and throw pillows manage to make the balcony look so fresh and beautiful. Plus, some hanging plants and also on the table. Beautiful simple flowers also add aesthetic value to the balcony.

Timber that is installed vertically makes this simple balcony look attractive. Besides that, timber is also a strategy to make the balcony look wider.

Installing string bulb lights in the area above the balcony and railing is an interesting idea. The lights on the bulbs make the balcony even more beautiful at night.

5. Simple but Cozy Balcony

simple decorations
Cc: Pinterest

No need to decorate with various decorations to make the balcony look attractive and comfortable. The minimalist concept is much better for you to apply. The minimalist concept will make the balcony look simpler. With this, a calm atmosphere will be created properly.

Just decorate the balcony with important items such as a sofa, rattan chairs, and coffee table. And, do not forget the throw pillow to make it feel cozier. If you want to add something interesting there, you can decorate the balcony with a rug and some plants.

6. Small Balcony with White Shades

white small balcony ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Applying white on a small balcony is also the right choice. Because white can make a small balcony far from cramped and stuffy. In addition, white can also make a small balcony feel more spacious and comfortable.

Choose the main item in white, starting from the sofa, coffee table, to the curtain. To make the look of the balcony harmonious, you can also choose similar colors for some of the decorations there, such as blankets, rugs, and throw pillows. In fact, you can also choose white flowers as a display that can make this place look more beautiful.

If you want a warmer atmosphere, you can install a string light with yellow lighting and also a wooden floor. Adding aromatherapy candles is also an interesting idea. Besides making the balcony feel warm, aromatherapy candles can also make the balcony feel more relaxed.

7. Boho Small Balcony Design

boho design
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 18 Balcony Ideas & Inspiration to Help You Make The Most The Outdoor Area is a boho balcony design. The boho design really helps to make the atmosphere on the balcony feel more cloudless. So that the balcony feels more lively and far from boredom.

Neutral colors make the balcony look more natural. Rattan rug is a decoration that makes the balcony look so attractive. Plus, wall hangings with a distinctive Boho style make the balcony look more different.

Even though it seems cloudless, the balcony is still a soothing place for you to relax. Warm lighting on the balcony makes the atmosphere calm and warm.

8. String Light Make It Look Beautiful and Romantic

string light decors
Cc: Pinterest

String light is indeed the most appropriate type of lamp for you to choose. Besides being lighting on the balcony, string light is also a decoration that can make the balcony look so beautiful, especially at night.

The string light hanging on the ceiling seemed to form like a bustling star in the sky. The light looks so beautiful. And without realizing it, the atmosphere on the balcony turned romantic.

You can also feel the warm and serene nuance clearly on the balcony. So, string lights not only beautify the appearance but also make the balcony feel more comfortable.

9. Fresh Balcony with Artificial Grass

cozy and fresh balcony ideas
Cc: Pinterest

There are two types of plants that you can choose to fill your balcony:

  1. Native Plants, and
  2. Artificial Plants.

Both types of plants each have advantages and disadvantages. For example, native plants that need sunlight, soil, and water for them to grow well. However, native plants can make the air on the balcony feel fresher.

Meanwhile, artificial plants only provide visual greenery. However, you do not need to pay attention to the nutrients in the soil, water it with water, and so on.

So, for those of you who are switching to artificial plants, then this idea is for you. Artificial grass is applied to the floor and walls to give it a more attractive appearance. The green color makes the balcony look so fresh.

10. Cozy Small Balcony for Fall

balcony ideas for fall
Cc: Pinterest

In autumn, it is cold outside. This is why the balcony is often a place to avoid when autumn arrives. In fact, the beautiful scenery in autumn is a pity to miss. And the balcony is the right place for you to enjoy the view as well as the atmosphere of autumn.

You can make the balcony the most comfortable place to spend time in the fall. Choose a small soft mattress as a comfortable spot to relax. Make this spot warm with a wool blanket and some other thick blankets. And lastly, also add some throw pillows on the mattress that can make it feel more comfortable and warm.

For lighting, we recommend you to choose warm lighting. You can choose a string light and also some candles for the balcony.

11. Multifunction Small Balcony

cozy room
Cc: Pinterest

You can also make a small balcony multifunctional. The corner of the balcony is decorated with super comfortable seating to relax and enjoy the outdoor atmosphere. And on the other hand, you can find a small dining area that is no less comfortable. With this, you can use a small balcony not only as a place to relax and calm your mind, but also a place for you to enjoy your food and drinks.

The small table and two chairs with a minimalist design do make the balcony look attractive and different. Plus the small plants that adorn the table also make it feel fresher.

