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Decors & Tips: 14 Places at Home That You Can Use to Relax and Calm Your Mind – The house is not only a place to shelter from the heat and rain. A house is also a place for you to rest, calm your mind, and make yourself fresh again. That way, running activities will be much more fit and fun.

You need to know that not all places in your house can be used as a place to relax and calm down. If you want to calm your mind, make sure the atmosphere in the room/place at home is supportive. For example, a room filled with tranquility or a room far from the noise of the outside world.

To help you determine which rooms you can rely on to relax at home, here we provide 14 Places at Home That You Can Use to Relax and Calm Your Mind. So, let’s check it out!

1. Backyard Garden

Looking at greenery will really help to make the mind much calmer. With this, the backyard garden becomes the first of 14 Places at Home That You Can Use to Relax and Calm Your Mind.

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In this place, you can be as creative as you like. Make the garden a comfortable and beautiful place that you want. You can use a variety of plants that you like.

Planting several types of flowers in the backyard garden is also an interesting idea. The beautiful natural colors of the flowers will add to the beauty of the backyard garden. Besides that, some flowers can also provide a fragrance that can make the backyard garden feel more comfortable and relaxed.

beautiful garden
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Besides plants, do not forget to create a place for you to relax. You can choose the most comfortable spot for you to place a sofa or chairs. Decorate with throw pillows and blankets that can add to the comfort of this chair.

Finally, pay close attention to the lighting in the garden. Backyard garden decoration with some outdoor lights. You can also add some candles to the garden to create a warmer, calmer, and more romantic atmosphere.

2. Rooftop Terrace

Not all houses have more land like a backyard. If you are the one who owns a house like this, then this one idea would be fit for you. The rooftop is the most appropriate area you can rely on to replace the backyard.

rooftop ideas
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To make the rooftop terrace a place you can rely on to relax and calm your mind, bring something green there. You can make a lush rooftop terrace. Use some fresh greenery. However, try not to plant large plants considering their location above the house.

Besides fresh green plants, also present some flowers to make the rooftop terrace feel fresh. The beautiful colors of the flowers will also be very helpful in making the look more beautiful.

relax place
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Its location at the top makes the hot sun feel more stinging when it hits the skin. Therefore, you can make something shady there to make it feel comfortable.

In making a canopy, make sure you choose the most appropriate spot. The most comfortable spot where you can put a sofa along with a coffee table and some throw pillows. Also, you can add green plants as a refreshing decoration like the picture above.

comfortable place
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Lastly, do not forget the lights as an important decoration on the rooftop terrace. Choose yellow lighting that can make the atmosphere on the rooftop feel warm and full of serenity.

For those of you who want to change the atmosphere on the rooftop terrace feels romantic at night, you can choose string lights and candles as rooftop lighting. The beautiful light from string lights and candles not only makes the rooftop terrace a soothing place to calm your mind but also a place to relax with your loved ones.

3. Balcony

The size of the balcony which tends to be small does seem difficult to decorate. Because you have to choose well which items you will use to decorate the balcony. However, this is not an obstacle to making the balcony the most comfortable place at home for you to relax and calm your mind.

cozy balcony
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The most important item you have to choose is of course a comfortable sofa or chairs. You can also add a throw pillow to make the sofa feel more comfortable. Adding a blanket there is also the right idea considering the air on the balcony tends to be cold.

To make the atmosphere on the balcony feel warmer, add more texture there. Decorate the balcony with a rug. Besides making the balcony feel more comfortable, the rug can also make the balcony feel wider and more attractive.

comfortable place for relax
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In making the balcony feel more comfortable, present something that can make the atmosphere in the balcony feel more alive. Plants are decorations that you can choose. This is the simplest way that can beautify and make the balcony feel fresh.

Choose some greenery and some kind of flower. Beautiful colors on flowers also will greatly affect the beauty of the balcony.

4. Cozy Bedroom

The bedroom is the main room that functions as a resting place at night. The quality of your sleep is greatly influenced by the comfort of the bedroom. Therefore, comfort in the bedroom is the main thing that you must pay close attention to.

You not only can use a comfortable bedroom for sleeping, but you can also make it a room for you to relax and calm your mind.

comfortable house
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Just need a few touches and special tips to turn a bored bedroom into a cozy room. For example, choosing a neutral color to create a calmer atmosphere. And you can also add warm lighting there which can make the bedroom feel warm.

