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17 Shower Lighting Ideas and How to Find the Best – There are several aspects that must be considered in decorating the bathroom so that it looks attractive. Starting from the layout, color selection, to lighting games. Indeed, in illuminating a room, you need to determine the main bright lighting. However, if you want to make it better and look more attractive, you can add additional lightings such as LED bathroom light and shower lighting.

And in this article, we have provided 17 Shower Lighting Ideas and How to Find the Best. So, let’s check it out!

1. Twin Recessed Lights for Stone Shower Room

Designing a natural bathroom will invite a fresh atmosphere. It uses the natural element to emerge outdoor nuance. Here, the bathroom has a catchy design with a stone wall in the shower room. It enlivens the atmosphere of a waterfall-like impression in this room. Also, this room uses a wooden ceiling that completes the natural design.

This shower room uses tiny recessed lights on the ceiling. It is also known as pot or can lights. This light will add brightness to the room without breaking the natural atmosphere. Also, it helps the dweller to separate the bright and dark areas. It creates a natural effect in the shower room. You can choose this light if you want to brighten a small area.

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2. Small Lightings that Bunching up Together

This is another natural shower room. It uses wooden material to cover the shower room walls. Look at the patterns of solid wood on the wall. The brown shades create a natural nuance in this room. Also, this shower room has a nice combination with the modern design, such as the room color and the neutral tiles on the vanity wall.

Meanwhile, the lighting in the shower room is small. It has some tiny lights that are close together.  This placement helps you to control the brightness rate to use in this room. Also, you can control it by choosing the light with the brightness level that you need. Moreover, this shower room uses glass partitions, so it will brighten the entire room as well.

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3. Natural White Lights

A white shower room is a simple choice to maximalize the natural atmosphere. It can reflect any light, so the bathroom will look larger. This bathroom uses a natural wooden wall for the shower room. Also, it uses wooden floors with brown shades. Meanwhile, the other wall uses white tiles and marble patterns.

Besides, this natural bathroom uses white lights on the ceiling. It is the popular lighting to use in people’s houses. It uses two lights in the shower room and two lights in the bathroom. This bathroom is brighter by having bathroom windows. You can choose the white lights to install in the shower room if you want to create a natural impression in the white bathroom.

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4. Triple Spotlights for A Blue Bathroom

The bathroom tiles will change the impression of a room. The blue tiles are the popular choice to emerge a fresh atmosphere in the bathroom, especially the shower room. It looks stunning to match with white theme and wooden floor. Both colors are neutral and helpful to enliven the outdoor impression.

Meanwhile, the lighting in the shower room is special. It uses three spotlights on the wall. Moreover, you can change the direction of the spotlights. So, it will brighten certain spots that you wish. This lighting is a good choice if you want to have different lighting in the shower room. Besides, do not use more than one light if you have a narrow bathroom, especially the shower room.

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5. A Simple Baffled Ceiling Light

A bathroom can use any color. Even, it is okay to apply the white theme for the bathroom. The white tiles on the floor, wall, and ceiling will maximalize the clean impression. The bathroom floor has colorful patterns. It can be an attractive accent in the bathroom.

Besides, the shower room is quite simple. It only uses one baffled ceiling light. Even though it has one lighting, it shines in every corner. The white tiles are the best medium to reflect lighting and create a spacious impression. This single ceiling lamp will do the best in the white shower room with a glass partition.

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6. Yellow Shower Light and Bulb Lamp

Having a colorful bathroom is interesting. The easy way to decorate the bathroom is by covering the wall with tiles. Fishbone tiles are a popular design for bathrooms. It brings a fresh atmosphere to this room. Also, many fishbones have catchy colors such as dark blue, deep green, and deep red.

Furthermore, this bathroom uses a neutral ceiling. There is a yellow light in the shower room. It could not brighten the room but half of the shower room. The shower will reflect the ceiling light. Then, it needs additional lighting from other rooms. There are bulbs on the vanity wall. It is useful to give extra lighting inside the shower room. The yellow light is not a nice choice if you install it as a single light in the shower room.

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7. Tiny Ceiling Lights in A Neutral Bathroom

Neutral colors will change the nuance in a room. There are soft brown, green, white, blue, grey, and other earthy tones colors. This bathroom uses soft brown color. The rough wall can bring a stone-like accent to the shower room. Besides, there is a concrete wall with a modern design. Both are catchy to match together in the same shower room.

Thus, the shower room lighting is not a big deal in this room. The neutral color will help the dweller to reduce the brightness level from the lighting. Thus, this bathroom does not look gloomy even though it has two tiny ceiling lights. The tiny ceiling lights are a nice choice for the shower room if it uses a neutral color that can reflect perfectly.

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8. White Light in A Rustic-Industrial Bathroom

The Rustic and Industrial designs are an interesting combination. It has a natural design with rusty touches. This bathroom uses an energetic stone wall. It creates a cold atmosphere in the bathroom. Also, there is a wooden floor in the shower room and the bathroom. Meanwhile, the faucets and shower drops are black.

Furthermore, this Rustic and Industrial shower room uses white lights on the ceiling. This shower room uses the pot lights in some two corners. It brightens the shower room area. Meanwhile, there is a pendant light that brightens the vanity area. You can choose the white light and add a pendant light if you want to remodel your shower room.

