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22 Cozy Spot at Home Ideas: An Escape Place from The Riots – Busy activities and crowds outside the home take up a lot of energy, making you tired and stressed. With this, enjoying free time by relaxing at home, and forgetting the hustle and bustle of the world is indeed the best way to keep yourself and your mind calm. Being in a place full of calm and comfort will really help to relieve fatigue and stress in the head. Whether enjoying the night air in the backyard or rooftop, flipping through sheets of paper in the reading nook, or enjoying the green plants in the sunroom. And, to help you in having this kind of place, here are 22 Cozy Spot at Home Ideas that can be your reference.

1. Simple Reading Nook Style

reading nook
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This shows that having a cozy spot at home can be done effortlessly. Utilize empty room corners that get full natural lighting. By putting the rug or carpet down and adding the throw pillows can turn the empty corner of the room into a cozy and attractive spot at home.

The brown throw pillows with simple patterns add a little warmth to the room. It also maintains a natural look. The corner of the room looks softer with the soft-colored blanket. Two small plants on the window are a small touch that brings freshness and enlivens the corner room very well.

2. Bed Next to The Window

cozy spot at home ideas
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The beautiful view is a bonus for the interior of the house. With large windows, it can be seen clearly. And, using the area near the window is the right idea to create a comfortable spot. Moving the bed slightly to the side of the window can make it easier to enjoy the view while relaxing in bed.

You just need to add a few touches to create a supportive atmosphere for your relaxing time, such as using a lantern with a candle in it or scattering the candles in the bed area. Also, use bedding with natural colors to create a calmer and warmer atmosphere.

3. Feel Relaxed on The Window Bench

window bench
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The timber around the window bench as an accent makes the minimalist look pretty. Maximum natural light enters through large, grid-free windows. This window also pictures the beautiful view well. Here, the natural feel is very strong.

The window bench becomes cozy with the soft seat cushion. Its light gray maintains yet emphasizes the natural look. And, there is a rug and a few throw pillows with soft colors and line patterns that decorate the window bench. Several simple displays with neutral colors on the floating wall shelves also enliven the window bench. So, it is not only cozy but also attractive.

4. Tranquility Small Bathroom

tranquility small bathroom
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Even though the bathroom is small, the coziness of the bathroom cannot be doubted. White envelops the room, creating a bright and spacious effect. The decoration is focused on the wall area so that it saves more space in this small room. The wood material on the floor is extended to the bathtub area, creating a simpler impression by only playing with natural brown colors.

What makes the small bathroom feel cozy is the bathtub area. This spot feels so calm and warm with wooden materials and light from candles. The aromatherapy candles create a fragrance that can relax you. And, there is a bath tray that you can use to put more candles or tablets to watch your favorite Netflix series.

5. Neutral Small Dining

small dining area
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Turn the narrow corner of the room into a cozy small dining area. With the floating bench, it doesn’t look like it takes up the space because the bottom area still displays walls. To save more space, use a round table. The same color as the walls will simplify the appearance of the room.

The chair, the sconces, and the frame are a manifestation of the firmness in this spot. Black is an alternative way to eliminate the stiff impression of a minimalist concept. And, it’s even more perfect with a throw pillow with simple patterns on the bench.

6. Natural Bathroom Nuances

cozy spot at home ideas
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With the bathtub just by the window, the bathroom can be used as a place to relax. Moreover, if the view outside the house is very beautiful. Soaking in warm water while enjoying the beautiful view will be very relaxing. And, freshness from outside the house is also present in the bathroom by using plants.

Great plant to fill the corner of the room. However, due to the plants not being tall enough to be visible to the eye, plant stands are used. With the exposed brick wall and whitewashed wall, the green color of the plants stands out in the room.

7. Corner of The Dining Room

dining room coner
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The empty corner of the dining room becomes a cozy place to relax. The cozy chair in the corner of the room is a comfortable place to read or enjoy hot coffee. There is a floor lamp which is a source of light so that the corner of the dining room can also be a place to read.

The white sofa was deliberately chosen to maintain the bright and natural concept of the dining room. But, there are touches of other colors as accents such as gray for the throw pillow and gold for the floor lamp stand. So that it does not seem too stiff, the corner of the room is also decorated with a small, refreshing plant.

