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24 Small Kitchen Ideas & Decors You Can Steal – The kitchen is an area where cleanliness must be maintained properly. However, besides cleanliness, you also have to pay attention to the beauty and aesthetics of the kitchen. There will be many kitchen items/utensils that can affect tidiness, beauty, and also comfort. Especially if your kitchen is small. Therefore, in having a clean, comfortable and beautiful kitchen, it is important to know the small kitchen ideas and decorations.

One of the difficulties in decorating a small kitchen is the large number of items but minimal space. And if forced, the kitchen will become a room full of items and cause a messy appearance. If you have this, the beauty of the kitchen is also affected. Therefore, through an article entitled “24 Small Kitchen Ideas & Decors You Can Steal”, we will help you in having a dream kitchen. So, let’s check it out!

1. Small Kitchen with Bar Table

Small Kitchen Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

This one idea still has time to have a bar table as an area for eating. With this, this one idea is suitable for small dwellings. You can remove the dining area so that more free space will be available. This will go a long way in making a small dwelling feel more spacious.

Connect the kitchen cabinet to the bar table as shown picture above. You can use many kitchen cabinets for sinks and also for storing items in the kitchen that are often used.

In the kitchen bar area, decorated with two wooden stools with a minimalist design. Choose wood materials to give a warm feel that can make the kitchen more comfortable.

2. Japandi Small Kitchen Ideas

japandi Small Kitchen Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

You can apply the Japandi design which is full of serenity to your small kitchen. This design maintains a more minimalist appearance which can provide more space for the kitchen. However, aesthetics is a point that is still prioritized.

Wood material is the main material that fills the kitchen. Therefore, the atmosphere created is warmer. With a minimalist concept, the kitchen becomes a room full of serenity.

Make the bar table area look attractive by choosing a different design from the kitchen cabinet. However, connect the bar table with the kitchen cabinet to save more space in the kitchen. And for the final touch, choose two stills with short legs for the bar table area.

3. Feel Fresh with Plants

fresh kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

A small kitchen does not mean you could not provide decorations. You can still decorate a small kitchen, but pay attention to what decorations you use. Can these decorations beautify and make the kitchen feel comfortable too?

Plants are the most appropriate decoration to decorate your small kitchen. The natural green color of plants can make a white kitchen into a room full of freshness.

You can place several plants in different spots. That way, freshness will fill the room nicely. For small plants, you can place them on floating wall shelves. Or, you can also use a high table to place plants.

4. Minimalist and Full of Serenity

serenity room
Cc: Pinterest

Minimalist design is the best for small kitchens. With this design, kitchen tidiness can be maintained properly. As in this one idea where the kitchen has a clean and neat appearance. All kitchen items are hidden in the kitchen cabinet so they are not seen directly. And in the area of floating wall shelves for kitchen jars/bottles or glass and plates with beautiful designs. You can make this as a display or decoration to add value to the beauty and aesthetics of your small kitchen.

5. Vintage Small Kitchen Design

Cc: Pinterest

Vintage small kitchen design is the next of 24 Small Kitchen Ideas & Decors You Can Steal. The vintage design will give a warm effect by bringing an old feel into the kitchen.

Choose white as the main color and light up the kitchen with natural light. That way, the kitchen will be bright naturally. And, for the kitchen table, you can choose gray with a blue tone. This will give a soft but neutral effect.

The vintage red and white tiles flooring gives an interesting effect and an old impression. Next, perfect this vintage-designed kitchen with some small plants in the kitchen cabinet and a floating rack.

6. Make It Clean with a Simple Concept

simple Small Kitchen Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The simple concept is the best for small kitchens. There are only a few items and decorations which can make a small kitchen more free space. With this, this small room will feel more spacious and more comfortable. The cramped and stuffy feeling that often bothers a small room will not be present in your tiny kitchen.

Floating wall shelves can replace kitchen cabinets. And you can also make it an interesting spot that can add to the beauty of the kitchen. You can put some jars, glass, bottles, and also small plants as decoration. And this is the next of 24 Small Kitchen Ideas & Decors You Can Steal.

7. All Goes of White

white kitchen shades
Cc: Pinterest

The use of one color can indeed give a stiff and boring effect to a room. However, not for this one idea. The white color chosen is softer so that the appearance will be softer too. The existence of large windows makes the room get good natural light. Natural lighting is great for making whites brighter and more alive. Besides that, a marble countertop with a simple abstract motif also looks glossy. And, this is what makes this small room far from being stiff and boring.

Here, you only need to give a little touch of decoration. Instead of choosing cabinets, floating wall shelves are much better for this small kitchen. You can put jars, bottles, and so on with simple but still beautiful designs.

8. LED light for The Backsplash

LED light decors
Cc: Pinterest

The backplash is a sensitive area for the kitchen. Even though it is relatively small, the backsplash area affects the beauty of this room.

