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20 White Interior Ideas | Starting from Simple to Stunning Elegant Looks – Considering that white is a popular color for home interiors, the article entitled “20 White Interior Ideas” was deliberately created to help you create an attractive white interior. We provide several ideas ranging from simple to elegant.

Making white the main color is an alternative way to neutralize the look. With this, other colors and textures in the room will look more vivid and standout. White is also very easy to combine with other colors. There will be no such thing as a collision of colors that can interfere with the appearance of the room. Therefore, decorating a white room is much easier.

So, here are 20 White Interior Ideas, Starting from Simple to Stunning Elegant Looks. Let’s check it out!

1. Simple but Elegant White Bathroom

White Interior Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The first of 20 White Interior Ideas is a simple but elegant white bathroom. The white floor, walls and bathtub make the bathroom look harmonious. The help of sunlight that enters through the window makes the white color look brighter and more alive.

Although simple, this bathroom idea still looks attractive with the presence of wood and marble on one wall. Wood colors represent warmth and a hint of nature in the room. While marble gives an elegant effect to the bathroom.

The wall right in front of the window is made black to give a bold effect. However, when black is exposed to light, especially natural light, black gives a calming effect that can make the bathroom feel more comfortable.

2. Big White Clay Jug for Hallway

White Interior Ideas decor
Cc: Pinterest

Hallway looks so natural with the dominant white color. Sunlight is also maximized by installing glass doors and large windows. The white color that is exposed to sunlight looks brighter and makes the hallway atmosphere more lively.

To maintain the brightness in the hallway, wooden flooring was chosen with a bright color. The presence of wood provides a warm and soothing feel to the hallway.

Although very simple, big white clay is also a decoration that beautifies the hallway. This big is also placed in front of the entry door. That way, when you enter the house, you will be immediately greeted with a unique clay jug.

3. Make The Interior Look Soft with Curvy Sofa

soft White Interior Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

For those of you who want to make the home interior look soft, then choose a soft white shade. It’s okay to apply this dominant color, starting from the walls to the furniture.

Curvy sofa featuring curved lines that give a softer effect for the room. Also present the black color to give a bit of a firm impression on the room. Round black coffee table is the most appropriate item for you to choose.

Right next to the sofa is decorated with medium-sized plants. The presence of plants makes the room feel a little fresh.

4. Fresh White Kitchen

fresh White Interior Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

White kitchen with sunlight as the main lighting gives a more natural impression on the kitchen. So, it would be better to create a natural feel at the same time that can make the kitchen feel comfortable.

Plants are decorations that you can rely on. Present several types of indoor plants with different sizes. Place the plants scattered in the kitchen. The natural green color of the plant will turn the kitchen into a fresh room.

To make the natural feel present perfectly, you only need to bring natural materials to the kitchen. You can choose wooden floors, wooden cooking utensils, and wooden displays to fill your kitchen.

5. Combination of White and Cream

cream and White Interior Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The combination of white and cream will create a room with a soft look. We highly recommend the minimalist concept for you to apply. That way, the room will be filled with a calming atmosphere.

It’s fine if you want to give a touch of another color to the room. However, make sure the color you choose is still in the soft colors group.

You can choose a light gray color. This color is still a neutral color category that will not damage the soft impression of the room. A gray coffee table with a marble motif will give a more attractive and slightly elegant impression to the living room. Maximize the light to the room to make the marble surface look glossy and pretty.

6. Simple and Elegant White Large Living Room

elegant White Interior Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Making white as the main color is one of the tricks in making the room look wider. So, if you want to make your large living room look more magnificent, then making white as the main color is the right choice.

Make white look brighter and more alive by lighting it with natural light. Installing large windows up to the ceiling can make the walls seem taller.

Decorate the room with marble elements to give a beautiful glossy effect. The abstract motif of marble not only gives an attractive impression but also makes a simple room look luxurious and elegant. Also present a bit of a firm impression by giving a touch of black to the room.

7. White Cozy Reading Nook with Mirror Decors

cozy White Interior Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Reading books in your spare time will make you feel more relaxed. Therefore, it is important to create a cozy reading nook at home.