8. Fireplace Area

cozy spot at home tips
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Cold air in winter often enters through the gap of the windows and doors. So, the fireplace is an important area to keep the body warm. However, it can also be used as a cozy spot at home to relax.

Leave the fireplace area empty. This is the key to creating a calm atmosphere. Bring warmth by playing with textures. Do a layered carpet, natural colors, and simple patterns are much better. Adding throw pillows and blankets can add warmth and comfort there. Now is the time to bring your favorite books and don’t forget a cup of warm coffee to accompany your free time.

9. Small Backyard

cozy spot at home decors
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This small backyard is not only a place for plants but also a place to hide from the commotion of the world. There is a wooden bench to stay at one with nature. With plants around it, the relaxing area feels so fresh. Large trees with dense leaves provide a natural roof that protects this relaxing spot from sunlight. So, relaxing during the day will still be safe.

What makes the appearance of the backyard change drastically is the string light with yellow lighting. Installation from the tree to the wall area makes the leaves on the tree look like a roof. Yellow light brings warmth and tranquility that increases the comfort of the small backyard.

10. Hammock in The Backyard

cozy spot at home decorations
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The backyard corner is used as a very comfortable place to relax. With a hammock, resting in the backyard will be enjoyable. There is a large tree that makes the hammock area shady during the day. So, when lying down, your eyes are not directly exposed to glaring sunlight.

Throw pillows and blankets are additional decorations that make the hammock feel more comfortable. With natural colors and simple patterns, blankets and pillows enhance the corner of the backyard very well. It looks perfect with several lanterns filled with candles. At night, the light from the candles changes the atmosphere drastically. It creates a soothing warmth in the backyard.

11. A Cozy Tent in The TV Room

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If you want to turn your ordinary TV room into something more interesting, cozy, and different than others, then this idea is perfect for you to choose. A soft white tent will create a more pleasant relaxing spot. The addition of string lights provides a more romantic and calm effect. Put down the seat cushion and layer it with a rug, carpet, or blanket. With a few throw pillows, this spot becomes more comfortable and attractive too. All you need is a bottle of wine and some snacks. And done, enjoy your favorite movie in a different comfortable place.

12. Enjoy Your Tea Time in The Small Kitchen

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The beautiful kitchen would be a shame if you didn’t enjoy it. The design, concept, and decoration of the kitchen bring freshness and tranquility. There are also a few small plants that enliven this room well. And, with the natural lighting, this becomes perfect.

There is a table which, if not used, looks like a normal drawer. So this really helps in saving space in the small kitchen. With a vintage-style chair, enjoying a cup of tea in the morning will feel more pleasant and relaxing.

13. A Cozy Simple Greenhouse

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Having a cozy spot at home does not always have to be in the main building (house). The greenhouse in the backyard can also be the most comfortable spot to relax. This room is not made full of plants. In fact, there are fewer plants in the greenhouse. This is because the greenhouse focuses on a comfortable room to isolate oneself.

A wooden lounge feels comfortable with a white soft seat cushion and a small neck roll. The middle area has a round table with a chair which can be a working space or reading a book. There is a carpet that adds to the texture of the greenhouse, bringing warmth and making this room cozier. A simple pattern in black and white sweetens the look very well.

14. Rooftop Garden with Grill

best cozy spot at home
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The simple rooftop garden can feel very comfortable. A small table with stools makes one side a small dining area. And, in the middle, there is a bench. With several seat cushions and throw pillows, this relaxing area feels cozy. A small round coffee table is a place to put a hot tea or coffee. And, on the other side, there is a grill. With this, a rooftop garden can be a place to relax with dear friends or family.

Even though it is small, the right decoration makes the rooftop garden look pretty and spacious at once. The red rug under the coffee table provides a wider effect. It also enlivens the room and makes it alive. The wall area is a source of freshness on the rooftop. The floating wall shelves are a place to put refreshing small plants.

15. Romantic Outdoor Dining

top cozy spot at home
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Having a romantic place at home with an outdoor dining area. The pergola and the walls are decorated with vines. And, what makes the outdoor dining look so romantic are the pink flowers which look beautiful in several spots. Also, the light from the candles on the dining table. The usual atmosphere changes drastically with string lights. Yellow lighting brings a warmth that adds romance to outdoor dining.