Never make backsplash decorating difficult. There are many simple decorations that you can choose to beautify the kitchen backsplash. Like this one idea that only uses LED light. Yellow lighting is perfect for the wood backsplash. This light makes the wood colors more vibrant so that the wood elements can provide warmth and serenity to the kitchen. So, this not only makes the kitchen beautiful but also makes it a comfortable room.

9. Show The Kitchen Utensils as A Display

kitchen utensils
Cc: Pinterest

Making the appearance minimalist and free of clutter is good for small kitchens. This method can make the kitchen look tidier and cleaner. However, that does not mean the kitchen is free of decorations. Because decoration is still needed to make the kitchen look beautiful. So, the comfort and beauty of the kitchen can be balanced.

Instead of adding items to the kitchen, you can use items that are already there. You can install floating wall shelves and then decorate them with kitchen utensils. Choose items that have an attractive design and appearance. Here, you can also display plants to give a fresh and natural effect to your small kitchen.

10. Marble Kitchen Island for White Kitchen Shades

marble kitchen island
Cc: Pinterest

One of the ways to make the white kitchen shades look attractive is to use marble material. You can install it for a kitchen island in your small kitchen. Sunlight coming from the window will directly hit the marble surface and make it look glossy and pretty. Besides that, the abstract motif of marble is also a decoration that adds value to the beauty and aesthetics of this small room. The use of marble also has an impact on the impression of the room. By using the marble, this small room looks a little elegant.

11. Beautiful Terrazzo Backsplash and Floor

beautiful Small Kitchen Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

If you want to bring a little cloudless atmosphere to the small kitchen, you can rely on terrazzo. Choose terrazzo with a white base color to neutralize the appearance of a small kitchen. Besides that, the white base color makes the abstract and colorful motifs on the terrazzo more lively and beautiful.

You can install the terrazzo on the backsplash and floor. Installing it on the floor of the kitchen area can be a visual barrier with other rooms. That way, this one idea is suitable for the open-plan concept.

If you want to make the terrazzo colors and motifs on the backsplash look more alive in the kitchen, you can decorate this spot with LED light. Choose yellow lighting to bring warmth into this small kitchen.

12. Fresh Small Kitchen with Green Kitchen Cabinet

fresh Small Kitchen Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

A fresh small kitchen with a green kitchen cabinet is the next of 24 Small Kitchen Ideas & Decors You Can Steal. With shades of white, green looks stand out in this room. You can make it fresh by lighting up the small kitchen with natural lighting. Therefore, so that sunlight can enter the room to the maximum, try not to provide any decorations on the windows in the room.

The kitchen cabinet looks more alive with the help of natural light. You can add freshness there by decorating it with small plants on the floating wall shelves.

13. Three Simple Pendant Light Above Bar Table

kitchen pendant lights
Cc: Pinterest

The bar table in the kitchen should not be left empty without decoration. Besides the kitchen island, the bar table is also an important spot in the kitchen. You can take advantage of this spot by decorating it.

Use a kitchen pendant light to make the bar table area look more attractive. Choose a minimalist and simple design. Hang three pendant lights at the same distance as shown in the image above.

If possible, use a pendant light with a touch of gold which is exactly like the picture. Even though it is small, the gold color manages to give an interesting and slightly elegant effect to this minimalist small kitchen.

14. Beautiful Timber Kitchen Cabinet Door

kitchen cabinet door
Cc: Pinterest

The kitchen cabinet is the main spot in the kitchen where its appearance greatly affects the beauty and aesthetics of the kitchen. And, for a small kitchen, using a kitchen cabinet to make the kitchen look great is the most appropriate idea. And this, becomes the next of 24 Small Kitchen Ideas & Decors You Can Steal.

You can play with colors and also cabinet doors. In this idea, the kitchen door cabinet is made of timber arranged vertically. Let the wood show the texture and true color of the room to create a warm atmosphere.

15. Elegant Small Kitchen

elegant Small Kitchen Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

An elegant small kitchen is the next of 24 Small Kitchen Ideas & Decors You Can Steal. With white as the main color, the kitchen looks neutral. The gold color is the perfect touch to bring an elegant and expensive impression into the kitchen. With white as the main color, the gold color stands out in this room.

Use natural materials to give another color to the room. You can use wood and let the natural brown color decorate the kitchen. Wood elements can also make the atmosphere warm.

If you want to bring some colors to the room, rely on neutral colors. In this idea, gray was chosen as another color in the kitchen. The modern-designed bar chair in gray with gold legs looks so perfect in this small kitchen.

16. Neutral Small Kitchen Look

neutral Small Kitchen Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Want to have a beautiful and comfy kitchen? Relying on neutral colors is the next of Small Kitchen Ideas & Decors you can follow.

Choose white as the main color to make the kitchen neutral as well as bright. You can illuminate the kitchen with natural lighting which can make the white color brighter and livelier. For other colors, you can use other neutral colors like gray. Also rely on natural materials to present a natural brown color. Choose light wood to maintain the brightness of the small kitchen.

