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17 Stunning Modern Bathroom Ideas That Will Make You Fall in Love – The modern design displays a more functional and minimalist impression. Suitable for you to apply to a room that you will use as a place to relax. Because, from this minimalist look, a calming atmosphere will be created. And, applying it to the bathroom is an interesting idea for you to try. So, try to multiply references about modern bathroom ideas.

Dense activities often make the body feel tired. No need to go to a spa or other place to make yourself fresh again. Just do simple things in your own home, like take a warm bath and relax for a while in the bathroom. And, by applying a modern design to the bathroom, the bathroom will become a quiet, comfortable room, but still looks attractive. Here, we have provided 17 Stunning Modern Bathroom Ideas That Will Make You Fall in Love. So, let’s check it out!

1. Dark and Warm Modern Bathroom

dark Modern Bathroom Ideas
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The first of 17 Stunning Modern Bathroom Ideas That Will Make You Fall in Love is a dark and warm modern bathroom. Although the bathroom is small, the bathroom is quite comfortable. The dark interior makes the bathroom full of serenity. Warm lighting on the walls provides warmth that makes the bathroom feel more comfortable.

The small bathroom is made dark, but this one is far from cramped and stuffy. The right decoration can ward off cramped and stuffy that often disturbs a small room. On the border between the wall and the ceiling there is an LED light with white lighting that keeps the bathroom looking bright. There are also plants as decorations that give a fresh effect to the bathroom.

2. Cozy Modern Bathroom

Modern Bathroom Ideas
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The selection of natural colors will create a warm atmosphere in the bathroom. Here, you just need to add a little touch to make the bathroom feel comfortable and attractive. Light up the bathroom with warm lighting. You can use candles and string light as bathroom lighting.

You can use a small table made of wood to put your various things, such as towels, laptops, or cellphones. The presence of wood material in the bathroom adds warmth that makes it feel more comfortable.

For decoration, you can choose plants, either small plants or medium plants. It would be better to use dry plants so that the interior colors will be more unified and look harmonious.

3. Modern Bathroom with Thick Natural Nuances

natural Modern Bathroom Ideas
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It is actually quite easy to make a modern bathroom feel more comfortable. You just need to bring the feel of nature into it. The nuances of nature will be very helpful in giving you energy and freshness. So, soaking in warm water in the bathtub will be much more fun.

You can rely on natural materials such as wood and natural stone. You can apply natural materials not only to bathroom buildings (floors, walls, and ceilings), you can make them even more dominant by choosing bathroom furniture made from nature.

Install skylight windows to bring natural light into the room. Skylight windows are a safe type of window to use in the bathroom. Right below it, you can plant plants to add freshness and emphasize the natural nuances.

4. Modern Japandi Bathroom That is So Simple

japandi Modern Bathroom Ideas
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The Japandi design, or a combination of the Japanese and Scandinavian designs, prioritizes a more minimalist appearance. So, combining it with a modern design provides maximum serenity.

Timber arranged into a barrier is very appropriate for small bathrooms. The wood material gives warmth to the bathroom atmosphere.

Make the bathroom look bright by using white lighting. You can install the LED light behind the mirror to give an interesting effect on the walls and also make the bathroom brighter.

5. Large Round Mirror for Bathroom

bathroom mirror
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Mirror is a must-have item in the bathroom. The existence of this item will help you in carrying out activities, such as washing your face, shaving, brushing your teeth, etc.

There are many mirror designs that you can choose from for your modern bathroom, and one of them is round mirror with a large size. If it is not enough for the bathroom wall, you can cut it according to the size of the wall. Make the round mirror iconic by installing an LED light right behind it.

Round mirrors are indeed the most appropriate for modern bathrooms. The curved lines on the round mirror will cover the bold lines of the modern design. With this, the modern bathroom will look a little soft.

6. Bright Modern Bathroom

bright room
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A modern bathroom with a bright look will be much more comfortable. Skylight windows will provide better lighting for the bathroom. Located at the top will be very safe for your privacy in the room.

The dominant gray concept creates a cool yet calming feel. The bathroom looks even more perfect with a touch of black in some spots. The black color gives a more assertive and mature impression to your modern bathroom.

7. Beautiful Bathroom Wall Mirror

beautiful Modern Bathroom Ideas
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As previously explained, the mirror is an important item for the bathroom. This item serves to assist you in carrying out activities in the bathroom. However, the function of the mirror in the bathroom is not only that. Mirror is also a supporter in the beauty of the bathroom.

Oval bathroom mirrors are perfect for modern bathrooms. Curved lines disguise the stiff lines of a modern design. With this, the modern bathroom will be far from being stiff and boring.

In making a modern bathroom look attractive with mirrors, you can use several mirrors of different lengths. Hang several mirrors on the same wall. This will be a unique and interesting accent wall.

8. Feel Cozy and Fresh in Your Modern Bathroom

fresh Modern Bathroom Ideas
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Modern bathrooms tend to seem stiff because the appearance is so minimalist. Cool colors like black and gray often complement this design. However, with the right decoration, you can make a modern bathroom feel cozy and fresh.

Green tiles wall and green bathroom vanities create a fresh impression. It will be much more perfect if you decorate the bathroom with some plants.

The mirror is a spot that you can decorate with vines. And the corner of the room is the right spot for you to put medium to large plants. Actually, it is fine if you want to use small plants. However, you will need a table or other high support to make the small plants look stand out in the bathroom.

9. Walk-in Shower Modern Bathroom

walk-in shower
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A walk-in shower modern bathroom becomes the next of 17 Stunning Modern Bathroom Ideas That Will Make You Fall in Love. This idea features a comfortable bathroom without a bathtub.

