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28 Inspirational Living Room with Television Design Ideas – The minimalist house that is present among us today makes several rooms combined into one. Like the living room which also doubles as a family room. With a TV there, you can enjoy the living room with your family by watching your favorite TV shows. Therefore, beauty is not the only important point here. There is also a “convenience” point that you should pay attention to. And in this article, we have provided 28 Inspirational Living Room with Television Design Ideas that can be your references. So, let’s check it out!

1. Boho Living Room Design That Looks Clean

boho Living Room with Television Design
Cc: Pinterest

A distinctive Boho design with varied colors accompanied by motifs that make the room look full. The atmosphere in a Boho-designed room is usually cloudless. There are also many decorations on the walls that make the room have artistic value.

However, in this idea, the boho design is made more clean and tidy. The walls are simply decorated with round displays made of rattan. Some green plants in several spots in the living room create a natural fresh atmosphere that makes the room feel more comfortable.

The choice of white is very good in making the room look more natural. With the combination of rattan and wood, the living room feels warm and calm. The natural nuance becomes thicker thanks to the natural lighting that comes from the windows and also the sliding glass door.

2. Cozy White Simple Living Room

white living room
Cc: Pinterest

Never be afraid to apply white to the whole living room. With white, your living room will look naturally bright. You can also illuminate the room with natural lighting so that the white color looks brighter and more alive.

The use of one color throughout the room is very good in making the room seem more simple. By applying a minimalist concept, the living room will become a room full of tranquility. It only takes a few touches to make it look attractive and far from stiff, such as plants and throw pillows with floral motifs.

3. Feel Comfy in Warmth Living Room

warmth Living Room with Television Design
Cc: Pinterest

Although small, this living room with television design feels so comfortable with a warm feel. The room is deliberately not illuminated with such a bright light to make the warm lighting look clearer.

You can install a string light right next to the window following the length of the curtain. The decor is also a coffee table and TV table with candles. It would be better to use aromatherapy candles. The aroma will give you peace.

4. Bringing Fresh with Some Indoor Plants

indoor plants
Cc: Pinterest

There are so many decorations that you can choose to decorate the living room. However, among the many decorations, it would be better to choose a multifunctional one. For example, it can make the room more beautiful and fresh. With this, plants are the most appropriate decoration to decorate a living room with a television.

You can place medium-size plants right next to the sofa. Choose a spot that is exposed to sunlight to keep the plant fresh for a long period of time. Also present freshness in the TV area such as above the TV cabinet. Use small-sized indoor plants in larger numbers.

5. Corner of The Room Becomes A Cozy Spot

cozy Living Room with Television Design
Cc: Pinterest

The corner of the room right next to the TV is often a spot that is left empty or just decorated with large plants. In fact, you can turn the corner of this room into the most comfortable spot in the living room. You only need to install the indoor swing chair and then decorate it with some items that can add comfort such as blankets and throw pillows. So that the corner of the room is not only comfortable but also attractive, decorations are also made with small rugs and medium-sized plants.

6. Scandinavian Living Room with Television

scandinavian Living Room with Television Design
Cc: Pinterest

Scandinavian design is very popular these days. The minimalist concept and playing with neutral colors managed to make the room look more beautiful naturally and full of serenity. Like this Scandinavian living room with television design that only relies on white and natural brown colors from wood material. Natural light makes the colors in the room look unified and more alive. What is interesting about this room are the simple displays that adorn the glass coffee table and TV table. In the area behind the TV, timber is also installed vertically which adds to the aesthetic value of the room.

7. Modern Living Room with Television Design

modern Living Room with Television Design
Cc: Pinterest

The TV area is the main focal point in the living room. So, making it more stand out and different is one way to make the living room appear more attractive.

In this idea, the wall for the TV area looks attractive with black natural stone. The natural black color of natural stone gives a firm effect to the living room. And, the texture is a decoration that makes this simple room more attractive.

8. Make It Look Amazing with Luxury Touch

luxury Living Room with Television Design
Cc: Pinterest

What’s wrong with pampering your family with something expensive? For example, a living room with a luxurious appearance. However, comfort remains a priority point here.

Bring an expensive touch to the living room with marble material. You can install this material on the wall where the TV is located. Apply up to the ceiling to give the illusion of height on the wall.

The small chair made of velvet in red color also stands out in the room. The glossy effect when exposed to natural light gives the impression of a more elegant and expensive living room.