Decorate the small kitchen with two or three small indoor plants. It will present the freshness that will increase the comfort of this room.

17. Back and White Backsplash for Kitchen

black and white backsplash
Cc: Pinterest

Make the backsplash area look attractive by using the right tiles. In this one idea, black and white tiles with vintage motifs are the choice. This motif is very helpful in making a minimalist and simple small kitchen look more filled and attractive. And of course this is very helpful in removing the stiff and boring impression from minimalist and vintage concepts.

You can apply tiles throughout the kitchen area. Just choose the middle area so that the minimalist and simple concept can be maintained properly.

18. Beautiful Hexagon Tiles for the Backsplash

hexagon tiles
Cc: Pinterest

Not only black and white tiles, hexagon tiles are also suitable to be applied to the backsplash in the small kitchen. The hexagon motif is perfect for a small kitchen with a modern vintage design.

There is no need to apply hexagon tiles to the entire backsplash area. You can play with tiles to provide interesting accents which can add beauty and aesthetic value to the kitchen. Like the picture above where the side walls are left empty without tiles.

19. Small Kitchen-Dining Concept

Small Kitchen Ideas and decors
Cc: Pinterest

For small dwellings, the space is very limited. So, like it or not, we have to think carefully about how to present two areas in one room. As in this one idea where the kitchen is also a dining area.

There is no wall that separates it does not mean that there is nothing that separates the dining and kitchen area. This one idea uses a different flooring where in the dining area uses wooden flooring and kitchen area tiles flooring. Also, right above the dining table, there is a black pendant light that looks so clear and indicates that this is a dining area.

20. Feel The Warmth in Japandi Small Kitchen Design

warmth kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

Japandi design is a combination of Japanese and Scandinavian design. Therefore, the atmosphere created is warmer and also full of serenity.

This Japandi design looks simple with white and also light wood. With the help of sunlight, white and wood colors look more alive. The effect of the wood material is more on the atmosphere of the room where the atmosphere is full of warmth. The afternoon sun also adds to the warmth.

No need for special decorations to make this room look attractive. Let the minimalist concept beautify this room. You only need to give a touch of green to the bar chairs and simple plants.

21. Luxury and Soft with Marble and Soft Pink Touch

soft Small Kitchen Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

You can also make a small kitchen elegant with marble and soft pink. And this becomes the next of 24 Small Kitchen Ideas & Decors You Can Steal.

You can install marble on the floor specifically for the kitchen area and also the backsplash to the wall. Create a marble look full for an expensive and classy effect. You can make this marble look more alive by installing LED light on the kitchen backsplash. Choose yellow lighting to bring warmth.

The soft pink touch on the bar chairs and also the pendant light looks so harmonious in the small kitchen. Even though it comes in a small amount, the soft pink color manages to soften the appearance of the kitchen and make it look beautiful and a little feminine.

22. Floating Table for Tiny Kitchen

floating table
Cc: Pinterest

Even though it is small, you can also tuck in a dining area in the small kitchen. Like this one idea which uses a floating table as a dining table. The low profile dining chair is the right choice for the small kitchen.

It would be better if you could fold the floating table. So, when you do not need it, you can fold it to make this small kitchen feel wider.

However, if it is not folded, make this floating dining table an attractive area to add to the aesthetic value of this white kitchen. You can put a vase filled with plants which can bring a fresh atmosphere in a small kitchen.

23. Make It Pretty with Kitchen Rug

kitchen rug
Cc: Pinterest

Not only countertops, kitchen islands, backsplashes, and kitchen cabinets, the floor area is also a spot that you should also pay attention to. You can decorate the floor with the kitchen rug like the picture above. And this is the next of 24 Small Kitchen Ideas & Decors You Can Steal.

Decorate your small kitchen with a kitchen rug with beautiful colors and patterns. Besides adding beauty, rugs can also make a small kitchen feel wider. In addition, the use of cloth also affects the atmosphere. The atmosphere of the kitchen will feel warmer.

24. Small Kitchen-Dining in Soft-Tones

soft kitchen dining
Cc: Pinterest

The last of 24 Small Kitchen Ideas & Decors You Can Steal is a small kitchen-dining in soft-tones. Gray with blue tones decorate the dining area. There is also a soft pink color on the throw pillow which manages to make the kitchen-dining look attractive.

The simple concept gives more space which makes it feel wider. Minimal decoration also makes the room calm. The black pendant light is a visual barrier between the kitchen and dining area.

What makes this idea interesting is the polished concrete floor which looks glossy when exposed to light. The surface of the backsplash is also made glossy so that the kitchen look stands out.

Final Words

Decorating a small room is more challenging. Especially the kitchen which has a lot of stuff. Therefore, it is important to know the small kitchen ideas and decorations. And the points above are 24 Small Kitchen Ideas & Decors You Can Steal. Customize the ideas and decorations with your dwelling interior design. That way, the interior of the house will be harmonious and not collide. So, happy trying!

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