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25 Vintage Room Ideas & Inspiration: It is Time Turn Your Room Into Paradise – The vintage design is somewhat outdated, but this design is one of the most popular interior designs. The worn look brings a room through an old dimension and makes you feel the warmth of the old days. The old look gives a different sensation to the room in your house. Therefore, it is okay to apply vintage designs to current homes. And in this article, we have provided 25 Vintage Room Ideas & Inspiration that can be your reference. So, let’s check it out!

1. Vintage Room in Pink Nuances

pink Vintage Room Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The first of 25 Vintage Room Ideas & Inspiration is a vintage bedroom in pink nuances. This one design is perfect for women who want to create a soft and feminine look in the bedroom.

The pink color and also the floral wallpaper make the bedroom look more feminine. The appearance is also softer thanks to the pastel pink color. With natural lighting, pink displays its true color and makes the room look prettier and more attractive.

You can combine it with white to give a bright effect to the bedroom. White is a neutral color that looks good when combined with soft pink.

2. String Light to Beautify the Bed Area

string light
Cc: Pinterest

If you are confused about how to decorate your vintage-style bedroom to look attractive, then try playing with lighting. Here, you can use string lights as decoration for the bedroom. Place it in an area that is directly visible to the eye. Therefore, choose the main spot to be decorated with string lights. And, the bed is the perfect spot.

Glue the string light on the ceiling area until it falls down. This will make the bedroom wall look so beautiful. Choose yellow lighting to bring warmth and make the bedroom feel cozy.

3. Beautiful Plates Wall Decor for Kitchen

Vintage Room Ideas decors
Cc: Pinterest

You can make plates with vintage motifs and designs as kitchen wall decorations. And this is the next of 25 Vintage Room Ideas & Inspiration.

You can hang several plates with different sizes and motifs to give a more attractive impression. Display several plates on the wall adjacent to the light, that is beside the window. That way, the beauty of the plates will be immediately visible to the eye when you enter the kitchen area in your home.

4. Vintage Workspace That Feel so Fresh

fresh Vintage Room Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Workspace is an area where comfort is a point that must be prioritized. However, that does not mean beauty is not noticed. As in this one idea where the workspace looks beautiful and also feels comfortable.

A table with a green vintage design gives freshness to the room. Other freshness is obtained from the flower motifs on the seat cushions and also the curtains that are next to the workspace.

The window was deliberately partially closed to prevent natural light from entering the room to the fullest. That way the atmosphere will be calmer. The effect of a slightly darker room is not dazzling and will make you comfortable.

5. Feel The Warmth in Your Workspace

warm Vintage Room Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

You can also make the vintage style comfortable with full of warmth. In this idea, white is the main color to neutralize the look. Furthermore, the workspace is decorated with wood and rattan materials which bring a good warmth to the surroundings. The natural brown color is also very good for giving a calm effect to the workspace and making it the most comfortable spot. Here, you only need to add a bit of freshness to your workspace by decorating it with a vintage vase containing green plants or flowers.

6. Fresh Vintage Attic Design

vintage attic design
Cc: Pinterest

The vintage attic design that can be seen in the picture above also looks attractive. Green is the main color which brings a fresh feel to the attic. This is very helpful in getting rid of the cramped and stuffy feeling in the attic.

Wall murals with pictures of flowers and birds enliven the appearance of the Attic so that the Attic will be far from boring. The flowers and bird motifs on the wall also add freshness to the attic. With natural light coming in through the windows the attic becomes brighter and the colors come alive.

7. Beautiful Vintage Bathroom Design

vintage bathroom design
Cc: Pinterest

Actually, the vanities area in the bathroom above seems simple. It is just that a wall mural with a picture of flowers and plants on a white background enlivens the look of the bathroom.

Green vanities make a white bathroom look fresher. Also, assisted by sunlight that enters freely through the window.

The touch of gold on the sink, mirror, and wall lamp is a decoration that gives the bathroom a more attractive appearance. The presence of gold color also gives a bit of an elegant effect to the vintage bathroom design.

8. Fresh and Pretty with Flowers Decor

pretty Vintage Room Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 25 Vintage Room Ideas & Inspiration is a fresh and pretty flower decor. This one idea uses soft white as the main color to give a softer and calmer impression to the living room.

Wooden walls painted white provide texture and make the room seem older. This is where warmth and serenity are found.

In this one idea, the vintage living room is decorated with scattered flowers. Makes the room fresh and beautiful instantly.

