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25 Simple Dining Room Decorating Ideas You Will Love – The dining room is not just a room for eating, but is more than that. This room can also be used as a gathering room with family and friends. Therefore, beauty and comfort must be harmonized. No need to do excessive decoration. You can still maintain a simple impression in the room so that the atmosphere feels calmer. Also, there is no need to worry that a simple dining room will look boring. With the right decoration, you can have your dreamy dining room. And, to help you in having it, we have provided 25 Simple Dining Room Decorating Ideas You Will Love. So, let’s check it out!

1. Just Rely on One Color

simple dining room
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The first of 25 Simple Dining Room Decorating Ideas You Will Love is to just rely on one color. Relying on white alone creates a dining room with a bright appearance. This color looks more lively and bright in the room with the help of natural light coming in through the window.

For the kitchen-dining room, also apply white to the kitchen cabinets. Expand this color on the pendant lamp for the room.

If you want to bring other colors into the room, choose light wood material. This will not interfere with the bright appearance of the room. In fact, the presence of wood material will change the atmosphere of the dining room to become warmer and calmer.

2. Simple Dining Table Decor but Still Charming

dining table decor
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Do not leave the dining table plain without any decorations. The decoration on the dining table is also important and influences the appearance of the room. If you want to maintain a simple appearance in your dining room, you can rely on flowers with beautiful colors. Place these flowers in a clear vase filled with water. Place it right in the middle of the table. This will bring freshness to your eating space.

Four woven placemats are perfect for a 4 seater dining table. It looks harmonious with the wooden floor. The combination of white on the dining table and natural brown from the woven placemat changes the appearance to a more natural one. It shows a hint of warmth which increases the comfort of the dining room.

3. Throw Pillows on The Bench

simple dining room decor
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Windows in the corners of the room make this area brighter than other areas. And, using it as a dining area is the right choice. The dining bench is used to maximize space. The color chosen is the same as the wall color. This aims to maintain brightness in the corners of the room. And, benches are also used as spots that can add beauty and aesthetic value to the corners of the room. Decorations in the form of throw pillows with soft colors maintain a simple impression in the dining area. They look very beautiful with different simple motifs and different types of fabrics too.

4. Make The Most of The Wall

simple dining room decorations
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It is okay to just use minimal furniture. Like this idea which only uses two dining chairs, a bench, and a table. The table area is only decorated with small plants and tissue. Makes the appearance of this room look very simple.

Even so, the dining room still looks attractive with the right wall decoration. Beautiful plates in the kitchen are used as decoration for the dining room. They are installed on the wall very neatly. The beautiful, antique, and unique colors and motifs on the walls are what liven up the appearance and atmosphere of the room. And, it comes the next of 25 Simple Dining Room Decorating Ideas that you can use as a reference.

5. Two Gold-Colored Sconces

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The white walls in this natural dining room are decorated with a simple painting too. Painting with neutral colors and white frames decorates the room very well. However, it looks a little more stiff and boring. Therefore, on the right and left sides of the painting, two gold-colored sconces are installed. The presence of gold not only beautifies the simple dining room but also brings other colors that can liven up the appearance and atmosphere. It also gives a slightly elegant effect to the dining room.

6. Try on The Table Runner

table runner
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The next of 25 Simple Dining Room Decorating Ideas is to try on the table runner. This idea is very suitable for a long dining table. The table runner is very good at decorating this dining table so that the long table does not seem very empty and hollow.

To maintain a simple impression and concept in the room, you can choose a table runner with a simple motif too. Striped motifs can be a mainstay. Also, pay attention to the color of the table runner. If the concept of your dining room is more natural, then choose a neutral-colored table runner such as white and black or white and navy.

7. Show Off The Wood Material

wooden furniture
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Wood material has its own color, texture, and natural motifs which make it look beautiful. And you can take advantage of the beauty of wood material as decoration for your simple dining room. You can choose furniture made of wood. Let the color, texture, and motif of the wood appear clearly in the room. Make this material stand out by not adding excessive other decorations to the room.

For the contemporary dining room, you can choose a wooden table and chairs with a polished surface so that it looks glossy and pretty when exposed to light. However, if you prefer an old and traditional look, then let the wood material have its original texture without polishing it at all.

8. Liven Up The Room with Turkey Rug

turkey rug
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The simple dining room looks so natural. The dominant white color makes the appearance neutral and also bright. Natural lighting which is the main lighting adds a natural impression to the room. This is further strengthened by wood material for the furniture and the floor. Several corners in the room are decorated with plants that bring another color to the room, that is green, as well as freshness that makes it feel comfortable.

