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18 Dream Comfortable Kitchen Ideas That Still Look Stylish – The large number of people looking for comfortable kitchen ideas indicates that beauty is not the only thing that must be considered. Maybe the kitchen is a room at the back of the house. However, this room is the room that is most often used, whether for cooking, preparing dishes, eating food, or relaxing. With this, of course, comfort is an important thing that must be prioritized. However, don’t forget about the stylish appearance of the room. Beauty and comfort must be in harmony so that the kitchen can become the room you dream of.

1. Natural Kitchen with a Minimalist Concept

comfortable kitchen
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The first of 18 Dream Comfortable Kitchen Ideas That Still Look Stylish is a natural kitchen with a minimalist concept. A soft touch of natural nuance comes from the dominant natural wood, which also brings warmth into this cooking space. The light wood seems to maintain brightness in the room, besides white being the main color. Also, pay attention to the area below the room, that is the floor. The colors and tiles are so perfect. The lines on the tiles present soft lines that soften the appearance. So, when you enter this area, you will feel calm and comfortable from the warm nuance that exudes.

The windows themselves were completely left without decoration in the form of curtains or hangings. There is no obstruction to the entrance of light so that light can enter freely into the room. Maximum natural light spreads well into dark corners of the room.

2. Organize Kitchen Stuff Neatly

comfortable kitchen ideas
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The kitchen is an area that has a lot of stuff, whether it’s bottles containing salt, sugar, oregano, and so on. The most important thing here is how you use the kitchen stuff as a display that can add to the attractiveness of the room. So, instead of hiding it in the kitchen cabinet, it would be better to show it in the room by using the floating wall shelf.

This idea really makes use of the area as a storage place very well. The area under the shelf has a hook that can be used to display antique glasses which add value to the room.

The stuff on the floating shelf really determines beauty and comfort. Therefore, make sure you organize the kitchen stuff neatly on there.

3. Hanging Plant Save The Room Visually

best comfortable kitchen ideas
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Due to the limited area, this small kitchen is made simpler. White fills in well there, creating a bright appearance that makes it feel more spacious and comfortable. However, playing with motifs on the backsplash is enough to save a small kitchen from feeling stiff or boring. Also, the white marble countertop shows soft striped motifs, covering the stark lines and sharp angles in the room.

However, this is not enough to create a comfortable, stylish kitchen. So it requires a special touch that is fresh and natural in the form of indoor houseplants. Because there is no space to place the plant, the plant is hung on the outside of the kitchen. The leaves that spread down are really very beautiful and refreshing to the eye.

4. Soft Line

simple comfortable kitchen ideas
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The kitchen appears very simple by only playing with white, starting from the dining area, kitchen cabinet, to the ceiling. Indeed, this is the right trick to make the small kitchen feel wider. However, there are many perpendicular lines present in the room which give a stiff impression. Therefore, to work around this, it is necessary to present curved lines, ovals, and other smooth lines to cover the stiffness visually.

The arch wall in the kitchen bar, the wooden chairs with curved backs, and also several other round displays on the bar show curved lines boldly and openly. However, its presence remains very subtle and acceptable to the interior itself.

5. Save The Space

small kitchen
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Save the space is the next of 18 Dream Comfortable Kitchen Ideas That Still Look Stylish. The minimalist concept is applied to make a small kitchen feel more spacious. The kitchen stuff is really well hidden in the kitchen cabinet, leaving only a few displays to sweeten the visuals.

Even though it is small, the small kitchen really pays attention to detail. Beauty is noticed vertically, starting from the floor, walls, and ceiling area. The void in the upper area is filled by hanging a floating ceiling shelf. It becomes a decorative area in the kitchen. Three small plants bring fresh natural color and of course evoke a freshness in the room, both visually and ambiance.

6. Dominant of Wood

wood comfortable kitchen ideas
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To make the kitchen feel comfortable yet stylish, this idea uses natural material, that is wood. The application is done consistently and vertically so that from the top, middle, to bottom of the room, the eye will see the wood. The color and texture of the wood create warmth in the interior. With maximum natural light, the colors and textures in the room look more alive.

