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Important Things to Look for in Creating a Scandinavian Bedroom – The Scandinavian bedroom is the perfect place to relax and unwind. A minimalist, bright appearance, clean of clutter, a little natural nuance will make you feel calm and comfortable in the house.

In applying Scandinavian design as a bedroom interior, it is certainly not careless. There are several things that you must pay attention to in order to have the perfect Scandinavian bedroom.

In this article, we have provided Important Things to Look for in Creating a Scandinavian Bedroom. So, let’s check it out!

White as The Base Color for A Naturally Bright Bedroom

The natural bright appearance is one of the hallmarks of Scandinavian design. The Scandinavian bedroom feels so comfortable by applying white as the base color.

The white color itself has the ability to reflect light. So, natural light that enters the room and hits the wall surface will reflect back. This also makes the Scandinavian bedroom far from being cramped and stuffy.

white scandinavian bedroom
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With white as the base color, Scandinavian Design is perfect for small spaces. The white color will make a small room feel more spacious. That way, the room will feel more comfortable.

Natural Look with a Touch of Neutral Colors

Natural look is one of the factors that makes Scandinavian often used as a bedroom interior design. With a natural look, the room will feel more soothing and relaxing. That way, the bedroom will be the main destination when you want to rest and unwind.

soft room with neutral colors
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In creating a comfortable Scandinavian bedroom, of course, you have to add touches of neutral colors to the room. There are several neutral colors that you can apply:


comfortable scandinavian bedroom
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Beige is a neutral color that is most often used in Scandinavian Design. The combination of white and beige will make a Scandinavian bedroom look soft, which will create a calm atmosphere in the bedroom.

The beige color itself in the bedroom is usually in the form of wood elements, carpet, rattan basket, Sketchup rattan lamp, and so on.


cozy scandinavian bedroom
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The next color used by Scandinavian Design is gray. The gray color gives the room a slightly cool effect. Besides that, the gray color makes the room look more mature. Therefore, the Scandinavian design is very suitable to be applied to adult bedrooms.

In Scandinavian bedrooms, gray is usually applied to fabric elements, such as blankets, bedding, upholstered bed frames, carpets, head pillows, and so on.


scandinavian bedroom decors
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Scandinavian Design not only looks soft and mature but also looks firm. The strong impression of Scandinavian comes from black.

In the Scandinavian bedroom, black is applied to wall decorations, such as photo frames; iron elements, such as lamps; and other small items, such as table displays, pillows; and so on.

Utilizing Natural Lighting As The Main Lighting for The Bedroom

The natural bright appearance of the Scandinavian bedroom does not only come from white which is the basic color of the room. Scandinavian design utilizing natural lighting as the main lighting for the room. Therefore, the Scandinavian room will feel so warm and calm.

Maximizing natural lighting in the room is also a sure-fire way to make a small bedroom feel more spacious and comfortable. Natural lighting is able to illuminate the corners of the room where light cannot do it. Not only that, but natural lighting also won’t give different shadows that can make a small room feel so cramped.

bright room decors
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There are several ways you can maximize natural light in a Scandinavian bedroom:

Large Window

large window room decors
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To bring natural light to the room, windows are the right item to use. Windows are items that can connect the outside world with the inside of the house.

In maximizing natural light in the bedroom, you can choose a large window. The bigger the window used, the more light will enter the room.

Skylight Window

scandinavian bedroom skylight window
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In addition to large windows, skylight windows can also be used to maximize natural lighting in a Scandinavian bedroom. Even, skylight windows can make the bedroom brighter than the use of windows. This is because lighting from above is much more optimal than lighting through walls.

Glass Door

bright room with glass door
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Glass doors are also an item that can be used to maximize natural light in the bedroom. This one item is usually used for a bedroom connected to a garden or balcony.

Decorate The Window or Glass Door with Net Curtain

Sometimes the use of windows and glass doors can interfere with our privacy. Therefore, here we need curtains. However, the use of curtains can inhibit the lighting that enters the bedroom.

In maximizing the natural lighting while maintaining good privacy, you can use net curtains to decorate windows. Natural light can still enter through the nets on the curtains. That way, the Scandinavian bedroom still looks naturally bright.

bright room decors
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Net curtains can also be used to give the illusion of high walls in the bedroom. You only need to hang the net curtain closer to the ceiling. This method is great for small bedrooms. In this way, you will have a comfortable Scandinavian small bedroom.