Actually, this is already good. The natural look focuses more on comfort. However, if you want to enhance the pretty of the room, decorate the floor area with the red Turkey rug. The red color will immediately catch the eye’s attention so we will focus on the beauty of the motif of the turkey rug.

9. Interesting Spot on The Side of The Room

interesting simple dining room
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Make the empty side of the dining room an attractive spot. Decorate this side of the room with the table cabinet. The wood table cabinet is perfect for the natural dining room. Don’t choose random decorations for the table cabinet. Decorate the table cabinet appropriately, not too much but not too little either.

On the right and left sides, you can place a table lamp with a minimalist design. Besides being a table decoration, it also adds lighting at night. And, in the middle area, you can put a plate containing fruit, an aromatherapy candle, and a small plant or flowers.

Also, pay attention to the wall area on this side of the room. Enliven the room by adding decorations to the walls of the room. Hang a painting in the middle position. Providing a frame made of wood will look balanced and harmonious with the table cabinet.

10. Warm and Pretty

warm simple dining room
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If you are bored with white being the main color, you can choose another color. As in this idea which chooses brown as the main color for the dining room. White is only used as an accent. And, the combination of these two colors creates a warm feel that can make you feel comfortable there.

Even though brown is the main color, the room remains bright with maximum natural lighting. Also, white helps to brighten the appearance of the room.

The wall area is made simple by only relying on a few decorations. The brown throw pillow with a tiger pattern looks so beautiful on the bench. And, the main focus that beautifies the room is a clear vase containing flowers with beautiful and fresh colors.

11. A Simple Pendant Lamp Design

simple pendant lamp
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Natural lighting is indeed the best for the room. However, you also need lighting from lamps at night. And, currently, there are many lamp designs that not only serve as lighting at night but also decoration that can add to the aesthetic value of a room.

A paper pendant lamp shade in white is very suitable for the simple dining room. With a larger size, the lamp stands out even though it is above the room. Also, its installation right in the middle of the dining table makes it successful in attracting the eye’s attention.

12. Getting Freshness from Plants

fresh simple dining room
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Getting freshness from plants is the next of 25 Simple Dining Room Decorating Ideas that you can choose and follow. There is no need to use a large number of plants, just using 3-4 plants is enough to freshen up both the appearance and atmosphere of the room.

For the small dining room, try not to choose large plants because it can make it look smaller. So, choose small to medium-sized plants. And, to save more space in the small room, you can rely on hanging plants. Place this plant in a corner of the room or an area close to a window.

13. Playing with Texture

exposed brick wall
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The many displays available in online shops will confuse you in choosing which one is right for your dining room. Because the display must follow the interior of the room itself. Mistakes in choosing the color, design, and shape of the display will have an impact on the appearance of the room. So, it would be better to decorate your eating space with decorations that are easier and simpler.

Playing with texture is the next of 25 Simple Dining Room Decorating Ideas. Here, you can apply exposed brick walls to some of the walls in the room. Currently, there is exposed brick wall 3D wallpaper which will make decorating very easy for you. Choose white 3D wallpaper to maintain brightness in the room. Add additional lighting to the ceiling that leads directly to the walls. This will really help in making the texture look clearer and more alive.

14. Use Two Pendant Lamps

best simple dining room
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Relying on natural lighting alone is not enough for a room. You also need to use additional light in the form of a lamp at night. And, with several designs of the lamps, you can use other functions of the lamp, namely as decoration for the dining room.

The rattan pendant lamp will look more beautiful and blend in with the natural dining room. This can look harmonious with neutral colors and wood materials.

For a long dining table, you can hang two rattan pendant lamps there. Hang them at parallel lengths for a neater and more conceptual appearance.

15. Get Warmth from The Corner of The Room

warmth simple dining room
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There is no special decoration in this dining room. The gray-painted walls were left plain without any decoration. Also, the room is only filled with dining furniture in the form of tables, benches, and chairs. The floor itself is only made of concrete, resulting in a natural gray color.

Even so, this simple room manages to look attractive and also has a high level of comfort. In the corner of the room, there is a fireplace that can expel cold air. With this, the warmth in the dining room can be maintained very well. This is very nice to enjoy the dining room when winter arrives.

16. Built-in Shelves

built-in shelves
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The next of 25 Simple Dining Room Decorating Ideas is built-in shelves. It brings the dining room to a simpler look. Besides that, it also has a wide effect on the room. By painting it white, the room looks bright. It also looks bright naturally with maximum natural lighting.

What makes this simple room look attractive is the built-in shelves. Several displays with matching colors maintain a simple impression in the room. These simple displays also dispel the impression of being stiff and boring. So, besides adding to the beauty and aesthetics of the dining room, they also enhance the comfort of the room itself.