No need for complicated ways to create a cozy reading nook. With white color and the help of sunlight, reading nook already feels comfortable. You only need to add decorations that can beautify the reading nook.

Place a medium-sized plant on a small chair to make it look like it’s big and tall. Right behind the sofa, you can decorate with a standing mirror with a unique frame.

8. Cozy Contemporary Living Room Design

contemporary living room design
Cc: Pinterest

This contemporary room design is made more simple and minimalist so that a calm atmosphere can be created perfectly in the room. It will be much more comfortable if the room is warm. So, maximum natural lighting and the dominant fabric material is the perfect combination.

Put a small plant on the coffee table to give a slightly fresh impression to the room. Also, give a touch of black to make the room look a little firm. This will really help to remove the stiff and boring impression of the contemporary living room.

9. Clean and Cozy White Living Room

clean White Interior Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Never hesitate to apply white to almost the entire room. Instead, white will give a clean effect. In addition, with the help of sunlight, the white room will look and feel wider. Which will make you feel more comfortable in the room.

Indeed, only relying on one color can make a room seem stiff and boring. Therefore, decoration is needed here. You can use decorations with cream colors to maintain the brightness of the room. Or, you can also present some simple motifs. A white and cream throw pillow with a beautiful simple motif is perfect for decorating the sofa in the living room.

10. White Kitchen with Wood Combination

warm White Interior Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 20 White Interior Ideas is a white kitchen with wood combination. If we look at the picture above, the white color with the same shade is applied so neatly in the kitchen. The walls, ceiling, kitchen cabinet, island table, and kitchen pendant lights are white.

Wood is the perfect combination. The wood material displays a natural brown color that makes the room look soft and warm.

Even though it only relies on wood and white, this kitchen is far from being stiff and boring. Beautiful flowers on the kitchen island and some black kitchen items managed to give an interesting impression to this kitchen.

11. Wooden Ceiling Make The Living Room Look Neutral

wooden ceiling
Cc: Pinterest

White interior is indeed the easiest to make with natural nuances. You can create the natural nuances with natural elements such as natural lighting, plants, and natural materials.

Wood material is becoming a popular material for interiors. To make it look stand out, apply it to the bottom and top of the room, such as the floor and ceiling. The wooden ceiling will give a calmer and more attractive impression to the room.

Natural light coming in from the large windows will hit the wood surface and make the natural brown color look more alive. At night, light up the room with warm lighting. This will greatly help the wood material in creating a warm atmosphere that can make the room feel comfortable.

12. Bright and Warm Mediterranean Interior Design

Warm Mediterranean Interior Design
Cc: Pinterest

The one of characteristics of the Mediterranean design is the use of bright neutral colors. White is often chosen and used as the main color of the room. And brown is a combination color. Therefore, a Mediterranean-designed room feels more calm and warm.

The wooden ceiling is painted in white to make the room look bright. Although the natural brown color of the wooden ceiling is covered with white paint, the texture of the wood is still visible in the room.

13. White Rustic Kitchen Design

White Rustic Kitchen Design
Cc: Pinterest

Rustic design is one of the designs that has an old look. Wood is the main material in this design. To create a worn look, usually the surface of the wood is left rough, revealing the natural texture of the wood more clearly.

Because rustic design is related to nature, the design colors are neutral colors. And of course, white is the color most often chosen as the main color.

If we look at the picture above, wood material is indeed dominant in the kitchen. Starting from flooring to kitchen cabinets. However, these woods are painted white so that they only show the texture. The goal, of course, is to make the kitchen look bright. Natural lighting is also maximized to make the white rustic kitchen look brighter.

14. Cozy White Bedroom

Cozy White Bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

This white bedroom feels so cozy with layered bedding. Because there is no bedframe, the rug becomes the base for the bed. Due to the large number of fabric materials, the bedroom atmosphere feels so warm.

The white bedroom feels more comfortable with the fresh feel of the plants in the corner of the room. In addition, maximum natural lighting also plays an important role in the comfort of the room. The sunlight that enters through the window directly hits the bed and provides warmth to this spot.

15. Simple White Small Dining Room

Small Dining Room
Cc: Pinterest

The white interior does look naturally bright. Like the dining room on this one idea. The walls, ceiling, and fan ceiling are white and the help of natural light from glass doors and windows makes the dining room a very bright room.