Dominant with The Wood Element

The natural feel and warm, soothing atmosphere are some of the things that Scandinavian Design people love. With more dominant wood, it creates a room with a softer appearance. As one of nature’s elements, the presence of wood brings a serene natural nuance to the bedroom.

soothing and cozy room
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In the Scandinavian bedroom, wood elements are used on the floor and some bedroom furniture, such as table-sides, bedframes, tables, and so on.

The wood used in Scandinavian is not arbitrary. You must choose wood with a bright color. That way, the appearance of the Scandinavian bedroom still looks bright.

Simple Bedroom Decoration

Scandinavian design can also be said to be one of the designs with a minimalist concept. The neat appearance and clean of clutter make the Scandinavian room comfortable.

Even though it has a minimalist concept, the Scandinavian bedroom still needs decorations to make it look attractive. Besides that, decoration is also needed to avoid the appearance of a rigid room.

scandinavian bedroom decorations
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In having a comfortable and attractive Scandinavian bedroom, you can apply simple bedroom decorations. Some photos or Scandinavian paintings with black wooden frames can be used as attractive wall decorations.

mirror wall decorations
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For those of you who want a simpler bedroom look, you can use a mirror as a wall decoration. A round mirror is perfect for hanging on a bedroom wall. However, for those of you who want a simpler way, you can use a full-length mirror and lean it against the wall.

Add Plants to The Bedroom for Fresh and Natural Feel

Decorating a room with plants is already mainstream. It’s just that, people still dedicate plants as an optical decoration for the room. However, this does not apply to Scandinavian designs.

The Scandinavian design makes plants a mandatory decoration. In creating a fresh and natural feel, greenery can work well. Some green plants also have their own benefits, such as absorbing harmful substances in the bedroom. That way, the air in the bedroom will feel fresher and healthier.

fresh scandinavian bedroom
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The green color of plants is believed to relieve stress. So, by adding the plants to the bedroom, you will have the right room to rest and get away from activities that weigh on the mind.

Based on their size, plants can be divided into three. The following are plant sizes and how to use them in the Scandinavian bedroom.

Large-size Plants

large-size plants
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First of all, there are large plants. This plant is usually used to greenery the bedroom while maintaining a simple concept in the room. You only need to use one large plant for the bedroom. Place the large-size plant in the corner of the room. Choose a spot in direct sunlight. That way, the plants will still be able to grow well.

Medium-size Plants

medium-size plants
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Furthermore, there are medium-size plants that can be used as Scandinavian bedroom decorations. You also don’t need to use a large number of medium-size plants. Two to three plants are enough to make a bedroom feel fresh.

Medium-size plants can be placed beside the bed, beside the wardrobe, and beside the table. To make it look more visible and attractive, you can use tools in the form of a small table or stacked books.

Small-size Plants

small-size plants
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This one plant is perfect for use in a small bedroom. The use of small-size plants will not take up a lot of space in the bedroom. However, you need to use this plant in larger quantities.

Small-size plants make a great decoration to give a fresh impression to several spots in the bedroom. You can place it on a cupboard, on a table, or on a floating wall shelf.

A Carpet as The Final Touch for A Flawless Finish

The next thing that is so important but sometimes seems so trivial is the carpet. Just like plants, carpets are sometimes used as optional decorations. However, in the Scandinavian bedroom, the presence of a carpet has a huge effect on comfort and appearance.

The presence of a carpet in the bedroom will present a warm atmosphere. That way, the bedroom will feel more comfortable. Not only that, but the use of a carpet can also make a small bedroom feel wider.

scandinavian bedroom carpet decors
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In the Scandinavian bedroom, the carpets used are made of fabric. Usually, the carpet is chosen in white to create a clean and bright look. However, some Scandinavian rooms also use beige or gray colored carpet.

It would be better to use a carpet without a motive. However, if you want to give a slightly busier look to the bedroom, you can choose a carpet with a diamond or plaid motif.


The Scandinavian bedroom is sometimes people’s dream bedroom. Minimalist appearance, clean of clutter, natural nuances, and a calm atmosphere make people want a Scandinavian bedroom. For those of you who want to have a Scandinavian bedroom, there are a number of things that need to be considered. And in this article, we have provided Important Things to Look for in Creating a Scandinavian Bedroom. That way, you can have the perfect Scandinavian bedroom.

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