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16 Low-Profile Furniture Ideas You Have to Know to Fill Your Small Room – One of the disadvantages of a small room is that we cannot decorate it the way we want. For example, using furniture that we like and where the furniture has a large size. Using furniture like this is strictly prohibited in small rooms because it can make it feel cramped and uncomfortable. And, if you want to make your small room feel comfortable, you should use low-profile furniture. Through an article entitled “16 Low-Profile Furniture Ideas You Have to Know to Fill Your Small Room”, we will help in making your room feel comfortable. So, let’s check it out!

1. Feel Comfy Sitting on The Floor with Low-Profile Sofa

low-profile furniture
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This is the first of 16 Low-Profile Furniture Ideas You Have Known to Fill Your Small Room. This one idea is perfect for a colorful living room. The low-profile sofa that has no legs and only relies on bundles of fabric will give a high effect on the walls of the room.

With a mix of bright pastel colors, the atmosphere of the living room will feel pleasant. The floral motif gives a more feminine and smooth effect to the room.

You can mix and match this sofa with a low-profile rectangle coffee table. Make the display sweeter and prettier with flower decorations on the table.

2. Tatami Cushion and Low-Profile Coffee Table for Japanese Living Room

low-profile furniture ideas
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Next comes from the Japanese design. Tatami and low-profile coffee tables are hallmarks of Japanese design. With this one idea, you can get a minimalist impression in your living room. Not only that, but the living room also looks cleaner and tidier. The atmosphere created is so calm and makes people who are there feel comfortable.

Tatami and a long coffee table like the picture above are not only for welcoming guests. You can also use this room as a dining area. With a low-profile long table, you can provide more dishes for guests or family.

3. Sofa with Short Legs in A Small Living Room

sofa with short leg
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In filling the room with low-profile furniture, not just furniture without legs. You can also try furniture with legs as long as the legs are short like in the picture above. The ivory-white sofa with short legs made of light wood has a very minimalist look. Suitable to fill the living room with a simple concept.

You only need to add a gray rug as a decoration to make this piece of furniture look more attractive and stand out in the room. And, don’t forget to decorate this sofa with some throw pillows so it doesn’t look stiff.

4. TV Table Also Stairs That Look So Attractive

TV table
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The next of 16 Low-Profile Furniture Ideas You Have to Know to Fill Your Small Room is a tv table also stairs. This one idea is indeed very interesting and can make the TV room appear more different. You can make this one table an interesting spot by displaying books and several jugs with beautiful designs.

The TV table is made low and extends towards the stairs. So that different materials are right in the middle of the stairs. You can make this one table an interesting spot by displaying books and several jugs with beautiful designs.

5. Upper Floor for Mini Library

mini library
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If the idea above is a TV table, then this one idea is an area to rest. In the area near the kitchen, there is wooden flooring which is made higher. By adding seat cushions and some pillows, you can make this place a destination for resting. You can use the empty lower area as a mini library in your home. You can put your books neatly there.

This one idea is more effective than using a sofa with large size. The upper wooden flooring is not as high as if you used a sofa there. And with this, the walls of the room will look taller and the room will be wider.

6. Minimalist Sofa Without Leg

low-profile furniture for living room
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If you want to make your small living room look minimalist, simple, and full of soothing, then you can choose this one idea. A legless sofa with a very simple design can be placed in the middle of the room. This one sofa has two sides that you can use as an area to watch TV and another area to enjoy the view outside the window.

Make this minimalist legless sofa feel more comfortable by adding some throw pillows of the same color. For the coffee table, you can choose a rectangular coffee table with a height that matches the sofa. There you can put light bulbs, magazines, and simple plants as decorations that add to the beauty of the small living room.

7. Low Profile Unique Floating Bed Frame

bed without leg
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If bed frames usually have legs, but not with this one bed frame. The next idea of 16 Low-Profile Furniture Ideas is indeed very unique. The bed frame is made floating and provides a cavity in the bottom area. This cavity is what makes a small bedroom feel wider.

In this one idea, you only need to put a soft mattress along with some pillows and blankets with a smooth surface. The presence of a lamp that points towards the bed indicates that you can make this one area a reading nook in the house.

8. Lounge as well as Table

chambley sofa
Cc: Pinterest

The sofa above is a type of Chambley sofa where the sofa is connected to a table. Actually, the main material is wood. You only need to add a soft cushion seat as a spot for you to sit or relax. The use of a long cushion makes this low-profile sofa you can use as a lounge for naps. Or, you can also make it a cozy reading nook.

Throw pillows and blankets complete the comfort package of this low-profile furniture. You can also add two pendant lights and some fresh green plants as decorations to make this area look attractive and aesthetic.

9. Contemporary Low-Profile Coffee Table

low-profile furniture ideas decor
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Actually, there are no special characteristics for contemporary designs because these designs always adjust to what is currently the trend. And for now, simple and minimalist interiors are very popular. So, the use of low-profile furniture with a minimalist design will be very fitting.

