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32 Bathroom of Marble Ideas You Will Love – In this article, we provide bathroom of marble ideas that you might like. Marble of bathroom with various nuances and atmosphere. Even so, comfort is the main point that we keep here.

As a room that is always closed, the bathroom is the room that is most often left at home. As if the comfort and beauty of the bathroom is not important here. In fact, the bathroom is the room that is most often used. In fact, you can use a comfortable and beautiful bathroom as a place to relax and cool off from the crowd.

So, here are 32 Bathroom of Marble Ideas You Will Love. Let’s check it out!

1. Cozy and Warm Bathroom

marble of bathroom ideas
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In this idea, marble is the main material that must be in the bathroom. However, it is okay if you want to bring other materials to the bathroom.

Adding wood material in the bathroom will change the ambiance to be warm. As a natural material, you can create a natural feel in the room. Presenting the natural lighting and adding a green plant or two near the bathtub is the most appropriate idea.

2. Modern Bathroom Design

marble of bathroom ideas and decor
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Modern bathroom of marble is the next idea that you can choose. Using marble material for a modern bathroom is indeed the most appropriate idea. Considering that modern design carries a minimalist and functional appearance, it often makes the room seem stiff and boring. With an abstract and beautiful marble motif, it can eliminate the stiff impression of a modern bathroom.

LED light with warm lighting can create a warm atmosphere for a modern bathroom. In addition, warm lighting can also make a modern bathroom feel calm. With this, the convenience of the bathroom does not need to be doubted.

3. Clean and Elegant Look at Once

elegant marble of bathroom ideas
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For those of you who are very lazy in providing decorations such as displays, plants, and others into the bathroom, then this one idea is the most suitable for you to choose. Playing with motifs on marble is an alternative way to make the bathroom look attractive.

The loss of various kinds of displays in the bathroom makes it look so clean. Not only the appearance, but the loss of decoration also makes the atmosphere in the bathroom feel calming.

4. A Little Touch of Gold Make It Luxurious

luxurious marble of bathroom ideas
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Motives and glossy surfaces when exposed to light on marble are actually enough to make a bathroom look luxurious. However, it does not matter if you want to be consistent at the “luxurious” point. Here, you can add a little touch of gold to some small items in the bathroom. This color is the most efficient color to add a luxurious value to the room.

5. Simple and Bright Marble Bathroom

bright marble of bathroom ideas
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The next of 32 Bathroom of Marble Ideas You Will Love is a simple and bright marble bathroom. In this idea, white was chosen as the main color for the bathroom so that it looks bright and natural.

The marble element right in the middle of the bathtub area wall is the main focus of the room. If you want to make this spot look stand out, add white LED light on the right and left edges. The light focused on the marble will make the motif look more alive and clear.

6. White-Shades Marble Bathroom

white bathroom
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Never hesitate to apply white throughout your bathroom. Instead, with this, the bathroom will look brighter and natural.

No need to worry about the white-shades bathroom will look stiff. White bathroom will still look attractive by relying on marble elements. Abstract motifs on marble are able to give beauty to the room.

If you want to make the bathroom look more beautiful, you can add plants, a floor lamp, and a small table. Choose black to give a firm side to the bathroom.

7. Magnificent and Dazzling Marble Bathroom

magnificent bathroom
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Magnificent and dazzling marble bathroom is the next of 32 Bathroom of Marble Ideas You Will Love. Applying marble to the large bathroom is a very appropriate idea.

A large room is easy to feel empty if it is not decorated properly and properly. And, in making it look attractive, you will need a lot of decorations. With marble, you don’t need to bring a lot of decorations to the bathroom. Marble motifs and colors are enough to decorate and make a large bathroom look beautiful.

Make natural lighting the main lighting to make the large bathroom feel comfortable. Sunlight can provide warmth and help eliminate the feeling of emptiness in this large room.

8. Monochrome Bathroom of Marble

monochrome bathroom
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If you want to have a simple bathroom, try to apply the monochrome concept. White and black are the most fitting combinations for the monochrome concept. Make the white color dominant here to make the room look bright. The black color becomes a touch to give a firm effect.

Marble elements applied to the floor make it look elegant and not excessive. Natural lighting that enters through the window makes the marble floor look so beautiful.

9. Black and White Marble for Attractive Look

black and white bathroom
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Considering marble is the main material in the bathroom, you can play with this material to give a more unique and interesting impression. Using two marbles with different colors and motifs is the right idea. Choose contrasting colors like black and white. Adding a touch of gold can create an expensive impression on this bathroom.

10. Marble with Two Different Motif Colors

attractive marble of bathroom ideas
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One marble color with two different color motifs is another way you can choose to play on marble. This is another way of adding another color to the room without making it look full. In addition, this method is also able to give a more attractive impression for the bathroom.

The touch of gold on the shower divider increases the value of the expensive. While the wood elements with dark colors provide warmth and tranquility that makes the room feel comfortable.

