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18 Elegant Kitchen Decor and Tips That’ll Help You Renovate Yours – Already feeling bored with the interior of the kitchen in your home? If yes, then this is a sign that you need to renovate your kitchen as soon as possible. Make the kitchen interior look different with an elegant appearance. But, before you renovate it, it’s important to know some elegant kitchen decor and tips in advance.

Given that the kitchen is also the room that is used most often, you still have to pay attention to the comfort of the kitchen. Beauty is not the only important point here.

So, for those of you who want to have a beautiful yet comfortable kitchen, here we have provided 18 Elegant Kitchen Decor and Tips That’ll Help You Renovate Yours. So, let’s check it out!

1. Earth-Tones Make It Look and Feel Warm

elegant kitchen decor tips
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For those of you who want to have a kitchen that looks elegant but has a calm and warm atmosphere, you can choose this idea as an option. Natural colors or what is often referred to as earth-tone are indeed the most effective for changing the atmosphere to be comfortable.

Keep choosing white as the main color to make the kitchen look bright. And you can make brown, black, and gray colors as decorations. You can also give a touch of gold color to make the elegant look stand out.

To strengthen the feel of nature in the kitchen, illuminate the kitchen with natural lighting. Therefore, choose a large window. Avoid window decorations that can interfere with the entry of light into the room. And final, decorating the kitchen with simple plants.

2. Elegant Kitchen in Simple Decor

Elegant Kitchen in Simple Decor
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Having an elegant kitchen does not mean decorating the kitchen with various decorations or things that look luxurious. You can also have an elegant kitchen with a very simple concept.

Choose white as the main color because this color is neutral. Present wooden elements in several kitchen spots to make the atmosphere feel more alive. This will really help to eliminate the boredom that may be present in the kitchen.

And, to create an elegant look in the kitchen, you can rely on marble material. Install marble on the main kitchen spot, such as a backsplash or island table. Abstract motifs on marble are also very helpful to make the kitchen look attractive even though it is simple.

3. Shady Elegant Kitchen Look

shady kitchen
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For those of you who want a kitchen with a calm atmosphere with a not too bright appearance, this one decoration will be perfect for you. Gray as the main color of the kitchen will put it in a position between light and dark.

The elegant appearance of the kitchen comes from the gray marble installed on the walls and island table. Some black kitchen pendant lights with such a simple design also give this room an elegant effect.

Because the display is so simple, you need a few touches to make the atmosphere feel alive. Here, you can install timber on the kitchen ceiling. Also, install an LED light on the kitchen backsplash to make this area stand out. And for the window, choose a large window that leads to the garden. That way, fresh green plants will beautify and make the kitchen feel more comfortable.

4. White Shades Elegant Kitchen

White Shades Elegant Kitchen
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White is indeed the most popular color for interiors. This is a neutral color that can make the interior look bright, cozy, and attractive. The choice of white as the main color can make other colors appear more clearly in the room. So, if you want to make the kitchen look elegant with a touch of gold, then it is important to choose white as the main color of the kitchen.

Here, you can also beautify and create an elegant look in the kitchen to look bold by presenting marble there. The glossy surface of marble will look so beautiful when exposed to light. Besides that, the abstract motif on marble also makes the kitchen look more alive and beautiful.

5. Small Elegant Kitchen Decor

Small Elegant Kitchen Decor
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No need to be discouraged for those of you who have a small kitchen. Even though it’s small, you can still make it look elegant, beautiful, and of course comfortable.

Choose white as the main color of the kitchen. This color will make the kitchen look bright. In addition, white can eliminate dark corners in the kitchen so that the kitchen will look and feel wider.

To create an elegant look, present the gold color in several kitchen spots. Try not to do too much because this will be very disturbing.

You can also apply an exposed brick wall and paint it with white paint. The texture of the exposed brick wall will really help to beautify the look of the kitchen.

6. All Go White

white interior
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Never hesitate to apply white to the whole room. Indeed, the rigid appearance is a concern. However, there are some tricks that you can follow to get rid of the stiff impression of a white kitchen.

