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15 Teen Bedroom Decors: It’s Time to Make Teenager Bedroom Look Up-to-Date and Stylish – For teenagers, of course, you want to make your bedroom as attractive as possible, right? If so, then teen bedroom decors are a very important thing that you must comply with. Because there are many decorations that you can choose and apply. However, not all of the decorations you choose are able to add beauty to your room.

For teenagers, the bedroom is indeed an important part. In this room, they will express themselves and their style. With this, they will feel more confident when a friend visits their room.

However, as explained earlier, not all of the decorations chosen are suitable for your bedroom. In fact, there are often mistakes in decorating. Which actually makes the bedroom look messy and weird. And besides that, some of the decorations also seem old and not up-to-date.

Therefore, we created this article for teenagers who want to make their bedroom look up-to-date and stylish. So, what are the teen bedroom decors to choose from? Let’s check it out!

1. Layered Bedding

teen bedroom decors
Cc: Pinterest

First of all, let’s start with the easiest decoration, which is layered bedding. Even though it looks simple, this one decoration is able to make the bedroom look more aesthetic.

In doing layered bedding, you might be able to peek at some Korean bedrooms like the picture above. Earth-tone color makes the bed look more attractive. In addition, layered bedding also makes the bed feel softer. So, you will feel more comfortable when you sleep. This one decoration is also very suitable to be applied in winter. Layered bedding is able to provide maximum warmth.

2. Fresh Teen Bedroom Decors

fresh teen bedroom decors
Cc: Pinterest

Green is the most appropriate color to give a fresh impression to the room. For you teenagers, it would be better to make your bedroom look fresher. That way, the bedroom will seem more cheerful and not boring.

Applying green on the entire bedroom wall may not be a good idea. Therefore, to make the bedroom look bright, still choose white as the base color. Then, apply green paint in the middle to the bottom of the wall. This is one of the teen bedroom decors that you can choose to give a more aesthetic value to the bedroom.

3. Beautiful Dressing Table

beautiful dressing table
Cc: Pinterest

Young women are never far from make-up. Even some of them are very skilled in applying various styles of make-up on the face. And if you are one of them, then the dressing table becomes furniture that must be in the bedroom.

In making the bedroom look aesthetic, the appearance and arrangement of the dressing table must also be considered. Choosing white as the base color is the right idea to give a bright impression to the room. Here, you can also add pink color to make it look pretty and girly.

On the dressing table, don’t let your make-up tools fill the table. Install a floating wall shelf to put your stuff. That way, the table dressing will still look neat.

4. Blue Pastel Teen Bedroom Decors

blue pastel teen bedroom decors
Cc: Pinterest

Pastel colors are often the choice to make the bedroom look charming and bright. Not only that, but the use of these colors also gives a softer and calmer impression in the bedroom.

It’s an interesting idea to make a teen bedroom look soft, pretty, bright, and calm. Pastel blue and white are the perfect combinations. Here, you can also add a few pastel pink accents to make the bedroom look prettier and calmer.

5. Minimalist but Pretty

minimalist soft room
Cc: Pinterest

The minimalist concept is indeed a trend lately. Not only adults, but some teenagers are also interested in applying this concept to their bedrooms.

Minimizing the use of furniture creates more space in the bedroom. Thus, the room will feel more calm and spacious. The minimalist concept is very suitable for a small bedroom.

A rigid and boring appearance is one of the weaknesses of the minimalist concept. However, you don’t have to worry. Try playing on an accent wall. Maybe you can apply a geometric accent wall on the headboard wall. Thus, the room will appear more stylish and aesthetic. Also, choose a different color from the other walls. That way, this beautiful wall will look more stand out.

6. Fresh Teen Bedroom Decors

fresh teen bedroom decors
Cc: Pinterest

Want to try a bohemian style? Or are you interested in a bedroom with a fresh look? This one decoration will surely captivate you.

For this one decoration, it is very appropriate to make white the basic color of the room. This color is able to create a brighter and more natural look.

Some rattan decor evokes the bohemian style in this teen bedroom. Don’t forget some green plants that make it seem more natural and fresh. These plants are neatly arranged on a rattan shelf. And 5 other plants hanging on the window. Decorating decorations is very interesting in replacing the function of curtains and also saving space in the room.

7. String Light Around The Bed

string light ideas
Cc: Pinterest

This one decoration is very mainstream. Many teenagers decorate their beds with string lights in order to produce a bedroom with an aesthetic look.

There are many ways to decorate a bed frame with string lights. And one of them is by wrapping a string light on the bed pole as in the picture above. The bed pole in the picture is made of wood, so when the warm lighting from the string light is turned on, a calm and warm atmosphere immediately appears in the room.