11. Gray-Shades Bathroom of Marble

gray marble of bathroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Gray is a color that you can choose to make the bathroom look a little shady. Gray marble with black motifs is the best for the bathroom. With the help of white lighting, gray motifs and colors can be seen more clearly. You can also provide warm lighting in the mirror area and vanities to create a little warm ambiance in the bathroom. White flowers right next to the bathtub are the most appropriate decorations that can give a sweet and fresh impression.

12. Small but Look Luxurious with Marble

small marble of bathroom ideas
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You can also make a small bathroom luxurious and elegant. The soft gray color is the most appropriate for you to make as the main color. Choose a marble with a similar color. That way, the small bathroom will look harmonious. Play on the wall panels and give it a touch of gold. Lastly, decorate the small bathroom with beautiful chandeliers.

13. Mirror Lighting Make It Feel Alive

mirror lighting
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The mirror is a must-have item in the bathroom. The function of the mirror is to help you in doing activities such as washing your face, brushing your teeth, etc. However, you can also use the bathroom mirrors as decorations that can add to the aesthetic value of the bathroom. By installing a white LED light behind the mirror, the motifs and colors of the marble on the walls will look clearer and stand out. You can also decorate the wall with a wall lamp with a simple design.

14. Contemporary Bathroom of Marble Design

contemporary marble of bathroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Earth-tone is the most appropriate to fill the contemporary bathroom. The ambiance created will be warm and full of serenity. Which can make the bathroom feel comfortable. Line painting is a decoration that you can choose to decorate the walls of the room. Also, provide artificial plants that can add freshness and beauty to the room. For vanities, choose marble material. Glossy surfaces and beautiful abstract motifs are perfect for a contemporary bathroom.

15. Minimalist Bathroom of Marble Design

minimalist marble of bathroom ideas
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The minimalist design requires you to reduce the decorations in the room. Try to keep the room simple. If you want to make the bathroom look pretty, you can choose small decorations such as flowers in the vase and so on. Or, you can also play with the motifs in the room. Relying on marble is very appropriate for a minimalist bathroom. However, try to choose marble with a motif that is not too flashy. You can add warm lighting right behind the large mirror to add warmth and comfort to the minimalist bathroom.

16. Feel Masculine and Cool in Your Bathroom

masculine marble of bathroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Not only a bathroom with a bright appearance, a bathroom with a shady and dark appearance is no less interesting. Warm lighting is the main lighting in the bathroom. Round mirror with a large size is enough to decorate this room. You can add LED lighting with warm lighting right behind it. The light from the LED light is very helpful in making the colors and motifs of the marble look stand out.

17. Gray and White Bathroom

gray and white bathroom
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Gray and white is a color combination that you can choose to make the bathroom more shady but still bright. You can choose white marble with a gray motif and apply it to the walls of the room. Instead of using light, it would be better to make natural lighting as the main lighting. This will really help to make the bathroom look more natural. Not only that, but natural lighting is also able to make marble look more alive and make the room look more beautiful.

18. Elegant Black Bathroom with Marble

elegant marble of bathroom ideas
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One of the concerns about applying black to a room is that it can make the room feel cramped and stuffy. However, if you decorate it properly, the room will feel comfortable and full of tranquility.

Apply black on the walls and ceiling to make it look dominant. To make black exude serenity, light up the bathroom with natural lighting. Or, you can also install LED lights in several spots.

Vanities made of white marble will look striking in this black bathroom nuances. The gray motif on the marble makes the room look beautiful and elegant.

19. Gold Touches That Look Old

gold bathroom decor
Cc: Pinterest

Marble material and gold color are indeed the perfect combination. This combination changes the appearance of the room to be elegant and luxurious.

Gold bathroom sink with an old look brings a vintage feel to the bathroom. Some gold colors with a rough finish are also influential in bringing the atmosphere of this room back to the 90s.

20. Calm and Fresh Bathroom of Marble

calm marble of bathroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 32 Bathroom of Marble Ideas You Will Love is a calm and fresh bathroom. The combination of white and beige managed to keep the room bright but calm. Another factor that makes this room look bright is the selection of white lighting. You can find white lighting in the ceiling and wall areas. For a fresh feel, there are two small indoor plants placed on the vanities.

21. Stylish Small Bathroom

small bathroom
Cc: Pinterest

Stylish small bathroom becomes the next of 32 Bathroom of Marble Ideas You Will Love. White marble with subtle gray motifs is perfect for this bathroom. A simpler impression allows you to add other decorations and make the gold color present more. Crystal chandeliers are the focal point that makes the room look beautiful. Play with the lighting to add to the beauty. You can install warm lighting on the ceiling and behind the mirror.