To make the dining room look attractive, you need to decorate it with items that do not interfere with the brightness of the dining room. You can rely on furniture made of wood and also some wall displays with bright colors.

It’s okay if you want to give a touch of black to give a little firmer effect to the room. However, make sure the amount of black that is present in the room is very small.

16. Beautiful Blue Sofa in White Room

Beautiful Blue Sofa
Cc: Pinterest

White is a neutral color that can make other colors appear well in the room. Usually, white will be combined with other neutral colors such as brown, black, cream or beige. However, it doesn’t matter if you want to bring other colors into the interior. Instead, it will give a more attractive impression. In fact, the existence of different colors can remove the impression of being boring in the room.

Like the picture above where the blue sofa must have caught the eye’s attention. The pastel blue color looks so stand out in the middle of the room. Right above the sofa there is also a skylight window. So that the light that enters through the skylight window directly radiates to the sofa spot and makes it the main focal point in the room.

17. All Goes White Bedroom

All Goes White Bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

No need to worry about applying white to the whole room. If you can decorate it properly, then the room will be far from feeling stiff and boring.

If we look at the picture above, the white concept bedroom is made minimalist to produce a luxurious and elegant appearance. Seen from the loss of displays for walls and tables. So to give an interesting impression to the room, this idea plays on texture and lighting.

The accent wall looks so attractive with white LED lights behind it. Bedframe and sofa in the bedroom also choose a texture that gives beauty to the room.

Although there is no warm lighting in the bedroom, the dominant fabric and wood materials are enough to make the white bedroom feel warm. So, the white bedroom not only looks attractive, luxurious, and elegant but also feels comfortable.

18. Monochrome Kitchen with Minimalist Design

Monochrome Kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

The kitchen is indeed a room that has so many items. So, if you want to make the kitchen look clean and tidy, then apply a minimalist design to the kitchen. Choose two colors to fill the room. Here, you can rely on a monochrome concept with white as the main color. And, this is become the next of 20 White Interior Ideas.

Apply white from the middle to the top of the room. And black for the rest. The combination of these two colors will give a simpler effect for the kitchen.

Make the kitchen look fresh and more alive by lighting it with natural lighting. So, instead of applying a kitchen backsplash, it would be better to replace it with a large window. Also, give decorations in the form of small plants on the kitchen island and other tables in the room.

19. Scandinavian Minimalist Interior

Scandinavian Minimalist Interior
Cc: Pinterest

Scandinavian minimalist interior becomes the next of 20 White Interior Ideas. The colors in Scandinavian designs are neutral colors. And, white is often the main color. Because the Scandinavian design has a bright appearance.

If we look at the picture above, the Scandinavian-style open-plan concept looks so comfortable. The open-plan concept and white as the main color make the room feel more spacious.

Scandinavian design makes natural lighting the main lighting. So, don’t be surprised if Scandinavian-designed houses have large windows. The garden and several other plants that appear in the window add to the freshness of the room and make it feel even more comfortable.

20. Simple and Cozy White Attic Bedroom

Simple and Cozy White Attic Bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The last of 20 White Interior Ideas is a simple and cozy white attic bedroom. The tranquility of the attic is indeed a pity for you to miss. You can take advantage of this serene room as a place to relax.

Applying white as the main color for the attic bedroom is the right choice. Given the narrow size of the Attic, making white as the main color will really help to make the Attic feel wider. Besides that, Attic will also be far from the annoying cramped and stuffy feeling.

To make the attic bedroom feel cozy, you only need to illuminate it with natural lighting. Therefore, try not to use any decorations on windows that can block the path of light entering. You can also create a warm atmosphere by decorating the attic bedroom with items made of wood or rattan.

Final Words

The points above are 20 White Interior Ideas, Starting from Simple to Stunning Elegant Looks. White rooms are the easiest to decorate. As a neutral color, you can combine it with any color you like. There will be no collision of colors that can damage the beauty of the room. In addition, the white interior can also make the room feel comfortable. Making white as the main color not only makes the room look bright but also makes it feel more spacious. So, are you interested in applying a white interior to your house?

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