The use of the shower is much simpler and strongly supports the modern design of the bathroom. The display will be much more minimalist. So you can focus on some decorations that can add to the beauty of the room.

The black and gray bathroom has a cool nuances. Even so, the sunlight coming through the skylight windows turned these two colors into a calm one.

Decorations in the form of plants make the atmosphere in the modern bathroom feel fresher. Round rattan rugs also add a natural feel and also add a bit of warmth to the bathroom.

10. Look Elegant with Monochrome Concept

monochrome design
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The concept of monochrome, or the use of two colors, is very suitable for modern and minimalist designs. The use of two colors will give a simpler impression to the room.

Black and white are the most popular colors in the monochrome concept. And, you can apply these two colors to your modern bathroom. Bringing in natural light will make whites look brighter and more vibrant.

A display that is too simple is also not very good because it can give the impression of being stiff and boring. Therefore, try to present beautiful simple motifs. In one area of the wall, you can install white marble. Abstract gray lines on marble will really help in making the bathroom look attractive.

11. Simple and Soothing Modern Bathroom

soothing Modern Bathroom Ideas
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A simple and soothing modern bathroom is the next of 17 Stunning Modern Bathroom Ideas That Will Make You Fall in Love. The use of two colors, white and soft gold, gives an elegant effect to the bathroom.

The bathroom is indeed made simple so that it can feel calming. Even so, this one bathroom is far from boring. Beautiful abstract motifs on marble material add beauty to the bathroom. Moreover, marble is applied to the floor and also some of the bathroom walls which makes it look dominant.

The long bathroom mirror from the top to the bottom of the wall is a clever trick in making this small bathroom look more spacious. The bathroom also feels more spacious thanks to the right lighting. Some spots are installed with warm LED light, creating serenity and warmth for the modern bathroom.

12. Stunning Black Ceiling

black ceiling
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It is very risky to apply black in a small bathroom. Because, this can make the room look cramped and stuffy. Instead of black, white is the most appropriate to fill a small room. The white color will eliminate the lines in the corners of the room and make it feel more spacious.

However, the use of just one color will not make a small bathroom seem boring. At least some spots or small items in the bathroom must be in a different color. Or, you can apply black to areas that are not exposed to light, such as the ceiling.

A small bathroom with a black ceiling gives a more attractive appearance. The black color adds firmness and also a more mature impression to the room. In addition, the black color also provides a calm that can make a modern bathroom feel more comfortable.

13. Tranquility Modern Bathroom

cozy Modern Bathroom Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The dominant gray color makes the modern bathroom feel cool but calming. However, the cold in the bathroom is disguised by maximum natural lighting and also warm lighting as additional light.

A little touch of Japanese design in the modern bathroom brings serenity. In addition, natural materials bring a thick natural feel and add tranquility to the room.

The view that leads directly to the garden displays some green plants and makes the bathroom feel fresh. In the bathroom, there are also dry plants that look so harmonious with the bathroom interior.

14. Modern Mediterranean Bathroom

mediterranean design
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 17 Stunning Modern Bathroom Ideas That Will Make You Fall in Love is a modern Mediterranean bathroom. The combination of Mediterranean design and modern design can be called mod-mediterranean.

Mediterranean design is more focused on a relaxed yet friendly lifestyle. Therefore, this design often uses natural materials for the interior. Wood is one of the most reliable materials. The wood material is able to bring warmth and create comfort in the room.

For a modern Mediterranean bathroom, white as the main color can create a bright room. Bringing in natural light can make the bathroom look more welcoming and simple.

15. Black and Gray Modern Bathroom

black and gray interior
Cc: Pinterest

If you want to make your modern bathroom look elegant, mature, and cool, try to rely on gray and black. The combination of these two colors will create the feel of a cold room. Make it this two colors look bright and alive by installing recessed lighting. Choose white lighting to make it elegant.

No need to over-decorate to make this modern bathroom look attractive. This bathroom already looks beautiful with abstract motifs on the floor and walls. The LED light that is installed right behind the mirror gives an interesting effect on the wall and makes the room look aesthetic.

16. Make It Bright with Skylight Window

skylight window
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The natural lighting is very important for the room, be it the bathroom though. Indeed, not just any window that you can install in your bathroom. Because, there is privacy that you must protect properly.

Skylight window is the most appropriate type of window for you to choose. Its location at the top will really protect your privacy in the bathroom properly. Not only that, the lighting that comes from above can illuminate the bathroom perfectly.

One of the other benefits of installing skylight windows is that it can add to the convenience of a modern bathroom. The skylight window will show a beautiful view of the blue sky. Soaking in the bathtub and enjoying the view of the sky will be very helpful in making you feel more calm and relaxed.

17. Feel Fresh with a Large Plant

large plants decor
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The last of 17 Stunning Modern Bathroom Ideas That Will Make You Fall in Love is to feel fresh with a large plant. Indeed, in a modern bathroom you cannot present some displays or decorations. Because you need to maintain a minimalist concept and a neat impression.

Instead of using many small plants, it would be better to choose one plant with a large size. This is the right decoration for the corner of the room.

Place a large plant in the corner of the room that gets natural lighting. As we know, natural light is one of the important factors in plant growth. By placing it in a place exposed to natural light, the plant can still grow well and not easily wilt.

Final Words

If you want to have a simple and calm bathroom, applying a modern design is the solution. Modern designs are more focused on functionality so that the impression given is more simple and minimalist. This minimalist and simple look is what brings a calm atmosphere to the bathroom. And the points above are 17 Stunning Modern Bathroom Ideas That Will Make You Fall in Love.

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