22. Make It Fresh by Presenting Plants

plants decor
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The use of beige marble makes the bathroom look elegant and luxurious. Abstract motifs that look very clear make you have to minimize decorations so that the room does not look full. So, be careful in choosing decorations. Of the many decorations, plants are the most appropriate for you to choose from. The green color of the plants can create a fresh atmosphere in the bathroom.

23. Soothing Bathroom of Marble with Brown Shades

soothing marble of bathroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 32 Bathroom of Marble Ideas You Will Love a soothing bathroom of marble with brown shades. In this idea, we can see that serenity is the focal point of the black color that is made dominant. Therefore, to make the serenity of this bathroom seem optimistic, choose a brown marble. You can also install a warm LED light to add calm and create warmth in the room.

24. Look A Little Feminine with Beautiful Pink Marble

pink marble of bathroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

For women who want to bring a feminine impression to the bathroom, this is the next of 32 Bathroom of Marble Ideas you can choose. Pink marble on one side of the wall becomes the main focal point in the bathroom. The choice of white lighting makes the pink color look clearer in the room. The beautiful and expensive marble motif looks even more classy when combined with gold and crystal chandeliers.

25. Simple Blue Marble Make You Feel Fresh

blue bathroom
Cc: Pinterest

There are many charming marble motifs, one of which is blue. You can apply the blue marble to one side of the wall. Choose a wall that is close to the bathtub as this is the main focal point in the bathroom. The presence of blue marble in a simple white bathroom not only makes it look elegant but also fresh. White lighting makes the blue color displayed clearly in the room.

26. Greenery The Bathroom to Make It Fresh and Alive

fresh bathroom
Cc: Pinterest

If you want to make the bathroom feel fresh, choose green to fill the room. You can choose marble with a green motif. Install this marble on the wall near the bathtub and also on the floor. You can also add medium-size plants that can change the bathroom atmosphere to be fresh. Place this one plant on a small table to make it look clear and stand out in the bathroom.

27. Simple Marble Bathroom with Jacuzzi

jacuzzi bathroom
Cc: Pinterest

Compared to a bathtub, soaking in a Jacuzzi is much more comfortable. It is suitable for those of you who make the bathroom a place to calm down and make your mind fresh again. Apply a minimalist concept to make the atmosphere in the bathroom calmer. Use marble to present a motif that can beautify this simple marble bathroom with jacuzzi. Choose white as the main color to neutralize the atmosphere. And done, you have a simple bathroom full of comfort.

28. Soft yet Elegant Small Bathroom Look

soft marble of bathroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The selection of pastel colors for a small bathroom is the right idea. The pastel blue color makes the small bathroom look soft and fresh. While marble functions in giving an elegant effect to this bathroom. The wall area is made attractive by installing a white LED light right behind the mirror. The presence of wood material brings a warmth that makes this small bathroom feel comfortable.

29. Simple, Pretty, and Feminine Look at Once

pretty marble of bathroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The combination of two pastel colors such as green and pink can make the bathroom soft and calm. Wall murals with matching colors make the bathroom look harmonious. Besides that, the mural wall is also very helpful, this simple bathroom looks attractive and fresh. Not only wall murals, marble motifs also help in giving an interesting impression. White lighting makes the colors and motifs in the bathroom look clearer. A simple pendant light is a decoration that can add to the aesthetic value of this one room.

30. Natural Bathroom of Marble

natural marble of bathroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Natural bathroom can make you feel calm and comfortable. White is the main color that neutralizes the atmosphere and appearance of the room. Natural lighting as the main lighting of the room makes the feel of nature present well. Plus, the presence of small plants placed on top of the vanities gives a thicker fresher impression to the bathroom. There are also natural materials in the form of wood which make the natural atmosphere present well here. You can also feel the warm atmosphere of this room.

31. Beautiful Pink and Gray Marble for Bathroom

beautiful marble
Cc: Pinterest

Pink marble with a gray motif is perfect for you to choose. This marble is very appropriate to decorate a simple bathroom. The motifs and two colors of marble are able to remove the impression of being rigid and boring from the simplicity of the room. You can add small plants or flowers to sweeten and bring freshness to the bathroom. With this, the bathroom not only looks beautiful and charming but also comfortable.

32. White and Black Bathroom with Marble

white and black bathroom
Cc: Pinterest

The last of 32 Bathroom of Marble Ideas is a white and black bathroom with marble. White marble with black motifs makes the bathroom look bright and firm. The white color looks brighter thanks to the natural light that enters through the window in the bathroom. The black color on the vanities, bathroom cabinets, and bathtubs create a bold yet calming look. The calm atmosphere is increasingly evident from the minimalist concept applied to the bathroom.

Final Words

Marble is one of the materials that you can rely on to make the bathroom look pretty. You can rely on marble motifs and colors to create a bathroom with a luxurious look. And the points above are 32 Bathroom of Marble Ideas You Will Love. There are various kinds of ambiance, look, different shades of marble of bathroom. So, you can adjust it to your character and of course the size of the bathroom in your house. So, happy trying and good luck!

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