First, make natural lighting the main lighting for the kitchen. Choose large windows. You can also replace the wooden door with a glass door to maximize natural lighting.

Second, decorating the kitchen with things related to nature, such as plants and ornaments made of clay or wood. With this, the nuances of nature will be slightly present and make the kitchen remain comfortable and attractive.

7. Open Shelving Kitchen

Open Shelving Kitchen
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Want to make the kitchen free of clutter but still want to make it look attractive with some kitchen displays? Installing open shelving is the solution.

You can put beautiful and aesthetic bowls, glasses, and plates on the shelves. And, for other things that might interfere with the beauty of the kitchen, you can store them in a cabinet drawer.

Utilize open shelving as an interesting spot in the kitchen. Here, you can install LED lights with yellow lighting. The combination of wood and yellow lighting will create a warmer and calming atmosphere. With this, the kitchen not only looks beautiful but also feels comfortable.

8. Beautiful Pink Artificial Flowers

Beautiful Pink Artificial Flowers
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No matter how simple the room is, you still have to decorate it with some displays to make it look attractive and far from annoying boredom. So, from this sentence it can be concluded that the display will affect the appearance and atmosphere of the room.

For those of you who want to present a sweet side in an elegant kitchen, beautiful pink artificial flowers are decorations that you can rely on. The soft pink color of the flowers not only enhances the appearance of the kitchen but also makes the atmosphere feel fresher. Make these flowers look more aesthetic by placing them in a beautiful flower vase.

For the kitchen, it is more advisable to choose artificial flowers. Because you don’t need soil that can make the kitchen dirty. In addition, artificial flowers will also not bring pests that can interfere with the comfort of the kitchen.

9. Elegant Pink Kitchen Decor

Elegant Pink Kitchen Decor
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Who here is a fan of the pink color? If you are, this elegant kitchen decoration will certainly immediately attract your attention. With a soft bright pink, the kitchen looks so beautiful and far from being tacky and excessive.

The touch of gold in several kitchen spots makes the elegant appearance look so clear. The most interesting thing about this decoration is the pendant lights that hang right above the kitchen island. The combination of pink and gold on the pendant light makes the kitchen look so harmonious.

Even though it seems feminine, the kitchen atmosphere is still fresh. This is because the kitchen is illuminated with natural lighting. The kitchen is also decorated with several small plants placed in several corners. Although small, there are quite a number of small plants enough to make the kitchen atmosphere feel more alive.

10. Make It Sexy with Red

sexy red kitchen
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Make an elegant and simple kitchen look attractive by slipping a bit of a sexy impression there. You can choose a soft red kitchen island table. The combination of red and black in the kitchen cabinet is what will create a sexy impression in the kitchen.

Install large windows to maximize natural lighting in the kitchen. Sunlight will really help to make the red look more vibrant. That way, the red color can give a beautiful side that can make the kitchen look more attractive.

Also, provide decorations as a complement. Choose some gold-colored kitchen displays. You can also choose red artificial flowers and put them in a black vase to make it look perfect.

11. Thick and Soothing Natural Feel

Soothing Natural Feel
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Make an elegant kitchen feel comfortable with a soothing natural atmosphere. Here, you have to choose black as the main color. Even though the kitchen feels cold, black can provide a calm that can make it feel comfortable.

You can also minimize the cold nuance in the kitchen by presenting wooden elements there. For a more shady or dark look, you can choose wood with a darker brown color. Install wood on the floor and walls.

Make the natural feel thick in the kitchen by maximizing natural lighting. Instead of installing a large number of large windows, you can install windows a little higher up. You can try this one tip for kitchens that have high walls.

12. Simple Elegant Kitchen Decor

Simple Elegant Kitchen Decor
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For those of you who live in the forest, mountains, or the beach, make sure you take advantage of the beautiful scenery to add to the comfort and beauty of the interior of your home. Here, the window becomes the item you need the most. Choose a large window as a kitchen wall. That way, all the scenery outside the house can be framed properly.