9. Cozy Vintage Balcony Design

cozy Vintage Room Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The balcony is an area to relax while getting fresh air. It is very suitable to be used as a place where you want to refresh your tired body and soul. With this, the comfort of the balcony becomes your priority.

You can bring calm and comfort at the same time by applying a vintage design. The old impression on the balcony brings a warmth that can make you feel comfortable. You can also bring a little cloudless atmosphere into the balcony by decorating it with some colors. And give freshness by placing some plants there.

10. Beautiful Vintage Sunroom Design

sunroom Vintage Room Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

In summer, you can make the sunroom a place to relax. You can sunbathe here and make yourself more relaxed and calm. It’s just that you need to make it feel comfortable and beautiful.

Applying a vintage design to the sunroom is the right idea. Choose a yellow sofa like in the picture above to make it stand out there. Next, decorate the sunroom with a few plants along the walls. Make a bolder natural impression thereby using furniture made of wood or rattan. And lastly, use a beautiful floral patterned rug to give the sunroom a wider visual.

11. Bright and Soft with Ivory White and Beige

soft Vintage Room Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Ivory white can be a mainstay in making the bedroom feel calm but still bright. And, you can combine it with a beige color to make the calmness present well in the room. This will really help to make the vintage bedroom feel so comfortable.

Instead of lighting the room with light, it is better to make it naturally bright. Therefore, let the window remain plain without decoration so that natural light can enter the bedroom properly.

Give a little decoration in the form of flowers on the tableside. Choose matching white flowers so that the appearance remains harmonious and beautiful.

12. Decorate The Wall with Vintage-Designed Mirror

mirror wall decors
Cc: Pinterest

Mirrors are items that can help you in carrying out several activities such as applying make-up, looking at your ootd, brushing your teeth, and so on. However, because of the many designs on the mirror makes it so much more than that. You can also make mirrors as beautiful wall decorations.

Mirrors with vintage designs are perfect for vintage-designed rooms. This will give a more harmonious look and feel.

You can hang some vintage-designed mirrors on one side of the wall as shown in the picture above. Put a table cabinet to make this area more attractive and stand out.

13. Bedroom yet Mini-Library

mini library
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 25 Vintage Room Ideas & Inspiration is a bedroom yet mini-library. This one idea is very interesting. The bedroom is not only an area for sleeping and resting but also a mini library.

The bed is deliberately placed in the corner of the room to serve as a reading nook. And, floating wall shelves are installed above it as a storage place for books. This method also makes it easier for you when you want to read. You can take the books you want to read without having to walk.

14. Attractive Wall Gallery for Vintage Dining Room

wall gallery
Cc: Pinterest

The wall is an area where you can use it to change the appearance of an ordinary room to be interesting. As in this one idea where the wall is painted green to distinguish it from the other walls which are painted white. And, on the greenwashed wall are displayed some interesting vintage-themed wall hangings. The slightly quirky bright colors on display bring beauty and art into a vintage dining room design.

15. Cozy Vintage Reading Nook

corner Vintage Room Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Reading nook is a favorite area for people who like to read. And, if you are one of them, we suggest applying this one idea to your home.

The corner of the room with vintage design brings serenity as well as warmth that will make you feel comfortable there. Make vintage designs present well by choosing vintage-designed bookshelves, a rug, and a chair. You can also put a large plant next to the chair to make the corner of the room fresher and livelier.

For windows, do not provide any decorations so that natural light can illuminate the reading nook optimally and well. Natural light will make you feel more comfortable when reading.

16. A Few Small Plants to Make The Vintage Living Room Feel Fresh

fresh Vintage Room Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

If you are confused about how to decorate a vintage living room to look attractive without disturbing the old impression, then you can depend on plants. As in this one idea where plants look beautiful with plants as decorations.

There is no need to use medium or large-sized plants for a small living room because this will only take up space and make it look cramped. Therefore, we advise you to prefer small plants and place them in several spots. With this, the freshness will come better into the living room. And, don’t forget to light the room with natural light because plants need natural light to keep growing.

17. Blue Velvet Armchairs Look Stand Out in The Living Room

Cc: Pinterest

Make a vintage living room look pretty and a little elegant with an armchair made from velvet. So, when exposed to light, be it light or natural light, the chairs will look beautiful.

It is very appropriate to make the velvet armchair an attractive area in the living room. You just need to make it look stand out by choosing a color that is different from the other colors. For example, the blue color for the living room in white and brown shades.