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9. Twin Baffled Lights

The dark bathroom has a mysterious impression. It uses dark tiles on the walls. The big tiles cover all the shower room walls and the bathroom. It has no glass partition. Besides, there is a small wooden bench. This bench is useful to sit or put on some big toiletries for a while.

Despite this design, the shower room has two light baffles. Both are catchy and simple. The dweller can control the brightness to a certain level by changing the bulb. This pot light is safe for the shower area. It can create an aesthetic effect on the shower like morning sunlight in the waterfall. This lighting is the best choice for you to bring a natural atmosphere to the dark bathroom.

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10. Tiny Lights to Create A Dramatic Atmosphere

It is another dark bathroom in this article. This bathroom has a glass partition that separates the shower room and the vanity area. It uses concrete tiles in the shower room and wooden walls in the vanity room. Also, there is one short chair in the narrow shower room. This shower room has a traditional atmosphere in the modern design.

Meanwhile, this shower room has two tiny lights on the ceiling. It is the pot lights. These lightings create a dramatic atmosphere. You can choose this lighting to create a half-dark room. This tiny lighting only brightens the half area to the ground. Thus, you may need to install extra lamps such as bulbs or pendant lights.

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11. Bathroom Light and Large Window in Black Shower Room

An all-black theme is a nice option for some houses. It has no other colors on the black wall. This bathroom has a mysterious and dramatic impression atmosphere. Also, it can reflect light on its tiles. The reflection is stunning to create a starry perspective in the shower room.

Moreover, this shower room has minimum lighting. It only uses lighting from another area, such as from the vanity. Also, this shower room has an upside-down window. This large window is useful to invite natural light. This idea is not a good choice for people who love a bright room with normal lights.

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12. Geometrical Lightings for Shower Area

The black bathroom is identical to the luxurious design. The black theme is a nice background to install any kind of lighting. Thus, some people use unique lighting and create a different design. This is an interesting shower room lighting. The geometrical lighting is something you will love to see.

This shower light uses LED lights around the shower. Some people use colorful lighting to create an aesthetic waterfall from the shower. You can pick this lighting idea if you want to get a beautiful shower room. Besides, do not pick this lighting if you need another light to install.

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13. LED Indirect Light

A modern bathroom with a traditioinal design is an interesting idea. This bathroom has a wooden shower room. The wooden patterns are stunning and well-covered on the walls. Meanwhile, it uses tiles on the floor with stone-colored. This natural design will refresh the mind while taking a shower.

Moreover, this shower room has a simple LED indirect light. This lighting is simple and brightens the upper side of the shower. Besides, you need brighter lights in another area. Thus, add a ceiling lamp in the shower room to reduce the dark spaces.

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14. Twin Downlights Outbow

The amount of lighting in the bathroom determines the impression. This bathroom uses two lights to reduce the dark spaces in the large shower room. The downlights outbow will brighten the area on two sides. Moreover, this bathroom has a dark theme. It uses dark wood and dark tiles that cover the shower room.

The lights are functional to shine the wooden wall. Also, it creates a half-dark wall in the shower room. Moreover, this bathroom uses an additional vertical light in the vanity area. It will maximalize the brightness in the room. You can install the twin lights to install in the shower room. It has a good performance to brighten a small and high space.

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15. LED in Shower Area with Peach-Pink Palette

This is another geometrical lighting for a shower room. It has a big square that circles the shower. The LED light is around the shower. You can see the reflection of lights on the ground. Moreover, the outer lights are colorful. It has purple colors on every side.

Furthermore, this shower area has a nice design. It supports the shower light to create a dramatic atmosphere. The rough wall is the best support to bring a stone-like design. Also, the colorful impression comes from the blue floor. It looks attractive to get a reflection from the shower lighting.

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16. Tiny Recessed Lights and LED

The recessed lights in this bathroom are simple. There are three recessed lights in the shower room and the vanity room. The tiny lights are useful to provide minimum brightness. Also, it creates a calming atmosphere. The excessive brightness will irritate the eyes while taking a shower.

Besides, there is an additional light in this bathroom. You will see the vertical LED light in the corner. It is helpful to maximalize the brightness. Moreover, this bathroom has a large mirror. This object will reflect the light and make it more stunning and spacious. This idea is for you who want to create a different light in the shower room and vanity area.

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17. Small Spotlights

The hotel-like bathroom has a calming atmosphere. This bathroom has a clean and neat design. It uses a white theme with timber touches. Also, the floor has a natural grey color. Even though the floor is the same, the water does not spill into another area. So, the glass partition will be helpful for this.

Meanwhile, this bathroom has three spotlights on the shower room ceiling. It brightens directly to the area where it is directed to. Also, this shower room has a few additional LED lights. You will find it everywhere in the small lines, such as behind the bathroom mirror or in the corner. These small spotlights are a nice choice if you want to get a small or short shower room.

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Final Words

In creating an authentic bathroom, give interesting touches to certain spots in the bathroom. You can play on lighting by adding additional lighting to the room. Try to install shower lighting to give an interesting effect when bathing. And, the points above are 17 Shower Lighting Ideas and How to Find the Best. Choose one idea that you think is very interesting and according to your characteristics. However, also pay attention to the layout and colors in your bathroom so that the appearance remains harmonious and not rigid. So, happy trying all!

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