Also pay attention to the location chosen for the bed. Make sure you choose the right spot, such as the corner of the room, next to the window, or right under the skylight window. Enjoying the view through the window will really help to relax yourself and your mind.

korean bedroom
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Or, you can also take a peek at the Korean bedroom style in making your bedroom feel cozy. The minimalist concept and the combination of pastel colors will greatly affect the comfort of the room. Besides that, Korean bedrooms also tend to choose wood materials that can make the bedroom feel so warm. A few plants as decoration will make the bedroom feel more alive and fresh.

5. Comfortable Bathroom

The bathroom is indeed a room that is not exposed and is often ignored. In fact, you can make the bathroom the most comfortable room for you to relax and calm your mind.

comfortable bathroom
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The bathtub tray is an optional item that you can use to make the bathtub feel more comfortable. Here you can put your pad to watch a movie or put a glass of wine to relax.

Here, candles are an important item that can increase the comfort of the bathroom. Try to choose aromatherapy candles. That way, when the candle is lit, the bathroom will turn into the most comfortable room that can make your mind and body calmer and fresh again.

cozy bathroom
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To create a bathroom with a more natural look and have a calm and warm atmosphere, you can rely on natural materials. Wood, natural stone, and bricks are materials you can rely on.

Decorate the bathroom with warm lighting to make a warm atmosphere feel more real. And also, give something fresh there like green plants that can add comfort to the bedroom. Lastly, bring in natural lighting to make the bathroom feel more alive.

6. Reading Nook

Spending free time by reading your favorite book will be an activity that can make your mind feel calmer. This is why the reading nook is the next of 14 Places at Home That You Can Use to Relax and Calm Your Mind.

comfortable room at home
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There are several important things that you need to pay close attention to make the reading nook a comfortable room for reading books. First, make sure the atmosphere created in this room is calm. With this, you can read the book more attentively.

Second, make sure the reading nook gets good lighting. Try to maximize natural lighting. Install several large windows in the room. Do not decorate windows with anything that can block light from entering, such as curtains.

room for relax your mind
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Next to the window is the right spot for you to choose as a reading nook. This spot will get better lighting. However, during winter, this spot is often cold because of the air that enters through the windows cavities. Therefore, blankets and some items that will make you warm are needed.

You can create a much calmer, warmer, and more comfortable atmosphere. What you need here are some candles. Aromatherapy candles are a type of candle that you can make as an option.

7. Home Library

For those of you who like to read and make it an activity to fill your spare time, the home library is an important room that must be at home. And of course, you can rely on this one room as a place to relax and calm your mind.

home library
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There is no need to make a large and large number of bookshelves as you usually find in city libraries. Here, you only need a bookshelf to put all your collections of books.

Decorate this bookshelf to make it look attractive. You can install the LED light on the shelf like the picture above. That way, when at night, the mini library will look so beautiful.

mini library
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A mini library without a place to relax reading a book is lacking. Therefore, a reading nook may be needed in this room.

You can choose a window bay or make a bench right next to the window. Decoration with a soft cushion seat. And, also add some throw pillows to make it feel more comfortable and look attractive.

8. Home Office

As time goes on, technology gets more sophisticated. This really helps make everyone’s life easier, including in terms of work.

Today, work no longer requires going to the office. With the internet, you can do your work from home. Therefore, the home office is an important room that must be in your home.

comfortable home office
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As a place to work, the home office must of course have perfect serenity and silence. And this atmosphere is what makes the home office a place you can rely on to relax and calm your mind. In this room, you can take a break from the noise and busyness of the world.

Besides a place to work, create a place for you to rest too. Choose a sofa that is comfortable and multi-functional, such as a sofa with drawers underneath. With this, there will be more storage space that can save space in the home office.

home office
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To maintain comfort in the home office, try to maintain the air circulation. Here, you can install a ceiling fan so that air circulation can run well. That way, even if there is no ventilation, the room still feels cool.

9. Cozy Corner Room

The corner of the room is often abandoned and left empty. In fact, you can turn it into the most comfortable spot for you to relax in your spare time.

comfortable house
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It is not difficult to make the corner of the room the most comfortable spot in the house. What you need here is a soft seat cushion. Also complete the cushion seat with a throw pillow and blanket. In this way, the cozy corner spot will feel much more comfortable.