Besides that, beige is the only color in this room. This color seems to help the wood in creating warmth in this cooking area. And, as a neutral color that neutralizes the appearance of the room, beige makes the texture and wood stand out more in the kitchen.

7. Get A Freshness in The Kitchen

fresh comfortable kitchen ideas
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A fresh kitchen is the next of 18 Dream Comfortable Kitchen Ideas That Still Look Stylish. Indeed, utilizing natural elements is the best way to create a feeling of comfort in a room. Apart from natural colors such as white and green, natural lighting is also maximized. Seen from the large window on the wall and skylight window. Light from above is actually better at illuminating the room, the light can spread to dark corners.

Don’t forget the decoration in the kitchen. This is the determinant and complement of freshness in the room. Decorations in the form of plants present a natural green color which is very pleasing to the eye. Pots made of clay maintain their natural side so they do not disturb the concept of the room itself.

8. Maintains The Tone of The Room

minimalist kitchen
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To maintain warmth and calm, the kitchen only uses one color tone, that is brown, starting from brown with bright tones to dark ones. The light wood maintains brightness in the room which is assisted by maximum natural lighting. And, to maintain warmth, a pendant lamp with warm light is used.

The brown color is not only for mainstay spots such as kitchen cabinets, walls, and furniture but also for displays on the floating wall shelves and countertops. Makes the appearance harmonious.

To bring other colors into the room, the kitchen uses an alternative method, namely with plants as decoration. Its organic colors can blend with the interior without disturbing the interior concept itself.

9. Proper Lighting

kitchen lighting
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Lighting has an important role in the atmosphere and appearance of the room. If you want to create a kitchen with an energetic appearance then use lamps with white light. But, if you want a more comfortable kitchen with calm and warm visuals, then choose lamps with warm lighting. Everything is tailored to taste and needs.

Using recessed lighting will be much better than just relying on one light in the middle of the room. Recessed lighting spreads light very well, minimizing dark shadows in several spots. But, if you want something more interesting and different, using sconces is a great one. Sconces with an attractive design will add value to a kitchen.

10. Beautiful Kitchen Rug

kitchen rug
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Due to limited space, white is the mainstay color for the kitchen. The application is carried out consistently starting from the ceiling, walls, countertops, kitchen backsplash, and kitchen cabinets. With maximum natural light, the room will be bright and feel more spacious.

There is a touch of gold on the decoration or drawer handles of the kitchen cabinet, slightly showing the elegance and feel of the walls in the kitchen. However, everything can be resolved with a brown rug. Put down this rug on the floor to create a warmth to the ambiance and look of the kitchen. Also, the simple pattern enlivens and enhances the room very well.

11. A Warmth Vintage Kitchen Design

vintage design
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Vintage design has an old impression which can bring a warm feel very well into the room. So this design is still popular with many people and is known as a timeless design. Whether it’s simple carvings, soft colors, or antique items with an inherent patina, they can create a different look for an interior.

If you want to apply a vintage design to your kitchen, do it well and correctly so that this design can be implemented perfectly. Start by choosing kitchen floating wall shelves with curved carvings that are typical of a vintage style. Also, make the kitchen cabinet more textured. And, use vintage-style kitchen utensils. Make it a display by hanging it on the hook. Also, showing the vintage teapot and glass on the floating wall shelves is a perfect way you can choose from.

12. Picture A Beautiful View

top comfortable kitchen ideas
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Pitching a beautiful view is the next of 18 Dream Comfortable Kitchen Ideas That Still Look Stylish. Indeed, the beautiful view outside is a bonus for homeowners because a beautiful view can add to the comfort of a room. Like this white and black kitchen which makes use of the beautiful garden in the backyard to add comfort to the kitchen by using large windows. Windows without a grid picture the view very well. The refreshing green garden is visible very clearly and creates a live-in feel.

The freshness of the garden in the backyard seems to be extended into the house. There are several plants in the window area. This is indeed a multifunctional decoration, apart from being visually pleasing, it also increases the comfort of the room, besides that plants are very good for health.