17. Use Different Rattan Pendant Lamps

rattan pendant lamp
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If you are too confused about choosing what decoration is suitable for the dining room, then rely on the lights. This is also a simple decoration that can beautify the appearance of your dining room.

For the natural dining room, you can choose rattan pendant lamps. Using a long dining table allows you to use more rattan pendant lamps. You can use 4 lamps in the room. Choose rattan pendant lamps with different designs. Also, hang these lights at different heights. This is an easy and simple way to make a dining room look aesthetic.

18. Soften The Look with Pastel Colors

soft simple dining room
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In fact, the safest color group for the room is the neutral color group. However, sometimes, some people feel bored with using the same colors where white is the main color, and black and gray are the accents in the room. And, if you are one of them, you can replace the neutral color group with a pastel color group. Applying pastel colors to a room can create a soft appearance. And, this becomes the next of 25 Simple Dining Room Decorating Ideas that can be your reference.

The pastel blue on the walls and dining chairs gives a slightly fresh feel to the room. And, pastel pink throw pillows bring calm. A slight touch of black gives a firm but calm impression of the dining room.

19. Install Floating Ceiling Shelf

floating ceiling
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It’s okay if you prefer to keep the walls without any decorations. It is good to maintain the simple concept of your dining room. It’s just that so that the appearance does not seem empty, empty, and stiff, add decoration to the ceiling. Hang a floating ceiling shelf right above the dining table. You can choose a floating shelf with the same length or slightly longer than your dining table.

Make the most of the floating ceiling shelf. Make it a place to put some decorations. This method is the same as creating an attractive spot centered in the room.

20. Floating Bench for Small Dining Area

floating bench
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The floating bench will provide empty space at the bottom. Leave the space empty by not placing boxes or other items. This will really help in making the small dining room feel more spacious. And, so that the appearance does not seem stiff, add some throw pillows. Use the same color but different motifs. This is the easiest decoration that can make the small dining room appear more beautiful and not boring.

21. Black and White

black and white simple dining room
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Color selection is the first step that must be determined when decorating a room. The color you choose will determine the appearance and atmosphere of the room. If you prefer a room with a simple impression, then choose two colors, or what is called monochrome. Black and white is a very suitable color combination. White gives a bright effect and black vice versa. Two colors that complement each other, right?

The color application ratio can be 1:1. Or, you can also make one of them dominant. For a bright look, make white the main color. And vice versa.

22. Full of Memories

wall decor
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In this idea, the dining room is not only a room to gather and eat food but also a room that can make you reminisce about your memories from the past. Immortalize your memories in the form of photos. Make these photos look attractive by providing frames. You can choose the black frame for the whitewashed wall. It can help the photo look stand out there.

If it is too much trouble for you to hang a few photos on the wall, then do something simpler. Install the floating wall shelves and put all your photos neatly there.

23. Playing with Pattern

simple motif
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It does not matter if you do not want to use displays in the dining room. Indeed, choosing displays is very complicated and often leaves us with a dilemma. So, make room decoration simpler and easier. Here, you can rely on motives. Playing on patterns is the next of 25 Simple Dining Room Decorating Ideas that you can follow and apply.

To maintain a simple and minimalist impression in the dining room, pay attention to the pattern you choose. Try to keep the pattern looking simple. Striped and polka dot patterns can be used as a mainstay.

24. Pastel-Colored Wall Panel

pastel simple dining room
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The wall panels show the texture of the room. With this, you no longer need additional displays for the wall. Let the wall panels work to enhance the appearance of the room. To make it look stand out and become the main focus of the room, apply another color to the wall panel.

Try to get out of your comfort zone. Don’t choose neutral colors like white or gray. For a more attractive dining room appearance, you can play with pastel colors. Pastel green colors can beautify and bring freshness to your dining room.

25. Large Round Mirror

round mirror
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The last of 25 Simple Dining Room Decorating Ideas is a large round mirror. On a quarter of the wall, a wall panel is installed which looks like a backrest for the bench because the color, material, and texture are the same. And, the other walls are painted white.

To avoid a stiff impression in this small dining room, a large round mirror is a decoration chosen to fill the wall. The circular lines on the mirror cover the rigid lines in the room and make the appearance smoother.

Natural light coming from large windows hits the mirror surface directly. The nature of mirrors that reflect light makes the room look brighter.

Final Words

Make the most of your dining room with the right decoration. No need for complicated decorations. You can do this with simple decorations. That way, the appearance of the room will also look simple. It is good for creating a calmer atmosphere in the dining room. However, even so, the right decoration will also increase the aesthetic value. And, the points above are 25 Simple Dining Room Decorating Ideas that you can choose and apply to your dining room. So, good luck!

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