8. String Light and Vines

string light and vines decoration
Cc: Pinterest

The string light is indeed the most widely used item in teen bedroom decors. This one item is very simple but is able to give a dramatic effect on the appearance of the bedroom.

The use of string light in the teen bedroom is not only to decorate the bed. This one item can also be used to decorate the walls of the room. Like in the picture above. String light and artificial vines make the room look fresh, calm, and very charming. Some green plants are also hung on the same wall so that the walls work in bringing nature into the room.

9. Swing Chair for Cozy Bedroom Corner

bedroom swing chair
Cc: Pinterest

A swing chair may be an item to decorate the garden. However, for teenagers, this one piece of furniture is actually a decoration that can make the bedroom feel comfortable.

Introducing a swing chair in the bedroom is a good idea. You can use this one piece of furniture to provide comfort in the corner of the room. On the other hand, the swing chair is also a good corner decoration of the room.

Give some soft pillows and cushions. Also, add some blankets to make the swing chair a comfortable place.

10. Aesthetic Work Space

aesthetic work space
Cc: Pinterest

Unlike an adult bedroom, a teenager’s bedroom must have a workspace. It is in this area that the youth will study and complete their schoolwork.

For the sake of creating an up-to-date and stylish teen bedroom, of course, the workspace cannot be underestimated. This spot must also be made as aesthetic as possible.

You can create a calmer atmosphere by taking warm colors. Also, choose a wood element to fill this area. To further emphasize the natural feel in this room, present some small green plants. Make this plant as a wall decoration by placing it on a wall shelf.

On the bench, make it feel more comfortable by adding pillows and blankets there. Make sure the blanket and color you choose match the workspace theme you take.

11. Peach Teen Bedroom Decors

peach teen bedroom decors
Cc: Pinterest

Want to bring a more cloudless atmosphere into the bedroom? Orange or peach is the most appropriate color to choose.

In making the teen bedroom looks great and cloudless, there is no need to apply orange or peach colors throughout the room. You can choose several spots that you will give a peach or orange color.

It is highly recommended to choose a bed because this spot is the main spot in the bedroom. You can put some peach pillows motif and some plain orange pillows on your bed. Exactly like the picture above. The decoration is very attractive but does not give a striking impression to the room.

12. Sticky Posters

poster bedroom decors
Cc: Pinterest

Sticky posters are the simplest decorations. You can buy some interesting sticky posters in the online store. Choose sticky posters with attractive colors. For pictures, adjust to taste. When applying the sticky posters, you can stick them neatly, or randomly for a more messy result. Also, add some LED lighting with interesting shapes.

13. Beautiful Standing Mirror Decors

beautiful mirror teen bedroom decors
Cc: Pinterest

Instead of using round mirrors or other mirrors that are hung on the wall, teenagers prefer to use standing mirrors. They prefer ootd photos in the mirror or see their overall look.

The mirror is also decorated as attractive as possible. The string light is attached to the edge of the mirror to some nearby furniture such as baskets or plants. At the bottom of the mirror is also given a rug to avoid the mirror slumped and broken. However, the use of this rug actually makes the mirror area appear more aesthetic and stylish in the bedroom.

14. Contrast Teen Bedroom Decors

contrast teen bedroom decors
Cc: Pinterest

Everyone certainly has different tastes. Likewise with teenagers. Some may prefer a bedroom that is soft, calm, and fresh. However, some also prefer bedrooms with contrasting looks.

In having a contrast bedroom is actually quite easy. You can paint one side of the bedroom wall with black paint. And still use white to make it look bright. Also present other colors such as gray or pastel pink to remove the stiff impression and make the bedroom appear more standout.

15. Beautiful Flowers Next to The Window

flowers on the window
Cc: Pinterest

Placing the bed beside the window is the right way to make the bedroom a comfortable room. Here, you can enjoy the view outside from the bedroom. However, make sure you decorate this area as attractively as possible. Because this area will be the main area where you spend more of your time.

To relieve boredom in the bedroom, you can put some beautiful flowers next to the window. The cactus plant is also another suitable plant to use. This plant is able to make the air in the bed area feel fresher.


Teenagers are synonymous with the word “free”. One of them is in decorating the bedroom. Here, they will pour their creativity and style into their private room. However, free does not mean arbitrary. In teen bedroom decors, there are several things that must be considered. Because not all the decorations that you choose or apply to your bedroom can make the room look attractive and comfortable. Even decorating mistakes can be fatal. Therefore, in this article, we have provided 15 Teen Bedroom Decors that you can use as a reference.

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