If there is a window in the corner of the room, it is much better if you can use it. Sunlight can increase comfort in this spot. Therefore, try not to give decorations to windows that can block light from entering the room.

cozy corner room
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Not only cushion seats, you can also choose a comfortable chair to decorate the corner of the room. Decorating it with string light is the right idea. Yellow lighting from the string light will create a warmer atmosphere.

Do not forget some refreshing touches. Bring two or three small plants there. Besides refreshing the corner of the room, these plants are also very helpful in increasing the aesthetic value.

10. Dining Room

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “dining room” is room to eat with your family. However, the dining room can be more than that. If you design it a little differently, then you can use the dining room as a place for you to relax and calm your mind.

cozy dining room
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Installing a window bay in the dining room is an interesting idea that you can try. Here, you can make a bench for you to relax and enjoy the view outside the house. Add a throw pillow as a complement that can add to the comfort of the window area.

comfortable dining room
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Installing a window bay in a small dining room is not appropriate. Because this will only make the room feel narrower. Therefore, another way to make the dining room feel comfortable is to give it a different touch.

Replace some dining chairs with a comfortable small sofa. You can choose a color that is not the same as the dining chair to give it a more attractive appearance. Give a throw pillow and blanket on the sofa to make it feel comfortable. And done, you can make the dining room an area to relax, read a book, or maybe work.

11. Gaming Room

E-sports is an electronic sport that is currently in great demand by young people. If you are one of those who are involved in E-sports, then the gaming room is a mandatory room that must be in your home.

gaming room
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As we know, playing games must be full of concentration to bring the team to victory. Therefore, you have to make the gaming room full of silence and serenity.

Because of the quiet atmosphere, you can also use the gaming room as a room for you to rest for a while. You can sit back on the gaming chair and watch your favorite movie there.

comfortable gaming room
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In order to make the gaming room feels more comfortable, you have to decorate it as well as possible. Install the LED light you like. You can also decorate the desk with some game character displays on the table. Or, you can also put some books or game tapes on the shelf.

12. Home Make-Up Studio

For women, a make-up studio is definitely a favorite place at home. The room contains various shades of lipstick, various brands of powder, eyeshadow, foundation, and so on.

As a favorite room, of course, the make-up studio is decorated as well as possible. The beauty and comfort of every corner are really well cared for. Therefore, it is not surprising that the home make-up studio not only looks beautiful but also feels comfortable.

make up studio
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Making a home make-up studio space to relax and calm the mind is the right idea. Here, you can express yourself through make-up. Spend your time with facial art. That way, you will feel more relaxed and happy.

13. Attic

There is no doubt about the calm at the Attic. However, this one room is often neglected so that it becomes a nest of rats and dust. In fact, you can take advantage of the tranquility in the Attic to isolate yourself for a moment from the world’s commotion.

comfortable home attic
Cc: Pinterest

You can make a soothing in the Attic not only as a secret room for yourself. But, you can also make it your favorite place with your loved ones.

You can place two comfortable chairs with low legs on the attic. Right in the middle, place a small coffee table for you to put food and drinks. Make the atmosphere in the attic feel more alive with some small plants there.

cozy attic
Cc: Pinterest

Liven up the atmosphere with decorative lights, such as string lights and candles in the lantern. Choose warm lighting to make the atmosphere in the Attic feel calm. That way, relaxing and calming yourself will be much more fun in this place.

14. Home Cinema

Lapisan busa dan kain pada setiap dinding membuat home cinema terhindari dari suara-suara yang mengganggu. And, this is why home cinema becomes the next and the last of 14 Places at Home That You Can Use to Relax and Calm Your Mind.

cozy home cinema
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To make the atmosphere feel soothing, you can choose dark colors such as black, brown, and gray. Also, decorate the home cinema with lights to keep the room bright. So, even though the room is dark, it is still comfortable to use.

home cinema
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No need to present decorations to make the home cinema look attractive. Keep the home cinema look simple. And to get rid of the boring impression of home cinema, you can play with colors. Sofa with red color will make the home cinema look sexy.

Final Words

A home is indeed a place for you to rest from work and exhausting activities outside. However, keep in mind, that not all spots or rooms in your house can be used as a place to relax for you to calm down and make your mind fresh again. There are several spots that you can rely on. And the points above are 14 Places at Home That You Can Use to Relax and Calm Your Mind. Unfortunately, to make these places feel cozy, of course, you have to decorate them properly.

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