18. Simple but Cozy Vintage Workspace Design

workspace design
Cc: Pinterest

A vintage-style work desk in green looks is so attractive in the home office. The green color gives freshness to the room. You can enhance the freshness by decorating the table with a vase filled with water and plants.

If you want to make your home office feel warm and full of calm, then make brown as the color combination. And, white remains the main color to make these two colors, green and brown, look clearer and more harmonious.

19. Exposed Brick Wall for Vintage Dining Room

exposed brick walls
Cc: Pinterest

Relying on natural materials is an effective way to make a room calm. You can choose wood materials for floors and furniture, iron for pendant lights, or bricks for the walls like in this one idea. And, it becomes the next of 25 Vintage Room Ideas & Inspiration you can follow.

In this one idea, the exposed brick wall is intentionally left unpolished so that the brick’s red color is clearly visible in the room. With a white interior, the brick red color looks more stand out and makes this vintage dining room look so pretty with a strong natural impression.

20. Cloudless and Fresh Vintage Kitchen Design

cloudless Vintage Room Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

White as the main color was deliberately chosen to neutralize the appearance so that other colors in the room can be seen clearly. As in this one idea that chose blue for the kitchen cabinet and black for the floor.

The blue cabinet looks so beautiful with the help of sunlight coming in through the window. The blue color looks so bright.

You can find other blue colors on the walls. Blue flower wallpaper enlivens the display and also makes it more attractive. Another interesting look also comes from the triangle black and white tiles flooring.

21. Colorful Vintage Kitchen Design

colorful Vintage Room Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

You can also make a vintage design look cloudless like this one idea. And, this is the next of 25 Vintage Room Ideas & Inspiration.

White remains the main color to neutralize the look. The light blue kitchen cabinet maintains brightness in the kitchen. What makes the kitchen a colorful room is a wall mural depicting leaves with a combination of soft colors. Colorful rugs also bring a cloudless atmosphere into the kitchen.

22. Simple Decor Makes The Corner Room Look Pretty

simple Vintage Room Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

You don’t need complicated decorations if you want to make a vintage-style room look attractive because you can try easy and simple ways. If we look at the picture above, the corner of the room is used as an interesting spot.

A table cabinet with drawers is additional storage for storing several items. Above it is an old-looking jug filled with refreshing greenery. And, the wall area is decorated with vintage-style displays. The touch of gold and black gives firmness to get rid of the rigid impression because of its very simple appearance.

23. White and Blue Mudroom Shades

mudroom decors
Cc: Pinterest

The mudroom may be a dirty area in the house. However, that does not mean its beauty is not noticed. Here, you can choose blue and white colors to fill the mudroom. Light the mudroom with natural light to make these two colors look bright and alive.

Present a sweet vintage design by choosing blue flower wallpaper and vintage tiles flooring design. You can also decorate a mudroom with plants that are refreshing and can make the atmosphere seem more lively. This one method not only beautifies the appearance of the mudroom but also makes it feel comfortable.

24. Bench Seating in Vintage Design for Dining Area

dining bench seating
Cc: Pinterest

The dining room does not only have to be filled with tables and dining chairs. You can give a different touch to your vintage dining room. As in this one idea that replaces the dining chair with a seating bench. And, it becomes the next of 25 Vintage Room Ideas & Inspiration you can follow.

Choose a seating bench with a thick vintage design. You can also pair it with a rectangular wooden dining table. You can beautify the center of the table with plants and other vintage-style decorations.

25. Soft Vintage Bathroom Design

soft Vintage Room Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

This vintage bathroom looks so beautiful with a combination of white and soft green. The green color is made more dominant to present a fresh feel that can make the bathroom feel comfortable.

With a touch of marble material on the countertop, this soft bathroom look looks a little more elegant. Coupled with a beautiful vintage patterned rug.

The soft and feminine appearance comes from the flowers in the room, be they real flowers as decorations or floral motifs on the fabric there. And, the room looks so pretty and bright thanks to the natural light coming in through the window.

Final Words

The vintage design has an old and soft look that can change your room to be more beautiful and attractive. The effect given is also different from other designs. Therefore, applying vintage designs to the interior of the house is the right idea. And the points above are 25 Vintage Room Ideas & Inspiration that can be your reference. Choose one or more that you like. Also, pay attention to the aesthetic value and harmony of your home interior. So, good luck!

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