9. Plants on The Left and Right Television Wall

living room decors
Cc: Pinterest

Decorating your room with plants is the right way to create freshness there. You can place two plants of the same size as large on the right and left sides of the television wall. Choose plants that can survive indoors. Do not forget to illuminate the room with natural lighting. Because, as we know, plants need natural light to keep them alive.

10. Modern Fireplace Beside The Television

modern fireplace
Cc: Pinterest

The cold weather is an obstacle to gathering with family in the living room. The windows and doors are the spaces where cold air enters the house. Therefore, a fireplace is needed to keep the air in the living room warm.

The modern black fireplace looks so attractive next to the TV. The pile of logs in between is not only a backup but also a decoration that makes the room look more attractive.

11. Beautiful Wall Accent with Timber

timber wall accent
Cc: Pinterest

Wood is the safest material for you to use. The natural brown color and texture of the wood material are very effective in changing the feel of the room to be warm. That way, the room will feel comfortable.

You can present wood materials on furniture, flooring, or interesting accent walls. Timber applied vertically to the TV area makes it look more beautiful. Three small plants above the TV cabinet seem to blend with the wood and bring a natural feel to the living room.

12. Modern Industrial Living Room with Television Design

industrial Living Room with Television Design
Cc: Pinterest

Modern industrial design has a more refined appearance, concept, and seems more simple. The combination of white, black, and gray creates a cool feel in the room. However, the many textures of the fabric in the room give it a warm feel and balance it out.

What’s interesting about the modern industrial living room with television design is the exposed pipes that adorn the ceiling. Industrial lighting is also installed as lighting at night.

13. Fireplace Under The Television

living room fireplace
Cc: Pinterest

The fireplace is a very important item for the living room. As a room to gather with your family to enjoy exciting TV shows, you have to make sure that the warm air in the room is not disturbed by the cold air outside.

Modern fireplaces have a smaller size. So it is more flexible for you to place it under the TV. Not only that, but the modern fireplace also has a more attractive design. Given that the TV area is the main spot in the living room, having a fireplace under the TV can add value to the beauty of the room.

14. Simple Living Room with Television in Monochrome Concept

monochrome Living Room with Television Design
Cc: Pinterest

If using only white is considered to make your room seem stiff and boring, then try to combine it with black. The combination of two colors between white and black, or better known as the monochrome concept, will make the room look more attractive but still seem simple.

On the walls of the TV area, you can paint them with black paint to give a firm effect in the living room. When exposed to sunlight that enters through the window, the black color will create a calm that makes the living room feel comfortable.

15. Masculine Living Room Nuances

masculine living room
Cc: Pinterest

With the dominant black color, the living room looks more mature, cool, and masculine. The fire effect from the modern fireplace under the TV makes it seem more interesting. There is also a touch of gold on the coffee table which makes the room look a little more elegant.

Playing on warm lighting intentionally creates a warmer atmosphere. The LED light installed around the ceiling makes the room not too bright. And, this is that makes the room becomes quieter and more comfortable.

16. Comfy Living Room That Full of Serenity

serenity room decor
Cc: Pinterest

Neutral colors are a mainstay in creating a room full of calm and comfort. Like in this one idea that uses white and gray. There is also a touch of black to give a bold effect.

To make the serenity of the room more perfect, the living room is made minimalist. No decorations adorn the walls. However, the accent wall on the walls of the TV and fireplace area makes the room look attractive. Not only that, but playing with the warm lighting also adds to the beauty and comfort of the room.

17. Natural Stone Wall for Contemporary Living Room Design

modern Living Room with Television Design
Cc: Pinterest

It is okay to bring natural materials into a contemporary design room. Instead, you can use natural materials to make a spot appear more stand out and attractive in the room. Like in this idea, making a natural stone wall for the TV area. You can also make it up to one wall for a more harmonious look. Right at the top, you can decorate it with an LED light with yellow lighting.

18. Large Living Room in Black Shades

large Living Room with Television Design
Cc: Pinterest

The dominant black color gives a more assertive and cool effect to the living room. With a modern and minimalist design, the appearance of the room becomes more mature.

The loss of decoration does not make this simple large room stiff and boring. The walls in the TV area are installed with LED lights which give a very attractive light effect to the room. There is also a black glam chandelier that hangs down and makes it look beautiful. And, the use of large windows makes natural lighting enter the room to the maximum and helps in making the atmosphere more lively and far from the impression of stiff.

19. Rustic Living Room with Television Design

rustic Living Room with Television Design
Cc: Pinterest

Wood and natural stone are natural materials used in rustic designs. Natural stone is usually to fill the wall area. Here, you can choose a wall in the TV area to install natural stone. The natural gray color and texture of natural stone will make this spot look attractive in the room.