This beautiful view helps you to decorate the kitchen more simply. Because, the main beauty of the kitchen is in the beautiful view displayed in the window.

Choose black to give a bold effect to the kitchen. Besides that, black also creates a calmer atmosphere and makes the kitchen more comfortable.

13. Bright Naturally with Skylight

skylight window
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Kitchens with a minimalist concept do require more storage space. Because free of clutter is the main motto of the minimalist concept. And, the wall is the most appropriate area for you to use as a storage place.

No need to worry about how to install windows if the walls are maximized for kitchen cabinets. Because you can still rely on the skylight window. In fact, it is located above, the skylight window will illuminate much better.

The light that enters through the skylight window will instantly spread throughout the kitchen without any obstructions. With this, the kitchen will be perfectly bright.

14. Slipping a Mini Library in The Kitchen

Mini Library
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The kitchen is not only an area for you to cook. Today’s kitchens are better designed and as comfortable as possible. So, you can use the current kitchens as a place for you to relax and calm your mind.

You can use the long table in the kitchen as a place to read books, study, and also work. Moreover, in the desk area there is also a lamp that can make you more comfortable when reading a book or else.

So, slipping a mini library into a kitchen with a design like this is the right choice. You can decorate the kitchen with rack shelves as a place to put books. For those of you who apply the open-plan concept, you can also use rack shelves as a barrier between the kitchen and other rooms.

15. Beautiful with Playing of Lighting

beautiful lighting
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If you are too lazy to choose displays that can beautify the kitchen, then try to play with lighting. Currently, there are many lamp designs that you can use to make a simple kitchen look elegant and attractive.

If we look at the image above, the pendant light with a fairly large size manages to attract the eye’s focus. The simple and modern design makes the elegant appearance of the kitchen look clearer.

The area under the island table and kitchen cabinet is also installed with an LED light with yellow lighting. This one lighting fits perfectly with the colors in the kitchen. The colors of wood, gray, and black make the kitchen feel so calm and warm when exposed to yellow lighting from the LED lights.

16. Black Nuances Elegant Kitchen

Black Nuances Elegant Kitchen
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Black nuances elegant kitchen is perfect for those of you who like a cool and masculine concept room. The black color makes the kitchen look darker so that the kitchen looks more assertive.

The cool nuances of black are balanced with the warm nuances of the wood elements that are presented in several kitchen spots. The wood element also succeeded in removing the stiff impression from the use of one color.

Even though it is dark, the black nuances kitchen still looks bright and comfortable because of the maximum natural lighting.

17. Cool and Elegant Modern Industrial Kitchen Design

Elegant Industrial Kitchen Design
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You can also make modern industrial kitchen designs look elegant. Try to choose a kitchen cabinet and island table with a minimalist design. And apply the concept of free of clutter in the kitchen. Present only some displays that can add to the aesthetic value of this room.

The jet black color on the island table and kitchen cabinets makes the kitchen look cooler and masculine. However, the natural light from the large windows keeps the kitchen bright.

What makes this kitchen look attractive is the exposed brick wall on the entire kitchen wall. The natural red color of the bricks makes the kitchen look more attractive.

18. Replace Backsplash with Windows

bright kitchen
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The last of 18 Elegant Kitchen Decor and Tips That’ll Help You Renovate Yours is to replace the kitchen backsplash with windows. That way, more sunlight will enter the kitchen and make it bright naturally. The atmosphere in the kitchen not only becomes warmer but also feels calmer and more comfortable.

If the elegant appearance usually depends on marble, this time you can replace marble elements with wooden elements. You can create an elegant look by giving a touch of gold to some posts in the kitchen.

For lights, choose a pendant light with a simple but elegant design. A gold-colored pendant light can also make an elegant appearance look stand out.

Final Words

The kitchen is also a part of the house where comfort and beauty are things that you must pay attention to. If you are already bored with the appearance of your kitchen, it would be better to renovate it. Change the appearance of the kitchen to be more elegant. And, the points above are 18 Elegant Kitchen Decor and Tips That’ll Help You Renovate Yours.

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