13. Let The Sunlight In

warm kitchen
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For kitchens with a natural concept, natural lighting is key. The white color gives a bright and spacious effect to the room and the black color acts as an emphasis to eliminate the stiff impression there. And, to liven up the atmosphere and appearance, maximum natural lighting is needed. This is the reason why the natural room concept/design has large windows, skylight windows, or glass doors.

From morning to evening, leave the windows exposed. Open or fold the curtains or blinds on the windows so that sunlight can enter the room freely. And, in the afternoon it is a golden hour where orange light will enter the room and change the atmosphere and appearance drastically. It gives perfect calm and warmth. So, making the kitchen a place to relax at sunset is the right idea.

14. Complementary Displays

kitchen displays
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The next of 18 Dream Comfortable Kitchen Ideas That Still Look Stylish is complementary displays. Decoration is the final touch that will determine the appearance and comfort of the room. Therefore, pay attention to the decorations you choose very carefully. There are several aspects that must be considered, starting from design, size, and color.

In this kitchen idea, a bundle of sunflowers and oranges is the final decoration. The matching yellow color creates a cloudless ambiance in the kitchen.

The flowers look so pretty in an antique vase with flower images. The colors enliven the kitchen so much. And, on the other side, there is a bowl of orange which looks simple but charming.

15. A Cozy Soft Kitchen

soft kitchen
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Soft white as the main color certainly creates a soft kitchen visual too. With natural light from the glass door, the colors look more lively and bright but don’t disturb the soft impression itself. And, to maintain softness in the room, a soft green color is applied to the kitchen island. The slightly darker tone gives a calm impression rather than energic.

The tranquility becomes clearer with minimized decorations. The wall and backsplash areas are left blank so that the soft white color shows off very well. And, this is the next of 18 Dream Comfortable Kitchen Ideas That Still Look Stylish you can choose and apply.

16. Let The Natural Elements in The Room

natural element
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The idea at this time is to let natural elements appear as they are in the kitchen. The natural stone wall on one side of the wall has not been polished or repainted. So, the colors and textures look very natural in the room. And, the wall area is deliberately left plain (without any decoration) to show the original texture and color of the stone that emphasizes the natural nuance in the kitchen. However, there is a white pendant lamp with a simple design that looks like it is decorating the natural stone wall, even though it is not.

For the kitchen island, wood with a rough texture is used. This shows the true natural side of wood. And, light wood is the right choice to maintain brightness in the kitchen.

The natural feel will feel lacking if there is nothing fresh. Therefore, plants become decorations for this kitchen idea. By using a white vase with a simple design, the eye will focus more on the plant, not the vase.

17. Bright Industrial Kitchen Design

industrial kitchen
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Industrial design is famous for its dark appearance, masculine side, and cold feel. However, not this idea. The industrial design looks different for the kitchen. Indeed, there is still a slight cold feel from the black iron material that is scattered in the room. However, all of this is overcome with wood materials, white color, and natural lighting.

Concrete is still a characteristic of industrial design that has not been removed. The concrete wall shows very interesting textures and colors. It matches the cement flooring.

The key to a bright appearance is maximum natural lighting. The large window is completely left alone. There are no decorations attached to the windows so that the entry of light is not disturbed at all.

18. Scandinavian Kitchen Design

scandinavian kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

The last of 18 Dream Comfortable Kitchen Ideas That Still Look Stylish is a Scandinavian kitchen design. The combination of natural colors such as white, black, brown, and gray really shows a strong Scandinavian style.

White is the main color and black is the decoration which gives a bold effect to the room. Meanwhile, the gray color is an additional touch to provide a slightly cold feel. However, with consistent wood material in the kitchen, the warm feel still dominates.

Plants are a mainstay decoration for the Scandinavian design. The natural color enlivens and enlivens the kitchen very well. The organic shape slightly covers the perpendicular lines so the appearance is softer.

Final Words

As the room that is probably used most often, the appearance is not the only thing that must be considered. The kitchen must also be made as comfortable as possible. Therefore, it is important to get several references regarding comfortable kitchen ideas so that you can determine what decoration, layout and concept fits the kitchen in your house.

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