For the sofa, you only need to use a minimalist sofa without legs. Or, you can use a chaise sofa which you can use as a place to rest or nap. And as a complement, the contemporary coffee table is the most appropriate.

The coffee table in the image above has an abstract shape. However, the curved lines and smooth wood surfaces manage to soften the rigid impression of a minimalist and simple design.

10. Bed Frame without Leg for Small Bedroom

low-profile bed
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 16 Low-Profile Furniture Ideas You Have Known to Fill Your Small Room is a bed frame without legs. The bed frame is made full to the bottom so that it has no legs but is still slightly taller. And the use of layered bedding that goes down makes this bed frame look even lower.

This bedframe design is perfect for the small living room with a minimalist, modern, and contemporary design. Right under the bed, you can use a rug with a neutral color to make it feel warmer and more comfortable. Besides that, the use of rugs can also provide a wider visual effect for the small bedroom.

11. Comfy Reading Nook with Low-Profile Lounge

chaise lounge
Cc: Pinterest

This white chaise lounge is perfect for filling empty areas in your home. And, you can make this one area a place to rest and enjoy time or as a reading nook.

The white color that matches the interior of the room makes it look harmonious. There is also a fireplace to keep the air around the lounge warm in summer. And, the use of a glass facade displays a beautiful view outside the house. With this, this lounge can be the most comfortable place for you to unwind.

To make it feel more comfortable, you can add blankets or throw pillows there. And, if you make this area as a reading nook, also present a floor lamp which can make you comfortable reading at night.

12. Soft Low-Profile Sofa Fabric Make It Cozy

soft sofa
Cc: Pinterest

The white low-profile sofa without legs is really very suitable to fill a small room with a minimalist design. A little industrial touch gives a cool feel. However, it was immediately muted by the presence of a fireplace which gave warmth to the small living room.

The white color with a cloth that has a smooth surface makes it look a little glossy when exposed to the light from the window. The white color also immediately looks alive when exposed to natural lighting.

For this low-profile sofa, you can mix and match it with a coffee table made of wood. Let the wood reveal its original texture and color. The presence of wood material gives a warm effect to the atmosphere of the room.

13. Low-Profile Sofa Combine with Long Pendant Lights

long pendant light
Cc: Pinterest

This white room looks minimalist with a white low-profile sofa. With different white shades, it makes it look simple but still harmonious and sweet. There are several brown tones of wood material that warm the nuances of this small living room.

The throw pillows, a white shell on the small coffee table, magazines, and simple plants look so pretty in the room. The wall area is decorated with white displays that make it blend in with the wall paint. However, the texture of the displays makes the room beautiful.

By using low-profile furniture for the small living room, you can use a long pendant light. This is indeed one of the advantages of using low-profile furniture which keeps the pendant light from colliding with the living room furniture.

14. Simple-designed Sofa for Minimalist Room

minimalist sofa
Cc: Pinterest

The sofa above is a type of Infiniti curve back sofa. Its simple design and curved lines that soften the appearance are very suitable for use in small living rooms with minimalist, contemporary and modern designs. Even though this minimalist sofa can give an elegant effect which makes it also suitable for use in classic living room designs.

You can use neutral colors that are more like white or gray. Pair it with brown to make it look earth-tone. This color combination can give peace to the room with an elegant appearance.

15. Lapis Sofa in Ivory White

lapis sofa
Cc: Pinterest

Lapis sofa in ivory white becomes the next of 16 Low-Profile Furniture Ideas You Have to Know to Fill Your Small Room. Its unique design can make your small living room elegant and modern. You can pair it with a soft white carpet with black motifs or marble floors which can add an expensive impression to a small living room. Classic wooden panels like the picture above are also very suitable for this one sofa.

For lighting, of course, natural lighting would be better to make the white color in the room look more alive. However, you still have to use lights for the room. Recessed lighting and small crystal light look good with this lapis sofa.

16. Greta Recycled Leather XL Sleeper Sofa

low-profile furniture
Cc: Pinterest

This one idea becomes the last of 16 Low-Profile Furniture Ideas You Have to Know to Fill Your Small Room. Greta recycled leather XL sleeper sofa is a low-profile piece of furniture to fill the small living room.

The brown sofa like the picture above makes the atmosphere warm. It seems “warmth” is the point of focus here. We can see it from the use of coffee tables made of wood, carpet flooring, and also sheepskin rugs. With this, you can make the sofa a comfortable bed during the day or evening.

Final Words

The use of low-profile furniture is especially important for small spaces. Using this furniture can give the visual effect of taller walls which will make the room more spacious and comfortable. And, the points above are 16 Low-Profile Furniture Ideas You Have to Know to Fill The Small Room. Please make sure you choose the furniture that fits your interior design and concept. So, good luck!

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