16. White Simple Reading Nook

simple cozy spot at home
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Having a cozy spot at home does not have to be done excessively. Especially if you have to spend more budget or effort. Because a cozy at home can be simpler with a minimal budget and effortlessly.

The corner of the room can feel comfortable by just using a soft round seat cushion, a few throw pillows, and a blanket. There is no pattern in this spot to maintain a minimalist concept and consistent white color. So to make the look attractive you only need to rely on texture. So, even though throw pillows only have one color, that is white, the texture of each throw pillow is different.

17. Mini-Library at Home

mini library
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There is nothing calmer than a library. So, a mini library at home is the right idea to use as the most comfortable place to hide from the crowded world. The books on the shelves create a paper smell that makes it feel very comfortable.

The window area is an important spot here. With a window bench, enjoying the view from the mini-library will be enjoyable. You only need a few touches to make it comfortable, such as a seat cushion and throw pillow. By only focusing on one color, that is white, the atmosphere feels calmer.

18. Comfortable Attic

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Nothing beats the serenity of the attic. And, with its tranquility, the attic is the perfect place to take a break from the crowds. Because space is limited, windows are important. Large windows maximize natural light thereby eliminating the cramped and stuffy feeling of the attic.

The attic feels comfortable by just relying on the seat cushion and throw pillows. There is also a blanket to keep the body warm, especially in winter. With warm colors such as brown, gray and beige, the atmosphere in the attic is calm and warm.

19. Semi-Outdoor Bathroom

cozy spot at home ideas and tips
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Semi outdoor bathroom is the next of 20 cozy spot at home ideas you can choose from. With an outdoor bathtub, you can soak in warm water while enjoying the fresh air. It’s incomplete without a natural touch. Therefore, a small garden was created on the side of the wall. This is also a trick to make the bathroom feel spacious because plants seem to eliminate the walls there.

Natural colors fill the bathroom very well so that the natural atmosphere can be maintained. Also, the bathroom is illuminated with bright yellow light to create a warmth.

20. Spa-Like Retreat

cozy bathroom
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Among the onslaught of classic designs, minimalist designs are still winners for this large bathroom. With high walls, the room feels bigger. And, the minimalist design doesn’t make it feel empty at all. In fact, with a minimalist design, the bathroom feels very calm.

Wood and white dominate the room. Soft white color and maximum natural light brighten up the room. This is also the key that removes the feeling of emptiness in the bathroom. Wood material for the window frame, vanity, floor, and ceiling, also the yellow lighting from the lamps creates warmth nuances. The natural feel becomes even thicker with a touch of plants on different spots.

21. Fresh and Pretty Greenhouse

pretty greenhouse
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The greenhouse is still fresh and pretty with plants and flowers decorating each side. With natural lighting, the beautiful colors from these plants and flowers enhance the greenhouse well. And, to take advantage of the freshness of the plants, in the middle area a white hammock is hung. Relaxing there in your free time will really help relieve fatigue in your head. In this way, the greenhouse can be a cozy spot at home you can rely on.

The green throw pillow with a leaf pattern keeps the theme of the greenhouse. It becomes decoration that enlivens the greenhouse and also makes the hammock more cozier.

22. A Soothing Sunroom

Cc: Pinterest

Like the name, sunroom, this room is made of glass, from the walls to the ceiling. Natural light comes in very freely. So it is very appropriate to put plants there. Sunlight will help plants photosynthesize, even though they are indoors.

With a sofa, a chair, and coffee table, the sunroom becomes a living room. But, with the freshness of the plants and also the calm nuances of natural colors, a sunroom can be the main place to rest. From the window, you can see gardens with greenery that refreshes the eyes. And, from the ceiling, the eye can see the beautiful blue sky during the day or the charming stars at night.

Final Words

Create a cozy spot at home that you can rely on as a place to rest. Perfect calm which may be accompanied by freshness and warmth, you can unwind and rest your mind from worldly busyness. And, having a cozy spot is very easy. If you can’t make a room feel calm, you can create it in the corner of the room or utilize your attic.

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