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11 Great Tips You Can Follow to Make Your Kitchen Cozy – The living room and bedroom are the rooms that are most often considered for comfort and beauty. However, the kitchen is no less important. As a room for cooking and serving dishes, cleanliness, tidiness, comfort, and the beauty of the kitchen are also parts that you should pay attention to. And, in an article entitled “11 Great Tips You Can Follow to Make Your Kitchen Cozy”, we will help you in having a dream kitchen in your home. So, let’s check it out!

1. Choosing The Right Kitchen Cabinet

kitchen cabinet
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As we know that the kitchen is a room that has so many things, from utensils to kitchen appliances. If you just let it look in the kitchen, of course, the kitchen will feel so messy. And even worse, the kitchen feels cramped and uncomfortable.

A kitchen cabinet is a solution for storing kitchen items. That way, the impression of the kitchen will be neater and cleaner.

Choose a kitchen cabinet with a design that suits your interior design. Choose similar colors to make the look more harmonious. Or, you can choose a safe path by choosing kitchen cabinets in neutral colors such as white, gray, navy, beige, brown, and black.

2. Organizing Kitchen Equipment According to Priority

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So many items in the kitchen will make you overwhelmed in finding the items you want to use. Therefore, you have to organize the kitchen equipment as neatly as possible. And this is the second tip of 11 Great Tips You Can Follow to Make Your Kitchen Cozy.

You can put the things you use often in the top drawer or in a cabinet that is easy to reach by you. This will really make you feel comfortable while cooking.

3. Arrange Cooking Utensils Neatly

cooking utensils
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In making the kitchen look neat and clean, storing things in the kitchen cabinet is the easiest and most effective way. However, that does not mean you put the cooking utensils as you like. Here, you are required to arrange the cooking utensils neatly. So, it is not only the outer surface that looks clean and tidy, but the inside of the cabinet or drawer must also be neat.

For neater results, you can use some storage for one drawer. Each storage has items with similar functions. For example, one storage for kitchen utensils and the other for forks and spoons.

4. Fill The Room with The Right Colors

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In making your dream kitchen feel cozy, you are not allowed to mix up the various colors that you like. Because the collision between colors will be bad for the beauty as well as the comfort of the room. Therefore, filling the room with the right colors becomes the next of 11 Great Tips You Can Follow to Make Your Kitchen Cozy.

If you want to make your room feel soothing, then rely on neutral colors. To find out more about what is included in the neutral color group, you can click here!

And conversely, if you want to make your room feel more cloudless, you can use bright colors. Or, you can also play with pastel colors for a softer look.

If you want to make your kitchen feel more spacious and clean, try relying on white. This color is able to eliminate stiff lines and dark corners in the room. And this is what gives a wide effect on the room.

5. Maintain The Air Circulation in The Kitchen

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Not only appearance, but the air in the kitchen also contributes to comfort. Dirty air not only disturbs comfort but can also bring disease, especially respiratory disease. Therefore, the next of the 11 Great Tips You Can Follow to Make Your Kitchen Cozy is to maintain the air circulation in the kitchen.

There are several tips that you can try or apply to make air circulation in the kitchen well-maintained:

  • Install Fan Ceiling

fan ceiling
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You can choose an item called a fan ceiling and install it in your kitchen. This one item is very helpful in making the air run properly. Besides that, one of the advantages of a ceiling fan is that it can reduce hot air in the room when summer arrives. Not only that, but the use of a ceiling fan is also more eco-friendly and does not consume a lot of electricity.

  • Install Air Conditioner

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Next is the air conditioner. By installing this one item in the kitchen, the air will be cold. In addition, the air conditioner also kills the bad particles in the air. However, the use of air conditioners often makes the temperature in the room cold and dry. Besides that, when compared to the ceiling fan, the electricity consumption by the air conditioner is much greater.

  • Ventilation

kitchen ventilation
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Vent installers are usually at the top of the wall so that more wind enters the room and replaces the dirty air in it. Installing ventilation is very effective in maintaining good air circulation in the room.

  • Use Window

make your kitchen cozy tips
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The use of windows to keep air circulating in the room well-maintained is very mainstream. Here, you only need to open the window, especially in the morning. Because the morning air is much cleaner and healthier to replace the dirty air that was previously in the kitchen.

  • Skylight Window

skylight window
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There are several types of skylight windows that you can choose for the kitchen in your home. However, if you want to make the skylight window have a function to maintain air circulation, then choose a skylight window that can be opened using a remote. Air from above will be much easier to enter the room and make air circulation work well.

6. Keep The Cleanliness in The Kitchen

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Cleanliness is the main thing that affects the comfort of the room. In order to make the kitchen feel cozy, you need to make sure that your kitchen is not only neat but also clean.