Wood is usually present more naturally in a rustic design living room, such as beams, furniture, and wooden flooring. You can also use doors and window frames made of wood.

20. Simple Small Living Room Feel Alive with Natural Lighting

natural lighting
Cc: Pinterest

This living room with television design looks sweet and soft with the use of ivory white color. The natural concept makes this room seem clean and tidy. There are also green plants as decorations that not only give beauty but also a freshness to the room. The use of large windows without being covered by curtains allows natural light to enter the living room freely. The natural light directly hits the white color and makes this room look naturally bright. With the help of natural light, this one-color room feels more alive and comfortable.

21. Natural Shades Provide Comfort Completely

natural Living Room with Television Design
Cc: Pinterest

It is actually quite easy to make your living room feel cozy. You only need to present natural shades here. Not only the use of neutral colors such as white, beige, gray, brown, and black, but you also need to bring natural elements into it.

This idea brings two natural materials, that is natural stone and wood, into the living room. Natural stone with bright colors so beautiful decorates the fireplace area. Deliberately choosing a natural stone with a bright color so as not to distract the white color in making the room look bright.

Wood material for tables and flooring. There are also plants to freshen up the room. And the last, natural lighting as the main lighting.

22. Japandi Living Room Design That Looks More Modern

japandi Living Room with Television Design
Cc: Pinterest

Japandi (Japanese and Scandinavian) is a design with perfect serenity. This design prioritizes tranquility in the room but still pays attention to the aesthetic value. So, it is very suitable for you to apply to your living room.

Gray and brown colors give it a darker look. However, the room is not completely dark thanks to the natural light from the large windows.

A medium-sized plant is enough to decorate this one room. The corner of the room is the most appropriate spot for placing plants.

23. Wall Accent Make The Room Elegant and Fresh

elegant Living Room with Television Design
Cc: Pinterest

Use marble to decorate the walls of the TV area. Green marble not only gives an elegant value to the room but also makes the white living room feel fresh. What makes it more interesting is the green-colored timber that is juxtaposed with the marble. These two materials become accents that make the walls of the TV area look beautiful in the living room.

24. Feel Calm and Warm in Brown Shades Modern Living Room

calm living room
Cc: Pinterest

The dark wood in the shape of a hexagonal wall for the TV area makes this modern living room look more attractive. The wood material is also connected to the floor. However, for the living area only. This is a trick in providing visual boundaries for an open-plan concept.

The brown sofa makes the living room area look harmonious. Brown shades create a warmer and calmer atmosphere that makes the living room feel more comfortable.

25. Playing with Lighting for an Attractive Look

LED light
Cc: Pinterest

Decorating a living room with a minimalist design is indeed more complicated. Because, here, you are required to make the room look beautiful and comfortable without using too many decorations. In fact, as much as possible the room is only decorated by one or two displays. If it is like this, playing with the light is the most appropriate trick to choose. As in this one idea that installs an LED light right behind the TV panel.

26. Scandinavian Small Living Room with Television Design

scandinavian design
Cc: Pinterest

This Scandinavian living room design looks naturally bright with white as the main color. The natural light that enters through the large windows also helps in making this room appear bright. A net curtain is a window decoration that can maintain your privacy in the house without blocking the entry of light.

One large plant is enough to decorate this Scandinavian living room design. However, you can also sweeten the look of the room by decorating coffee tables with small displays.

For other colors, you can choose gray. Apply to sofas as well as rugs. The presence of gray will give a calm and cool feel to the living room.

27. Fresh and Feminine Living Room with Television

feminine Living Room with Television Design
Cc: Pinterest

Pink flowers in a vase are decorations that beautify and evoke a fresh and feminine feel to the room. With white as the main color, the beautiful pink natural colors of the flowers are seen more clearly which makes the room more beautiful. Natural lighting is also very helpful in making these flowers show their freshness in the living room.

28. Corner of The Room for Television

TV spot
Cc: Pinterest

The corner of the room is a spot that is often left alone. Or, simply decorated with a large plant. In fact, the corner of the room can be more than that.

You can make the corner of the room the main focal point in the living room. Here, you only need a TV stand and television. The decoration is also with hanging lamps on it and green plants on the right or left to accompany the TV.

Final Words

The living room is not only a room to welcome guests. In some houses, the living room is also a room for gathering with family. Usually, there is a television there. And if you are one of them who doubles as a living room as a family room, the points above are 28 Inspirational Living Room with Television Design Ideas that can be your references.

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