To make this multifunction small balcony look more attractive, you can present various types of flowers. Beautiful natural colors of flowers will look so beautiful. In addition, some flowers also have a distinctive fragrance that can add to the comfort of the balcony.

12. Beautiful Flowers for Beautiful Balcony

beautiful flowers decor
Cc: Pinterest

If you are confused in choosing what decorations are suitable for the balcony, then you can depend on flowers. Various kinds of flowers with similar colors will make the balcony look so beautiful and harmonious. In addition, the scent of flowers will also add to the comfort of the balcony.

Here, you can choose white as the main color for the balcony. With this, the beautiful colors on the flowers will appear more clearly and stand out.

Provide the right lighting to make the colors of these beautiful flowers stand out more. White lighting is much better for you to choose.

13. Simple Small Balcony Decors

Simple Small Balcony Decors
Cc: Pinterest

Simple decorations are most appropriate for small balconies. That way, there will be more space that can make the balcony feel wider. Which of course will make the balcony more comfortable.

Choose a sofa with a simple but attractive design. Also, pay attention to the color selection for each spot on the balcony. It would be much better to choose neutral colors to be safer.

You can choose a blue sofa for a fresh and lively balcony look. If you want to bring something fresh here, you can carry vertical plants. Also, install the LED light to make the plants look stand out at night.

14. Monochrome Balcony Design

Monochrome Balcony Design
Cc: Pinterest

There is a monochrome balcony design that is become the next of 18 Balcony Ideas & Inspiration to Help You Make The Most The Outdoor Area. For those of you who like a simple and attractive look, you can use this one idea as an option.

The combination of two colors between black and white will give a more mature and neutral look. The white color gives a bright effect on the balcony. While the black color gives a firm and calm side.

Keep it simple by presenting a few simple decorations and motifs on the balcony. Make the balcony look attractive by playing with lighting and small plants.

15. Make It Shady with Vines

shady balcony ideas & inspiration
Cc: Pinterest

We really could not regulate the sunlight in the outdoor area. However, we can make it shady by relying on plants like in this idea.

The sunlight during the day does not hit the balcony too much and makes it scorching hot. This is all thanks to the vines that are planted and propagate on the roofs and sides of the balconies. So that the sunlight is slightly blocked by plants.

Vines can indeed make a balcony feel comfortable. However, you need to trim them regularly. Otherwise, the vines will just fill the balcony and make it look like it’s out of order.

16. Feel Romantic in Dark Nuances

romantic atmosphere
Cc: Pinterest

Feel romantic in dark nuances is the next of 18 Balcony Ideas & Inspiration to Help You Make The Most The Outdoor Area. In this idea, black is the main color that makes the balcony look so firm but calm. A touch of red on the walls makes the balcony look more sexy and romantic. Also, present white to give a slightly brighter impression and make the balcony look more alive.

To maintain a romantic atmosphere on the balcony, illuminate the balcony with yellow lighting. Candles are a light source that you can rely on in this idea.

Lastly, because the balcony is an outdoor area, you still have to bring something fresh there. Decorate several spots on the balcony with small to medium sized plants.

17. Lush Balcony That Fell so Fresh and Cozy

lush balcony ideas & inspiration
Cc: Pinterest

To make the balcony becomes a cozy place for you to relax, you have to make the balcony lush with some fresh greenery. No need to hesitate to bring more plants there as long as you place the plants neatly.

In the middle area, you can decorate the balcony with comfortable chairs and also a rug as a relaxing area. Don’t forget the coffee table to put your favorite drink. The decoration is also a relaxing spot with throw pillows and blankets to make it feel more comfortable.

18. Minimalist Small Balcony Design

Minimalist Small Balcony Design Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The last of 18 Balcony Ideas & Inspiration to Help You Make The Most The Outdoor Area is a minimalist small balcony. Starting from the bench to the coffee table, everything is designed in a minimalist way.

The decor is also very minimal. There are only two throw pillows with the same color as the cushion. For plants, the idea this time is to choose a yellow bamboo plant that is planted right next to the wall. Which makes the balcony look wider.

This idea is more concerned with the convenience aspect than visualization. Minimalist design creates a calmer atmosphere for the balcony. With this, relaxing on the balcony will be much more enjoyable.

Final Words

It is important to have a favorite spot at home to relax. And the balcony is one spot that you can rely on. The points above are 18 Balcony Ideas & Inspiration to Help You Make The Most The Outdoor Area. The right decoration will make the balcony a comfortable and beautiful place. So, happy trying all!

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