Start from the trash in the kitchen. Garbage that cannot be recycled can cause an unpleasant odor if left in the room for days. And of course, this is very disturbing. Therefore, do not throw away the trash until the trash is full. You have to take out the trash every day and wash the bins used with soap and water.

Or, to make it easier for you, you can divide the waste into two, those are garbage that can be recycled and not. Garbage that cannot be recycled over time can decompose. And this garbage is what you need to throw away every day.

Besides that, when cooking, there will usually be oil splashes on the countertop or backsplash. If left unchecked, it will make the stain difficult to clean. Therefore, after cooking, make sure you clean your cooking area clean. Make the kitchen free of trash and stubborn stains.

7. Decorate The Kitchen Properly

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A beautiful room is a comfortable room. This is a point that you must apply to your mind. So, if you want to have a cozy kitchen, make sure you decorate the room properly and correctly.

You do not need to decorate the kitchen area with wall displays in the form of pictures and so on. In this room, you can give a touch to the items that really should be there. For example, replacing ordinary lamps with recessed lighting fixtures to make the kitchen look minimalist but pretty. Or, you can hang a kitchen pendant light above the kitchen island or kitchen bar area.

Decorating the kitchen with some green plants is also very good for bringing freshness into the room. The natural green color of plants can also make the atmosphere in the kitchen seem livelier. With this, the kitchen will feel comfortable.

8. Make The Kitchen Minimalist

minimalist cozy kitchen tips
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A minimalist concept or design will give the effect of a clean and clutter-free appearance. Therefore, applying this design to the kitchen can make it feel more comfortable. Besides that, the minimalist design also maintains beauty by using neutral colors.

The application of a minimalist design can be started by making white the main color. Then move to the kitchen cabinet with a simple design and neutral colors. The minimalist pendant light design is also a simple decoration that gives a cleaner impression and also as complements the appearance of the kitchen.

The application of a minimalist design keeps the room away from clutter. Therefore, do not be surprised if a kitchen with a minimalist design usually feels calmer, fresher, and full of tranquility.

9. Light Up The Kitchen with Natural Lighting

natural lighting
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Lighting is also an important part of the comfort of the kitchen. If you want to make your kitchen feel cozy, try to light up the kitchen with natural lighting. And, this is the next of 11 Great Tips You Can Follow to Make Your Kitchen Cozy.

Install several windows in the kitchen to bring in natural light. The bigger the window you choose, the lighter will enter the kitchen. Or, you can also install a glass facade to maximize natural light entering the room. Besides that, if you want natural light to enter the kitchen better, you can install a skylight window. Lighting from above will be much better in illuminating the room.

If you have a garden beside or behind your kitchen, it is time to replace the wooden door that connects to the garden with a glass door. The use of glass doors can maximize the natural light that enters the room. Besides that, a beautiful garden in your house can be seen clearly from the kitchen and makes this one room feel fresh and more comfortable.

The advantage of making natural light as the main lighting is that you do not have to turn on the lights which costs electricity. Besides that, natural light can work well in removing shadows from objects and also the corners of the room.

10. Utilize Wall as Storage Area

wall storage
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The use of too many cabinets is also not good for the kitchen. Instead of providing a storage area in the form of a cabinet or cupboard, it would be better to use the wall area as a storage area. This is also an effective way for small kitchens. In this way, the small kitchen will feel more spacious and comfortable.

You can choose open shelving to put some interesting kitchen utensils. You can rely on some kitchen spices in attractive jars as decorations to add value to the beauty of the kitchen. In the open shelving, you can also show the beautiful plates or mugs. Or, you can also put some small plants to bring freshness to the kitchen.

11. Add Natural Materials to The Kitchen

natural materials
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The last of the 11 Great Tips You Can Follow to Make Your Kitchen Cozy is to add natural materials to the kitchen. Actually, this method is the easiest and most effective way to make the kitchen feel comfortable. You just need to create a thicker natural atmosphere in it.

There are several natural materials that you can choose to fill your kitchen. To find out more about natural materials, you can find out more by clicking here!

You can choose exposed bricks, natural stone, or wood for the walls of the room. You can also use some furniture made from natural materials.

For wood elements, let the original color and texture show to give a bolder natural effect to the room. Besides that, the color and texture of the wood can also bring warmth which can make the kitchen feel warm and full of calm.

Final Words

It’s actually quite easy to make the kitchen feel comfortable. It’s just that, you have to know the right tips and tricks first. And, the points above are 11 Great Tips You Can Follow to Make Your Kitchen Cozy. The methods above are the easiest and most effective ways that can make you have your cozy dream kitchen. So, happy trying all!

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